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JUNE 2023

First Bill Of Land Reform Law Outlines 72% Of Ukrainian Land Is For Sale

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First Bill Of Land Reform Law Outlines 72% Of Ukrainian Land Is For Sale

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On September 25th, the Ukrainian government approved the first bill on land reform, opening the market to foreign investors.

“Today we approved the first draft law, the first of the land reform package. Today we will submit it to parliament,” Ukrainian Prime Minister Alexei Honcharuk announced.

On September 20th, about a thousand Ukrainian landowners in the Odessa region came out to protest against land reform.

As the Ukrainian prime minister said in early September, land reform will provide for the possibility of acquiring agricultural land by foreigners “provided that they register a legal entity in Ukraine and pay taxes here.”

Former Prime Minister of Ukraine Yulia Tymoshenko condemned the land reform, saying that it would sell 72% of Ukraine’s land to foreigners.

“The first thing this law is about is that 42 million hectares of Ukrainian land can be sold in full, including to foreigners,” she said.

Tymoshenko clarified that 42 million hectares of land is 72% of the territory of Ukraine.

She urged for a referendum before selling most of Ukraine to foreigners.

“Based on the election program of President of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelensky, I now appeal to the President of Ukraine on behalf of our party, on behalf of our faction, demanding: before you put down such bills on the sale of 72% of the territory of Ukraine to foreigners, [it’s necessary] to appeal to the people and to hold an all-Ukrainian referendum to find out if there is support for Ukrainians in the sale of agricultural land actually under the hammer,” she urged.

She explained that quite possibly anybody could purchase the Ukrainian land.

“Under the law, land can be sold to Ukrainian citizens, including those who have dual citizenship. And the second – legal entities can be buyers of land if they are created according to the law of Ukraine. But we all know that Ukrainian enterprises can be registered under the law of Ukraine, where 99% of the ownership of the company may belong to foreign citizens or foreign companies,” she clarified.

She also criticized the assertion of the Ukrainian government that the sale of land would not allow it to be concentrated in one hand.

“The law provides that one can take 210 thousand hectares of land in one hand, that is, one enterprise with foreign investment can buy 210 thousand hectares of land. And several affiliates can buy up to a million hectares of land, that is, this is the development of an agrarian oligarchy, which is destroying the agricultural sector of Ukraine,” Tymoshenko said.

The Ministry of Economic Development, Trade and Agriculture of Ukraine on September 20 published for discussion a draft law that provides for the lifting of the ban on the sale of agricultural land from October 1st, 2020.

It is noted that citizens and legal entities of Ukraine, territorial communities, and the state can acquire such plots. At the same time, the draft law contains a norm that individuals and legal entities, foreign states that fall under the sanctions law will be deprived of the right to purchase land.

There is also a loophole in the land reform: foreigners can acquire the right of ownership by will. This, incidentally, is one of the existing schemes for the shadow sale of land in Ukraine. This would potentially be made legal.

As Tymoshenko mentioned, the law includes restrictions on the concentration of land: one owner can own no more than 15% of the land within the boundaries of one region and no more than 0.5% (approximately 213.6 thousand ha) within Ukraine. But the real area of ​​Ukraine now is a matter of political interpretation.

“If within the framework of monitoring it becomes known that some Russian or Russian company has become the owner of Ukrainian land, the land will be confiscated,” promises Deputy Minister of Economy, Trade and Agriculture Taras Vysotsky.

It is clear that a certain amount of land is already owned or leased by Russian companies and citizens. That even includes the “new Russians,” political emigrants from Ukraine who became citizens of the Russian Federation over the past five years.

Another important topic is Crimea. The citizens of Crimea are Ukrainians, as the Ukrainian government continues to maintain. Many of them own land in mainland Ukraine, and all of them have Russian passports, since Crimea became a part of Russia. What would happen to them? Would they lose their property, and will they be allowed to purchase land, after all they’re Ukrainians?

The dire state of the Ukrainian economy has left it in a precarious situation in which the only thing to sell is land. Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky and his government may throw Ukraine into an even more severe crisis than what former President Petro Poroshenko managed to cook up.


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Otto Heinrich Wehmann

Khazaria is back!

Tiresia Branding

yes… yesterday I read that Hebrew will be taught instead of Russian in schools and universities

Jens Holm

Haha. That make no change. Catholics there are like most muslims. They learn to obey and has to be under hard command to move their behinds.

Jews – apart from the curly ones – learn to ask qestions, conclyde and act. Most western are close related to that wasy of raising making results in semilar ways :)

But another thing is, that several nerw countries will change learning foreign languges to others as well as using the latin alfabeth. We will see.

