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First Chechen War – Summer Of 1996 (Documentary)

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This documentary was filmed on during the First Chechen War (Russia) in the period from April to August 1996 by lieutenant-colonel Sergey Kolosov. It includes short interviews with Russian soldiers, actual combat footage, and scenes of the evacuation of wounded persons and civilians from the combat zone. The main part of the documentary is filmed in the first half of August 1996 and shows the work to deblock checkpoints surrounded by militant groups and clearing up of the city from militants. The film ends with a brief concert for the troops held on August 30, 1996. It took place a day before the end of the First Chechen War.

The documentary provides a rare look at the real face of the war (including some gruesome footage) and shows the heroism of the people involved in the conflict against militant groups.

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Daniel Martin

This was the exact same scenario that was prepared by the West and Saudi Arabia and executed in former Yugoslavia, thank God it never succeeded in Russia, but it was a close call.

Tudor Miron

Yes, it was a very close call.

Saso Mange

Serbs were the tool in the Western and Saudi hands because it was Serbs who attacked everyone else in Yugoslavia. First they attacked Slovenia, then Croatia, after that it was Bosnia. Kosovo in the end.

Today even Monte Negro left Serbia and there is a reason why we live in reality like this one, because it is the only reality. You are hypocrite.

Daniel Martin

We’ve debunked that western lie about the Serbs as the aggressors in the former Yugoslavian wars on multiple occasions, one of many to do this is this years Nobel prize winner Peter Handke, so please stop ridiculing yourself with nonsensical allegations, you are only embarrassing yourself.

Tudor Miron

That Saso guy is either delusional or deliberately spreading absolute nonsense. He even dares to spew that Serbs attacked Kosovo – what a farse!

Daniel Martin

I think it’s a combination of the two ?

Jens Holm

Typical Serb nationalistic version of the worst kind.


Of course Serbs were agressors too not accepting fx Bosniaks accepted their new masters from Vianna. And You of course not even try to understand Croates joined Nazis and killed so many of You.

Before that You were in war again and again, where a king of Yours even killed his returning father.

Fx You also took Macedonia having not a single Serb partly with Greece baxking You up. Balkan war 1 and 2 was nothing. You of course didnt start WW1 after some random killing of an Emperor in Sarajevo.

Only Toto could keep You behave normal and kept Youand others down in Your carrect normal human seize.

You of course has stopped reading here…

You certainly dont understand, that a good reason also was the moderate independency was taken away from the local parlaments and even all Albanians lost all jobs in Albania and their fuctions were not replaced.

You also dont see a main reason for Your collapse as Unites State was the collaåse of Your moderate socialisme in lack of needed reforms and repair.

If You want to know how things really were in stead of the infection of Yours, You should learn from more netral an not biased Outsiders such as someone like Me or in detail better Internet.

But as for Assads and Erdogan: Everybody else are wrong and hostile even we treat them nice and its our country …

Daniel Martin

Jens my friend I don’t know under which rock you’ve spent the last 25 years but you should crawl back under it because you’re obviously lost in both space and time and you’re lack of history knowledge about the events you are babbling about is more than obvious, besides it’s totally of topic for this article.

Jens Holm

Hardly, You boody nationalists all has created Your own infame truth and still knock each other in Your heads.

Other outside YpughurtSlavia does it too.

If You are my friend, I prefare You as enemy. You are writing that crappy dirt totally against any time to time knowledge as well as for afterwards science and reflexions.

Saso Mange are like several dummies in those matters as far away from any try as any can come.

And it wasnt me, who started anything about Westerns started the wars in Yoguslavia as well as Milisowitch and Mladics are or were nice guyes.

Bringing only one lying hardly biased side of a story isnt enough. Here lies are lies and from that anything can be concluded.

You mother is a stone,because she cant fly too?

Jens Holm

Bosniaks and American of course shot their civilians from the Igma Mountain by canons as well as they hired snipers for snipers valley by CIA.

