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First “AI War”: Israel Uses AI-Controlled Drone Swarms, Supercomputers Against Palestinians

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First "AI War": Israel Uses AI-Controlled Drone Swarms, Supercomputers Against Palestinians

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The Israel Defense Forces (IDF) has reportedly deployed an AI and supercomputers to identify strike targets in what they are calling the first artificial intelligence (AI) war.

During the 11-day escalation in May 2021, the IDF used a swarm of AI-guided drones and supercomputing to comb through data and identify new targets within the Gaza Strip. It claims this is the first time ever that a swarm of AI drones has been used in combat.

The use of AI in drone strikes has seen a surge in warzones, with a recent UN report revealing Libya launched an autonomous weaponized drone attack on Haftar Affiliated Forces last year, the first time an AI-guided drone identified and possibly attacked human targets without human input. Now, the technology appears to have found significant use in the Israel-Gaza conflict.

According to the IDF, AI has been utilized heavily over the last two years to pinpoint suspected Hamas locations and to strike strategic targets to remove missile launching sites.

They claim it has vastly reduced the length of fighting by sorting through information at a far higher rate than a human counterpart.

Footage of Israel’s high-tech rocket shield Iron Dome in action also went viral in May, as it wiped out rockets mid-air before they could connect with their intended targets.

The origins of these algorithms are in Israel’s Unit 8200, an Intelligence Corps unit of the IDF that specializes in code decryption and signal intelligence.

Reportedly, Unit 8200 created multiple algorithms that used geographical, human, and signal intelligence to pinpoint strike targets, which were then passed to command for ordering a strike.

There’s very little additional information on the matter.

However, the increasing use of AI-guided drones is a concern for many, including the UN Security Council and Humans Rights Watch, the coordinators of the Campaign to Stop Killer Robots, which is calling for a preemptive ban on fully autonomous weapons.

“The systems used in this case probably fall quite far short of the large dynamic, intelligent swarms that could someday have a highly disruptive effect on warfare,” Arthur Holland of the United Nations Institute for Disarmament Research told New Scientist. “But if confirmed, they are certainly a notch up in the incremental growth of autonomy and machine-to-machine collaboration in warfare.”


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swarm drones were already used in several operations so its not new and in fact combined cruise missile and drone operation is something where it also was used

Last edited 21 days ago by farbat
Chess Master

Houthis are mastering it.

Simon Ndiritu

Israelis like to claim innovations done by others


real excuse for “AI” – they are too scared to conduct ground Ops – cos they got served in 2014 war. Iran should let loose Soleimani’s shock troops (PMU’s) and wipe out every zio swine from the river to the sea


the zionists are the best at nothing but parasitism and self destructiveness

Zionist hot air

Also propaganda, but lately that has backfired.


I think Houthier will fuck Zionist easily

Zionist hot air

The Zionist cowards have been exposed as cowardly losers and they are just pushing BS to stay relevant in brainwashed western poodle societies.


Exactly. They failed to prevent launch of 1000s of rockets from a very limited area directly next to their border, even when Hamas warned them in advance. Germans had serious problems to launch V-1 rockets from France in 1944. with allied airforce above their head, but Gazans managed to fooI IAF again and again, even with all their airplanes, drones flying unopposed, and with all their radars, basically entire Iron Dome parked next to Gaza. They are the real heroes here: David vs Goliath. but Israel is not David, they are Goliath.

Last edited 21 days ago by MrX
Arch Bungle

Not smart enough to defeat the native Arabs with basic weapons, the Jew needs the cutting edge in modern technology just to keep them contained.

What a pathetic waste of oxygen the Jew is.

The end

“They claim it has vastly reduced the length of fighting by sorting through information at a far higher rate than a human counterpart.” Yes, but they fail to claim, that no computer AI is perfect, so in a fact, many killed were just innocent civilians. Ergo, Gaza has become a testing grounds for new jewish weapons of mass destruction. And the world is still quiet.


Typical zionist stupidity. They cannot even stock enough depends adult diapers for their “war heroes”, yet all of the sudden they want to be Skynet.

Idiotic hollywood propaganda from overgrown children who happen to be perverted terrorists.


Peppe il Sicario

Yeah, it’s better that the Israelis rely on AI ’cause with their own “intelligence” they can’t even defend against some kids and their party balloons.

A clown like you

Do I believe the people who known in history for lying and stealing? Fuk no.
Also, SF care to tell us what type of rockets did Hamas used? $300 rocket vs $50,000…just running pure BS again. I also won a game vs a kid…you see how strong I am?

Hamas doesn’t have air defense systems NONE…you guys even said “There’s very little additional information on the matter.” It doesn’t fuking add up to their BS.
The best case for them is – they used AI with drones…first AI war you can kiss my as$…most of the civilians’ killing still was done by Zion Nazi.

Swarm drones were done by many countries before Zion, Drones controlled by AI…hmm if only SF did report about that…Turkey used AI drones in Libya…

Now I didn’t say other shi& which doesn’t add up to this BS…do I believe some Zion? No

Last edited 21 days ago by A clown like you

Israel has been very keen on developing drone warfare concept for years. And it’s for a specific reason. The IDF is a conscript civilian militia – and it has not proven particularity effective or professional in terms of real world combat. Peer to peer ground combat is very different scenario to being tasked with para-military policing or assaults against Palestinian civilian or militia minorities. Israel has an effective air-force essentially because of US, who have put huge resources into training and supplying it – but their ground forces are far less effective. That combined with small population means serious combat losses are unsustainable for Israel. Hence their enthusiasm for drone warfare strategy and technology – and seems they are testing it against usual Palestinian civilian and militia targets.

Last edited 21 days ago by VaporTrail

More Jew murder of Palestinians still living on land the Jews stole from them for “Greater Israel.” A fate, unfortunately, to befall the people’s of Syria, Lebanon, Jordan and half of Egypt and Iraq.


Bullsh!t zio tech will just be killing more innocents. Iran should nuke this pissy little excuse for a cuntry

Rodney Loder.

Well I keep telling you, if ypu endorse the gicsl reality you’ll get wiped out, look at UAE crawling to China and China crawling back, this is the future if you don’t come clean and support me as Jesus Christ rather than the homosexual Sid Loder, which is the way that it stands.

Roddney Loder.ts better this way

Sorry about all the mistakes in that last comment I accidentally hit the I’m not a robot button and had to hurry up, anyhow about the Jew maggots launching the first Artificial Intelligence war, it’s not the first.

What happened was, I was born and spoke from the cradle everyone knew I was Jesus, but the Freemasons took control of Sid Loder using my intellectual property of mind control which was beyound Sid’s capability to understanding, no-worries said my Companions in Heaven it’s better this way let them evil peoples expose themselves so we don’t get their like being listed in our Heavenly Apartments.

And I’m inclined to agree.

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