Tudor Miron

Only thing is that locals of “wrong” nationalities would not be taught at all.

Jens Holm

I didnt know, You are a Khazar. Was Lenin born close to Kazan a Khazar ?


Dibs on half of the Ukraine being in Chinese hands within the next decade.

Gary Sellars

..and the new Chinese owners will contract Russians to come in and manage their holdings for them as the indigenous Ukrainians are too corrupt to trust. :-D

Jens Holm

Of course not. Usual NONE THINKING.

NONE invest in needed upgrades for Ukrainian farming. NONE.

So they sell until the glass i full. All is for sale, because investers has to have choises for structures for them.

Nothing wrong and bad in investers buing land here. Google make hubcenters and by that also will make most of the electricity by themselves.

Link in danish: https://www.computerworld.dk/art/248984/google-bygger-fem-store-solcelleparker-i-danmark-se-hvor-de-skal-ligge


In past comments the ‘Jens Holms’ avatar has claimed to be many things Bosnian muslim refugee, Kurdish, Danish, you name it – everything – but now you reveal yet another facet – a Neo-Liberal, globalist agribusiness, avocate. What a surprise.

Jens Holm

Danes has tryed to make modern farms there. Its impossible. Things drown in ineffectivity and corruption.

Thay therefore has retreated.

Telling below that Cinese or fx we should take over 72% by that is far out. 72 are possible to buy instead of rent. Today they have the old kholkoses split up and also have no money for progress.

Even so, they do export a lot of food. Bjt compared to the possibilities and jobs making a profit for the employed, they should only protest for nationalitish reasons.

And chinese? Why not they need a lot of food to improve their living standard. Even a small income for Kiev must be better then none.

As it is now its very bad.

I am no politician, but I never would have saud 72%. I would say 10 or 20 bigger farms as pilot projekts, so locals and the rest can see if its that bad or not. People there then will be familiar with the newcommers and demands for working full day not making so many tea and coffee braks as well.

When danes were there and some even USSR tractor collapsed, it wa eysier to get spareparts from far distance as well as they hardly had any locals, which could repair or upgrade.

The world need cheep and good food. The real looser are western acceptable well paid farmers, which by that loose their jobs. But to compete wit them, they Ukriane farms has to be as effective or almost as effective as the ones in fx western Europe.

Tudor Miron

Selling Motherland to foreigners for green paper (one that can be printed at will) – that’s something that fits ukro-nazi agenda very well.


Begining of the end ….. After this they will have nothing and will be reffered to much expensive (and worse quality) food from elsewhere …. former agricultural land will switch to stores, shops, fotovoltaic fields – everything with no profit to ukrainian peoples – we was see this model at westernized central/east Europe

AM Hants

Thought Monsanto had eyed up Ukraine’s rich, dark soil? I wonder how many US politicians, like Pence and Biden, who were going to buy up Porkies Ukraine investments, can be found with links to the Ukraine land grab?

Over on Breit Bart, there is an interesting article, providing a summary of Crowd Strike links.


Common Funding Themes Link ‘Whistleblower’ Complaint and CrowdStrike Firm Certifying DNC Russia ‘Hack’

‘…Alperovitch is a nonresident senior fellow of the Cyber Statecraft Initiative at the Atlantic Council, which takes a hawkish approach toward Russia. The Council in turn is financed by Google Inc.

In a perhaps unexpected development, another Atlantic Council funder is Burisma, the natural gas company at the center of allegations regarding Joe Biden and his son, Hunter Biden. Those allegations were the subject of Trump’s inquiry with Zelemsky related to Biden. The Biden allegations concern significant questions about Biden’s role in Ukraine policy under the Obama administration. This took place during a period when Hunter Biden received $50,000 a month from Burisma…’



Funnily enough, Burisma Holdings, which gave Boy Biden a job, together with John Kerry’s step son and financial mentor a job, no experience necessary, and registered in Cyprus. Yet, funnily enough a company that was one of the founders of the Atlantic Council.

Atlantic Council, who have Dmitry Alperovic on their books, who runs Crowdstrike. Atlantic Council, the admin centre/think tank of NATO. Atlantic Council, don’t they have Bill Browder, Victoria Nuland and Anne Applebaum as members. Victoria Nuland and Anne Applebaum, who are also both on the board of directors of the US tax payer funded, NED, NGO. Which funded, supported and trained Navalny and allegedly given him a set of instructions, to get the blood flowing on the streets of Moscow, courtesy of more protests. The same NED which funded, trained and supported Guiado, to believe, with no votes cast, that he is the President of Venezuela. The same NED, that is controlling the protesters over in Hong Kong. The same NED, which also has the US Ambassador to Venezuela, Elliot Abram as another one on the Board of Directors.