The many 1000 refugees we got here all of course was filthy liars and Kososvo Albanins had not reason to cross to Albania. Nothing happend and they took a picnic. They even had time to buy cigaretes at the tax free shop and smiling civile serbs helps old as well as people with small children as well even bringing them coffee and tea.

David Parker

I think “Jens Holm” is a bot turned loose to irritate rational people. “Bots” are mere computer algorithms, their programmers don’t have to generate any responses having programmed bots like “Jens Holm” to identify key words and develop a reply. It keeps thinking people busy as no expense to the programmer.

Jens Holm

I see 3 minusses for any´try to have a sober non infected history book for the future – and from people, which not even are able to handle a calender.

When was You born? I dont remember, I was too smal hat day.

Saso Mange

What did you debunk? Because there is some writer who got Nobel? Then you also support Obama’s Nobel prize and that of Ariel Sharon? It is well known history, properly documented and prosecuted. You are ridiculing yourself for citing Nobel prize as an argument. Grow up.

Saso Mange

And who is Peter Handke lol? You are funny.

Jens Holm

Thats a very biased version. As I recall it Youghurts still had Governess but with low support to retake Slovenia.

Next was not attacking everybody else but total war between Serbians and Chroatians(Vukovar). That included many civiliasns was killed too.

Telling Serbia attacked Bosnia as first is not correct as well. Criats did too and both genosided and removed and plundred a lot by busses to anywhere else then Youghurt Slavia.

Next was Kosovo, where more then one million inhabitants had to leave to Albania.

Monte Negro for a long time was very well affiliated with serbs but only made etnic cleaning of the coastzone being a kind of passive supporter.

Very bad my memory seemes much better then several of Yours even You might live there.

Jens Holm

I didnt see any Saudi or Al Qaida before Bosnia was hard attacked and etnic cleaning was going on.

Qaida organized the firs Boniak Army and mainly by people, which has had their families killed. We see that rotten influenze even today, but non other hekped them.

Saso Mange

Qaida had no role whatsoever in Bosnia, as many diplomatic show off’s proved. You do not have clue about what you are speaking of. First nations which offered help to Bosnia were Iran and Pakistan and they sent help in equipment and ammunition. It was all operated from Croatian territory, under silent approval by CIA, which never stopped those shipments, as their documents prove. Weapons are always most needed necessity for war. Saudi Arabia offered it’s terrorists and that project has failed because Bosnia had enough warriors but not enough weapons because of embargo. There were volunteers in Bosnia but every side had such fighters, especially from Russia and Greece. For that involvement Greek government has officially apologized to Bosnian authorities.

Check your sources.

Jens Holm

Total memory lack. Zemes to be nationalistic crap. Very biased.

Saudis here also was the last incomers because none helped Bosniaks against both Serbia and Croatia.

Napkin is the key word.

As for other kinds of devastating incidents things were handled bad from us outsiders, but West, Russia and maybee China was not the agressors.

Tudor Miron

Terrible times when leaders (first gorbachevмишка меченый and than eltsin) betrayed their people and their country. Army was in total disarray. Within society officers and soldiers were considered 3d grade people – miniscule salary which wasn’t even paid, generals which were looting own arsenals and selling it to terrorists, government members almost openly working for US and collaborating with terrorist leaders, etc, etc. It is actually a miracle that Russia is still here. Statistics show that in 90s we lost more people than in WWII. But western plan to destroy this country failed once again. That miracle happened because of people like that tank gunner that is telling the story. People who without even realising it were still carrying genes of those who squashed German nazi and those who lived and defended their Motherland long before them. From within those people emerged a leader. Yes, we have not restored our sovereignty to 100% yet. But Russia is still here.


Very moving videos indeed. They show the strength of the Russian spirit.

Tudor Miron

It was the case of army (mostly 18 year old conscripts) abandoned by higher command. No clear objectives given, no moral support from confused society and no actual training for anti terrorist operations. That 1st Chechen war was lost (betrayed) in Kremlin but suffering was on the ground. Still there was plenty of examples of heroism and self sacrifice.

