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First Casualties Reported In Kazakhstan. Rioters Seized Weapons And Strategic Facilities (Videos)

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First Casualties Reported In Kazakhstan. Rioters Seized Weapons And Strategic Facilities (Videos)

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UPDATE: In Almaty outskirts, there are clashes between airborne units of Qazastan armed forces and well-armed coordinated terrorist gangs.

President of Kazakhstan Tokayev appealed to the CSTO leaders for support.

According to some sources, servicemen of the 45th regiment of the Airborne Forces of Russia in Kubinka are on alert, and are preparing to be transferred to Qazaqstan. Military units of other CSTO member states are also reportedly ready to be deployed.

An anti-terrorist operation was launched in Almaty, the airport was liberated. The airport is now being transferred to normal operation, according to deputy head of the city administration Yerzhan Babakumarov.

On January 4, the protests in Qasaqstan turned into violent clashes with law enforcement forces. On January 5, first casualties were reported. At the moment, central cities of all regions are witnessing unrest. A state of emergency has been declared in several regions, including in the capital Nur-Sultan.

Chaos is spreading in the country’s largest city and the former capital of Almaty.

The protesters seized and staged a pogrom at the airport, the staff were evacuated.

The Police Department and the building of the city’s akimat (administration), where the fire broke out, were also seized. Demonstrators occupied the former residence of the president in Almaty as well.

Meanwhile on the streets, the protesters use small arms in large numbers. The building of the National Security Committee, including the weapons storage, was seized. It means that a large number of firearms will fall into the hands of the rioters.

The situation in Almaty is rapidly developing. On the evening of January 4, in the city with a population of one and a half million citizens, there were only about 10 thousand active protesters. At that time, the clashes with the police broke out.

The police and the National Guard did not put up any significant resistance. This inspired radical nationalists and religious extremists to join the ranks of the protesters en masse. The crowd mostly grew due to the members of numerous local gangs, and various youth factions whose mobilization potential is extremely high.

Amid the protests, they began hacking ATMs, robbing cafes, shops, and citizens on the streets. Videos of looting were instantly published online, which led to the growing sense of impunity and increased the flow of vandal into the ranks of the protesters.

As a result, on January 5, the number of protesters in Almaty significantly increased.

The mood of the crowd was also shared by some officers of the security forces.

During the day, policemen and servicemen of the National Guard received conflicting orders. None of the security chiefs was ready to take responsibility and order the use of force against the rioters.

Most of the security forces are poorly equipped, as can be seen on the videos shared online. They have old shields and batons. Most of the security forces do not have modern personal protective equipment.

At the tactical level, their commanders are unable to effectively organize the servicemen.

As a result, the protesters were able to capture policemen and National Guard officers, strip off their shoulder straps, beat them and strip them naked, driving them along the streets.

In turn, this affected the mood of the police officers. Trying to avoid humiliation, and observing the inaction of the authorities, they began to side with the protesters, handing them special equipment.

On the evening of January 5, there are dozens of killed police officers and soldiers of the National Guard, including from gunshot wounds.

In the afternoon of January 5, the Internet was completely cut down across the country, telephone communications were almost completely blocked. This led to a sharp drop in video content from the spots. This measure should favorably affect the stabilization of the situation.

First Casualties Reported In Kazakhstan. Rioters Seized Weapons And Strategic Facilities (Videos)

Click to see full-size image

In his turn, President Tokayev made a live statement, claiming that he took up the post of the head of the National Security Council of Qazaqstan, removing Nursultan Nazarbayev from the office.

“From today, the Chairman of the Security Council intends to act harshly. Whatever happens, I will be in the capital.”

He also said that the protests are a coordinated attempt of an armed coup.

“There are mass attacks on law enforcement officers in our beloved city. There are dead and wounded among them. Mobs of bandit elements beat up military personnel, mock them, drive them naked through the streets, abuse women, rob shops. The situation threatens the safety of all residents of Almaty. And this cannot be tolerated…. The high organization of hooliganism elements draws attention. This indicates a well thought-out plan of action of the conspirators, who are financially motivated,” Tokayev said, addressing the nation.

The current government still has the opportunity to contain the situation, relying on the Belarusian experience. It is urgently needed to carry out reinforcement and redeployment of security forces, by creating well-equipped armed mobile units.