You can call me Al

Words fail me at the moment; I have never seen a Country destroyed like this before; dreadful.

Monsanto is now Bayer.

Monsanto / Bayer in The Ukraine – https://www.globalresearch.ca/ukraine-agreed-to-a-monsanto-land-grab-to-get-a-17-billion-loan-from-the-international-monetary-fund-imf/5424058

AM Hants

Everything is more than crazy.

Capo Biden and Sons, over in Ukraine, when Biden was Vice President, but, Trump is being impeached? Allegedly, according to Zero Hedge, the Dems have rigged it all, so it will go through, without anybody having a say.

Common Purpose REMOANERS, who are allegedly going to get Bercow send a letter to Brussels, begging that they let us stay in the EU. Tony Blair’s Supreme Court, making it up as it goes along. Plus, how much does the EU hand out to Common Purpose? Just how many of the REMOANERS are Common Purpose Members?

Then back to Ukraine.

Monsanto-Beyer, who purchased the ‘Black Water’ Mercenaries, from Erik Prince and had them up and running in Ukraine, before the Maidan took off.

Monsanto-Beyer, who had eyes up the black agriculture of Ukraine and funnily enough, Biden’s boy, was not only given a job with Burisma Holdings, but, also was going to be part of the ‘Feed the World’ team, operating from Ukraine.

Monsanto-Beyer, and isn’t Bill Gates heavily connected to them? Is he one of the major shareholders in the bio-chemical, agircultural company?

Monsnato-Beyer and the Eugenics follower, Bill Gates, who is involved in the vaccination programme, and what are there connections to the 13 bio-chemical labs, that were set up in Ukraine with full diplomatic immunity? Why were they advertising for Russian DNA?

You have the nuclear toxins, from the fall out of Chernobyl, together with the wrong nuclear fuel rods, in the remaining nuclear power stations in Ukraine – now what on earth can go wrong?

The Bill Gates Barren Land, so comes to mind.

By the way did you know that Burisma, where Boy Biden and Step-Boy Kerry (well Heinz) ended up working, was one of the founders of the Atlantic Council, with Soros ‘Open Society’ and the ‘Rockefeller Group’? Same crowd that Common Purpose are linked into.


Well with Nazi’s to run your police force I am sure lot’s of upstanding citizens will flock there.

With Uncle Joe and Aunt Hillary dictating their political appointments they will surely be able to pin Seth Rich’s murder on someone, Julian Assange perhaps. Look what a good job they did figuring MH-17. With a history of spending our aid millions to prove a lie they make a perfect Empire acquisition.

Scare everyone away with the threat of an eminent Russian invasion and very real criminality, then scoop up all the land with pretend dollars. Maybe that’s why there are so many illegals landing in Europe. There goes the neighborhood.

Boy that will be the icing on the Joey presidency. He can put the Clintons in charge of screening immigrants and dole out the pardons when it goes horribly wrong.

AM Hants

Who runs the Washington Post? Who runs Amazon? Who is heavily funded by the CIA, with regards contracts to both Amazon and the Washington Post? How many journalists, are part of the ‘Integrity Initiative’ Cluster Programme? Why can’t they give up on Crimea? What is so important about Crimea, that the agents of the NWO cannot let it go?

Washington Post shows how to ‘lose the information war’ by peddling DISinformation & falsehoods on Ukraine & Crimea… https://www.rt.com/op-ed/469854-ukraine-disinformation-war-wapo/

How did the US get independence from Great Britain on 4 July 1776? How did the people of Crimea manage to return to Russia, back in March 2014?


RT. Hardly an unbiased observer, now is it?

AM Hants

How much does the Russian Government spend on state media, compared to how much the US, EU, UK and European nations spend on State Media? Why, does Russia Today reach such a broad audience, when they spend so little on the media outlet, compared to other nations?

Is it because nobody believes the Corporatate Propagandists anymore?


HA! You actually believe you know how much The U.S., The E.U. and Russia spend on media.

Strange, AM. Exceedingly strange!

Ralph London

AM didn’t say how much either spends, so why do you stupidly say it is ‘Exceedingly strange’ when it’s not?

You keep attacking her, why? Obviously, she doesn’t get everything right, like everybody else, yet from what I’ve read of hers she is high up in factual comments and credibility.


