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Firefight Breaks Out Between Israeli And Syrian Forces In Golan Heights

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Firefight Breaks Out Between Israeli And Syrian Forces In Golan Heights

Illustrative image: IDF

A firefight broke out on the contact line between Israeli and Syrian forces in the Golan Heights, the Israeli Defense Forces (IDF) said in a statement on January 24.

According to the statement, forces from the Syrian side of the contact line opened fired on an IDF patrol. Israeli soldiers returned fire. The IDF reported no casualties, but did not specify where the incident took place.

Earlier, the IDF revealed that it had deployed an additional battery of the Iron Dome air defense system in the area of Gush Dan, southern Israel.

These developments came just days after extensive Israeli airstrikes on Syrian military and alleged Iranian targets in the countryside of Damascus on January 20-21. Following the strikes, on January 23, Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu stated that Israel’s “policy is clear and it will not change: We are determined to prevent Iran from militarily entrenching itself in Syria against Israel.”

On January 22, Syria’s envoy to the United Nations warned that if the UN Security Council did not put a stop to Israeli strikes on his country, Syria would retaliate on its own. Bashar Jaafari said that his country “would practice its legitimate right of self-defense and respond to the Israeli aggression on Damascus International Airport in the same way on Tel Aviv airport”.


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Tommy Jensen

All IDF forces returned safely without a scratch to their home bases.

John Whitehot

did ISIS take losses instead?

Bill Wilson

Firefight? Sounds more like taking potshots at each other.


The jewish zwine are probably lying. However, it is a blitzkrieg that needs to be taken to recover the motherland. Maybe not until the Jew proxies in the north have been exterminated. Can’t fight a war on two fronts. Not yet anyway

Zionism = EVIL

Headlines in Haaretz today as how the scum Erdogan is working with Zionist scum

Israelis Are Flocking to Istanbul, and Erdogan Couldn’t Be Happier

The number of Israeli businesspeople and vacationers flooding
Turkey last year was the highest in a decade – and it is now the No. 1
destination for Israelis.


Provide documentation for your Haaretz headline, lira is devalued, not only Jews, others in the area are taking advantage of the devalued lira fo get more for their money.


Here some documentation to debunk your statements:

Netanyahu: Erdogan is an ‘anti-Semite’ obsessed with Israel and its moral army
PM fires back after Turkish president calls him an ‘oppressor’ and says Israel is a ‘terror state’ committing crimes against humanity

23 December 2018, 5:23 pm 2
Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu speaks at an event with Christian IDF soldiers for Christmas and the New Year at the Palmach Museum in Tel Aviv, December 23, 2018. (Tomer Neuberg/Flash9


The zionist filth aren’t Jewish you purblind ignoramus.

Zionism = EVIL

They claim to be.

Promitheas Apollonious

well they could fool any one but you ha? In the mean time in the real world all khazars claim to be jewish and is beyond me how a religious faith can be mistaken for nationality.

Harold Smith

Define “Jewish” knucklehead.


No….just the children of Lucifer…??


This will not go unpunished, Israel has another excuse to attack Syrian infrastructure

Promitheas Apollonious

They been doing this since the beginning of the war in syria one they started along with their turk cousins. The question is when syria will answer back in kind.


When the terrorists are finished off, I think Syria might reclaim Golan, and Israel knows that.

Promitheas Apollonious

the terrorists will never finish in syria on the contrary as things go now with russia making friends and partners with the countries that caused what is happening in syria, I see it very slim to impossible the syrians will win in the long run.

I know you think different and many here have the same thinking as you but soon all of you will understand that syrias war is not also russian war and russians got what they wanted from syria. In the mean time they selling S400 to all of syrias enemies especially the ones who started and financed and still do the mercenaries that destroy syria. So explain me this and please dont tell me the russians play the long game.

Zionism = EVIL

Now you sound like me LOL. The retard Putin is licking the Islamist shithead Erdogan’s arse. Read the Zionist in Haaretz on how closely the Russian fuckwits and Turkeys are working in Syria and both have the same goal. A weak truncated Syria divided into different zones like Germany was carved and occupied after the WW2.

Promitheas Apollonious

god forbid to sound like you. You confuse someone understanding a situation not as posters here well wishing it to be on a very unrealistic way, that happens to people that all their lives looking for a savior and expect others to do their wars while they wasting their lives away to what ever meaningless life style they have.