The opposition has no leader yet, various odious personalities, including a fugitive Qazaq oligarch Mukhtar Ablyazov and local nationalists claim this role. The formation of a political coordination council among the protesters should be expected soon. There are various field leaders with diverse backgrounds who will join the process. The question remains whether they will be able to grow from local leaders of street protests into political leaders or become field commanders.


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Corrupt Shithole of Ukropisstan

Shoot to kill order at the CIA terrorists would be a wise idea.


yep, too late now for “shields and batons”. Live ammo and kill as many as possible before it turns into Syria 2.0. Imagine some try this in Washington….


This isn’t Syria where they had an onslaught of foreign militants. It will be contained somewhat, but the Government will have to make economic concessions.

John Brown

No they must be captured at all costs so it can be proven its a Zio coup..

Its another attempted Zio coup like in Ukraine and Belarus.

The idiots in Kazachstan like Belarus and Ukraine were stupid enough to believe the Zio bankers who helped them loot their own country and stash the money in Zio banks weer on their side.

The Zio empire wants it all, why share with the local corrupt elite when the can exterminate them and intall Zio oligarchs and have it all.

miky heiisss

magnifica respuesta,muy cierto


Once events such as this take place Zion and yanquis let their pigs out with the protesters.
It happened in Iran as well, where Zion terrorists hide behind civilians and start firing at the police.

Also from RT: Kazakh president asks Russia-led bloc for military help
“Allied military help needed to quell actions of “terrorist bands” amid violent civil unrest in Kazakhstan, the president insists.”


China should do something about this as well. they don’t need Americans on their western borders. Or jihadists.


China doesn’t just jump into other countries like the US/EU, without getting invited to do so.
Kazakh president asked Russia for help and Russia is helping as we speak.
CIA and MI6 have spies anywhere in the world, but it is also true for Chinese and Russian spies.
There are jihadists in Central Asia, there have been for a long time, also China does deal with jihadists in China…

Long story short, No. China doesn’t need to be involved in this…

Chris Gr

Jihadis in Central Asia. Taliban maybe?


You really don’t know much.
Taliban aren’t in CA, they never were.
jihadists in Central Asia as in Wahhabi followers. ISIS/Daesh and Al-Qaeda etc.

Last edited 11 days ago by JJ345

The Kazakh’s really need to get their sh*t together if they don’t want to end up like Georgia or Ukraine i.e. another failed state that is completely beholden to US political whims. Not sure if these riots are actually “foreign-sponsored” or not (it’s an easy and convenient excuse for any government to make), but it wouldn’t surprise me if the CIA are rapidly trying to infiltrate it.

Peter Wallace

The US had bases in Kazakhstan way before they invaded Afghanistan. They along with the British and French were assisting the governments of Kazakhstan , Kyrgyzstan , Tajikistan and to some extent Uzbekistan fight insurgents that used to come across from Tajikistan in spring and return across the mountain passes early winter. Is there a connection. I have no idea. Was the government returning to closer ties with Russia that America didn’t approve of . Who knows. Whether it is legitimate protests that have been usurped by others to assist in their agenda at this stage is anyone’s guess. Time will tell.

deja vu

Yanks opened another front, South Front actually.


I wonder where the truth lies. I don’t believe in the ‘protests’, but at the same time I don’t believe in the ‘democracy’ of Qazaqstan. I think people in general have clearly had enough, and foreign antagonists fully took advantage of this to lead this riot for an outcome in their favour.

Peter Wallace

Yes it is a very corrupt country .I was there around 2003 .


I don’t believe in EU or US ‘democracy’ either, people there also had enough, but they don’t start armed rebellions. This is an organized putsch, combination of Syria and Maidan. Same scenario and exactly the same production/CIA.

Last edited 13 days ago by Max

Seems to be the only way to overturn a corrupt system sometimes, regardless of the collateral damage. I always wondered why the Kazakh government allowed the Americans to have a biological ‘research’ lab next to Russia there….


This would have been in the (CIA) works for a long time coming, just as in Ukraine. But this feels different, more in the way of occupying Russian forces to keep them away from the main fight coming up. Not good, either way!

Simon Ndiritu

Kazakhstan has a very small population to divert meaningful amount of resources from fighting NATO clowns when needed. Again other CSTO members chip away a meaningful burden from Russia. However, I agree with you that the whole situation is undesirable.

miky heiisss

elimine Rusia a los terroristas ,no tomar prisioneros,matenlos y despues pregunten,muerto el perro se acabo la rabia.

miky heiisss

El Mossad y la cia detras de todo esto,empieza primavera kazaka

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