I’ll question anyone’s sanity after they imply that Hitler was a secret Jew related to the Rothschild family (with zero evidence) and Mark Zuckerberg’s “missing” Grandfather (who isn’t missing at all) was none other than John Rockefeller.

AM is a fanatic internet warrior who hasn’t the faintest clue what real, verifiable, research is.

Ralph London

As I implied, are you perfect? What do YOU contribute to spreading the truth and exposing the lies and crimes?


What do I contribute? I opposed Gulf War II and opposed Russia decimating several entire Syrian cities. I speak out against the lies broadcast from CNN as strenuously as I speak out against Sputnik News.

Of course I’m not perfect. However, I’m sane and educated enough to understand that because we don’t know the origins of one of Hitler’s Grandparents is not evidence that he was secretly Jewish, let alone a Rothschild, and it took me under ten minutes to learn the names and backgrounds of each of Zuckerberg’s Grandfathers.

That AM either couldn’t be bothered or has no clue of the fundamentals of verifiable research, but will spread any nonsense that seems to further her hate-filled goals, makes her both extraordinarily strange and, more to the point, not one to be trusted.

Hitler a secret Jew? Zuckerberg a Rockefeller? That’s blinding, unchecked, hate on full display. Nothing more.

Ralph London

Are you a child? No news outlet is unbiased.

The Western media are far far worse, promoting wars and LIES, like the BS about Iraqi WMDs, and the Western aggression against the Donbass people and Russia.

Why do you criticise the one, but not the other?


Listen closely. I criticize all media outlets these days. Very few are better than the herd.

My comment about RT is one you’ll not understand but AM does.


Character assassination is the lowest form of rebuttal. AM is hardly the first to claim that Hitler was Jewish. You might have asked for any link to verify that. You claim ” it took me under ten minutes to learn the names and backgrounds of each of Zuckerburg’s Grandfathers”, why then did you not base your rebuttal on your information rather than claiming; “That’s blinding unchecked hate, on full display”. Yes she has her own agenda, but; “(I)… opposed Russia decimating several entire Syrian cities”, suggests you also have your own agenda.


AM is certainly not the first to claim that Hitler was secretly Jewish and, informed by her comments, it’s only recently come to my attention that she’s spreading such well worn nonsense. That AM has allowed herself to be taken in by such ludicrousness speaks to her inability to discern fact from complete fiction. Full stop.

Hitler a secret Rothschild and Zuckerberg’s “missing” Rockefeller Grandfather is a conversation she and I have already had which, it should be pointed out, you’re in no position to assume as much as you have.

As far as I can tell I may be the only person across this entire site who can say that he/she particularly deplored how the U.S. handled Fallujah and Raqqah with equal venom to how Russia handled Homs, Hama and Aleppo. Are you prepared to go so far?

Lastly, AM understands why I inquire of the bias coverage from state-run, RT. It’s not important that you grasp the reason for the question. I would, however, ask the same of CNN if I were addressing a CNN follower.

AM Hants

Reminds me of Russia in the 90s, when Yeltsin was giving everything to the oligarchs.

How many went to live in exile, but, came back to Ukraine, with a vengence?

Must admit to finding this video interesting, especially the first 10 minutes. Is it any different to what Ukraine is experiencing, from exactly the same crowd?

The Unknown Putin. Part 1 Vladimir Putin Russia’s lider…

Yevgeny Fyodorov, The Chairman of the Committe of Economic Policy and Entrepreneurship of the State Duma of Russia: Dmitry Belousov, Candidate for Economic Sciences and main expert at the centre of macroeconomic analysis and short term forecasts: ‘What was the price we had to pay for the Product Sharing Agreement?’

“Who created Russian laws, during the 1990s? All Russian Laws, including tax laws, were written on the back of foreign grants. Russian Natural resources were only bought under control in 2003. Before that resources were not even under Russian juridstiction. The law was abolished only in 2004. If we had not done that we would never have depended on the oil prices.

All Russian laws were written on the backs of foreign grants. I did not know that until the Head of the Duma Committee made the statement. The key laws, in our country, we had, it was the Americans who had written our laws for us, including oil, We just accepted oil, under the standard laws of developing states, a colonial law, well for the countries of the Third World. It is important here to understand the following, I said that in 2003 we made the decision to fight. The initial decisions had been overridden and the oil revenues started to flow into Russia from 1 January 2004. That is what is important, before then we would receive just 20 cents from each petro-dollar and nobody would say anything about it…

…What was the price that we had to pay for the Product Sharing Agreement. There was one man, and one man only, Vladimir Putin, who managed to change the situation profoundly. What is the Product Sharing Agreement? Why was Russia losing it’s own oil and it’s oil income. It seems that some of the major constituents of our budget is oil, gas and arm sales…’



What happened to Bill Browder, when he left Russia with around $400 million of tax payer funds? Why did he assume that the Clinton Foundation was the US Inland Revenue?