Jens Holm

USSR systematicly collapsed themselves. Dont blame West for implementing Marx, Enegels, Lenin, Stalin and killing the only moderate Leaders such as Trotsky and the Menchewicks. .

And what did USSR come from: A declining and terrified and well descriebed deroute.

And else: Why should Sovjet after WW2 include all the way to Berlin. And You choosed older and older Leaders and even seniles to run for the future. Dont blame Westerns for a Mummyfied Governess.

By that You only had Gorbatjov and Jeltsin and You not even agreed about any of them even putting tanks into Moscow showing how far out You were Yourself. ——————————–

We should be nice to You after many years having barbed wire, concrite walls, landmines and soldiers dividing Europe and seperating us from our many more or less friends and trade partners.


Thats the Forum which was there with its many more or less dirty trades with several westerns as influensers, where several had no good intensions. But remeber they came to a collapesed old days in all levels and hardly, what they and me conntected with a real state anymore.

They therefore traded and by that got more, then they should, but some might remember that putting valuable things in the streets for free also too often makes thieves rich. We had no intensions in saving USSR. It was about 2 things. One was to remove Your dirty ineffective plundering and Neocolonialisme away – And next to replace the many low productive sectors with effective ones making new modern and effective productions as well.

In that there was too much plundering. Your Russian Leaders onlæy had ancient collpåased tool aqnd understood nothing.

Many even today like Putin and his belowed Oligarcs only understand etting rich in the old fashioned way by plundering the poor. They still dont understand, what tax is and wont even if they get 140 yers old.

Telling USA was this and that partly is correct amd that goes for people and companies in Western Europa as well.

But You are not able to have any even simple analyse for the collapse and why the doors were wide open or gone, and We not was there to regain Your own bad old days.

And we still see remaings of Your totally outdated systems only makin shiit.

But we got back a lot of new or regained countries stiolen by You in Europe as well as Asia for Tjetjenia. Many of those countries still suffer because if You and You not even let them alone to be themselves in their own context prodicing some´thing as well as getting more welfare by own hard work. Parts of that unfotinatly partly are their own fault too and it takes more years, then I though.

But none will go back to Your collapsed systems, where You today seemes more and more like the upperclass to Tsars and nex the Gremli ones.

David Parker

And what makes you the expert? The only accurate documentary of the destruction of Yugoslavia is Fools Crusade: Yugoslavia, NATO, and Western Delusions by Diana Johnstone. After you read this and Jared Israel’s accounts of the show trials of Milosovic, Mladic, et al., Penny Marshall’s complete fabrication of Serb “concentration camps”, you might learn a little of how Yugoslavia as a sovereign republic was arbitrarily destroyed.

Jens Holm

I am.

Your pamflet books only are from highly biased part of the litterarure about it.

When You try to find some kind of history book about it, those are outbalanced by many others even sometimes telling completly the opposite.

Even pankakes can be made in more then one way and still be good pankakes. Parts of those scripts hardly are pankakes but are pretenders – so to speak.

Fx its very easy to find sources, which tells people like Milosovich and Mladic should be killed as the first. Some of them think Tudjman was a hero and some wished he killed right away as those 2 other guyes.

David Parker

Which only proves that you have not read any of it. You are just an Albanian Muslim shill who supported Clinton’s “humanitarian bombing”.

Alejandro Bonifacio

i remember that i watched these videos a decade ago

Dick Von Dast'Ard

I don’t know what pension and privilege bonus Russia’s Chechen War veterans get, (?) but they probably deserve more and the full gratitude of the modern Russian state…

Russia almost got Bill Clinton, George W. and Bandar Bush as it’s president.

Jens Holm

The Russians deserved anything else. Russia arased from a long line almost death President which qualification was, they once upon a time ago was Leders in WW2 raised by Stalin.

They could not even handle Engels. More like “Engels in Gulag too”

Looking back I could have seen at least some delay by giving people like Gorbatjov the President job 10-15 years before he got or took it.

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