Atlantic Council – which was founded by Burisma Holdings, Soros Open Society and the Rockefeller Group. Which is the main NATO Think Tank and admin centre. Now who are the members of the Atlantic Council, besides Browder, Anne Applebaum and how many who were making a profit out of the resources of Russia, back in the days of Yeltsin?

Anne Applebaum, who is also a member of UK Government, tax payer funded ‘Integrity Initiative’, with Bill Browder, over in the UK. Together with being on the Board of Directors with Victoria Nuland and Ellito Abrams in the US tax funded, National Endowment for Democracy, NGO.

Victoria Nuland, who is married to Robert Kagan, who together with Elliot Abrams, the US Ambassador to Venezuela, and another member of the Board of Director, over at the US tax payer funded NED NGO, set up the PNAC.

Then you have the ‘Common Purpose’ and Bell Brother links into the above. Common Purpose, who are heavily reliant on EU funds and run Westminster, one way or another. Set up by David Bell, who just happened to be a Publishing Executive and no doubt with links back to the Tavistock Institute and Rockefeller Group, which was a founder of the Tavistock Institute Propaganda/mass brain control. project. Common Purpose who funnily enough, are running the REMOANERS campaign, to keep the UK in Europe. How many members of Parliament in Team REMOAN are also Common Purpose Members?

Then you have Timothy Bell, who died recently, around the same time as Epstein, who just happens to be the brother of David. Together with his involvement as Yeltsin’s special adviser, and good friend of Russian tycoon Boris Berezovsky. He also handled the media attention behind poisoned Russian ex-spy Alexander Litvinenko, who died in hospital 23 November 2006. The founder of Bell Pottinger Communications agency, which distributed a photograph showing a hairless Litvinenko in his hospital bed. Not forgetting the Pentagon paid Bell Pottinger over $500 million, to spin the Iraq War. Timothy Bell then went on to fund Sans Frontieres, that makes a decent amount of money on Cruise Liner Vacations, for Middile East and African Members of terrorist gangs, to find their way to Europe from Libya. Funny, how he was also Margaret Thatcher’s special adviser, when she was in negotiations with Bush, Reagan and Gorbechev, when they wished to dismantle the Warsaw Pact and Soviet Union.

Common Purpose, which was set up in 1984. When did Soros break out into the public domain? How much did he make from the UK getting thrown out of the Exchange Rate Mechanism? When did Bush take over from Reagan? When did Thatcher get taken out by the Common Purpose Members of the Government and replaced by Major? When did the Soviet Union fall? When was the first Gulf War? When did Yeltsin come to power and when did the Oligarchs take control of Russia? Where are those oligarchs now and why are they flocking around Ukraine?

When does the Russian gas stop flowing into the Ukraine pipelines?

Funny how it all links into Ukraine.

AM Hants






Temple Building, Integrity Initiative Base, in the City of London, which is a nation in England, but, completely independent of host country, and have their own taxes and laws. https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/5f67b23a4a6dc9c09c9f82335d62a4b659823394bf858070ce9b299664b95c71.jpg

History of the Temple:

The Temple was originally the precinct of the Knights Templar whose Temple Church was named in honour of Solomon’s Temple in Jerusalem. The Knights had two halls, whose modern successors are the Middle Temple Hall and the Inner Temple Hall. Only the Inner Temple Hall preserves elements of the medieval hall on the site, however (namely, the medieval buttery).

Upon the dissolution of the Knights Templar in 1312, the pope granted their possessions to the Knights Hospitaller. King Edward II ignored the claims of the Knights Hospitaller, and divided the Temple into the Inner Temple and the Outer Temple, being the parts of the Temple within and without the boundaries of the City of London respectively. Not until 1324, after the prior, Thomas L’Archer, paid a substantial bribe,[citation needed] was the claim of the Knights Hospitaller to the Inner Temple officially recognised in England; but even then Edward II still bestowed it on his favourite, Hugh le Despencer, in spite of the Knights’ rights. On Hugh’s death in 1326 the Inner Temple passed first to the mayor of London and then in 1333 to one William de Langford, the King’s clerk, for a ten-year lease… https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Temple,_London

Remember the Lord Mayor of London, is not the same as the Mayor of London. One has his own carriage and the other his own bus pass. The Lord Mayor, serves the City of London, not London.




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