It is not the first time I said what I said as to the strategy and national interest of russia and is realistic what I am saying, based on fact. On the other hand I have great respect for Putin and what he did and does for his country and in case of war I will not be on the side of western morons but also not on the side of russia. I chose side since I was old enough to understand the world around me and that is my own motherland side. That does not stop me to see reality and understand it.

The problem with you, is you are a follower of one or the other and from the way you post intentionally or not, you promote an agenda that to me only a brainless one or a paid one promotes. And only lesser mentalities speak of their betters, the way you do.

Zionism = EVIL

You have rose tinted lens of a child while I live in a world of reality, Putin is a third rate arsehole and Russia is third world dump. Seen it from one end to the other kiddo :)

Promitheas Apollonious

kiddo…… I spend several years in russia and I know exactly how russia is as well the people of russia so stop bullshitting me kid. You post nothing but BS here for a long time keep it up enjoy your stupidity, but dont try and pass it to me.

Concrete Mike

Third world dump the world relies on for getting to space??

It.dont have to be pretty it just has to work!

Ricky Miller

A third rate dump? Good thing Russia is busy rebuilding her cities then. You Tube search Tyumen, or Perm, or Novisibirsk. See the new tower blocks, schools? A third rate dump that is busy feeding itself and exporting millions of tons of grain. Russia has the world’s largest reserves and stores of fresh water, forests and timber products, metallic ores and precious metals, hydrocarbons and produces way more refined metals like steel, aluminum and titanium than the United States. Russia’s people have public financed health care and aren’t bankrupted by a hospital stay like here in the USA. We should all be so lucky to live in a dump like that. Who buys who’s rocket engines? What other “dumps” have the world’s only nuclear icebreaker fleet? Which other “dumps” have satellites that can separate into other satellites and manuever around in orbit, deorbiting other satellites and setting off MSM types across the West into panic? No one here is your kiddo’s. STFU.


Well said.

Promitheas Apollonious

and now you sounded exactly as you are a retard third rate single cell.


putin knows what he’s doing and one thing is certain and that is that you haven’t a clue what it is – good night and I recommend a tranquilizer.


that’s right but the best and quickest way to kick the occupiers off the stolen land is a concerted effort by all neighbouring countries – from turkey, lebanon/hezbollah, syria, iraq, iran and hopefully saudi arabia and the the emirates and egypt – in which case israel will be toast and the people on the run onto the next diaspora – which will be a cheerful day!


and please dont Forget…
the IDF informed russia before Hand again…..

LOL after their Actions directly caused an russian intelligence plane to be shot out of the sky…..and 1 day later the kremlin Speaker says and i Quote “Israel should Refrain from bombing syria”!!!!

u cant have it both ways!

Zionism = EVIL

The lead story in Haartez is about how closely the Zionist scum and Russian shitheads are coordinating the air strikes on SAA and Iranian bases in Syria. Russia has supplied a list of all locations where there are no Russian fuckheads and has told the Zionists the location and condition of all SAA meager SAM and AAA. Russia has also given assurances that the S-300 decoration pieces are just a political stunt and will never be used against their Zionist masters.


Why don’t you provide the link of the Haaretz to support your statements?
You are going to believe Haaretz? …..because you are a Zionist?


assad should ask putin nicely if he can have a few nuclear tipped missiles on loan for a few weeks and problem might solve itself – russia can insert the coordinates for tel aviv and haifa and certain other secret places where netanyahu hide away when things get hairy!!


you dream?


of course not but it would be the quickest and best way to rid the world of the menace now living illegally in palestine – the most likely scenario is that the surrounding neighbours will kick the vermin into the med so they can escape on their next diaspora of 5000 years if they survive at all and the palestinian can return to the country which is theirs. and the illegal occupants won’t be missed one iota, by anyone!

Keep it Real

he should ask china putin cant too many jews in russia!

Chris Chuba

Once Iran builds up Syria’s missile arsenal, a few artillery duels around Golan should end this nonsense. Israel (Netanyahu) is too scared to bomb Lebanon because of their missiles.

Syria will have to get to the point where they can demonstrate that they have a similar arsenal. Don’t know if they do, that’s the problem, they need one.

Ricky Miller

Yes. It’s a telling and sad state of affairs when an NGO in Lebanon, Hezbollah, has a larger missile armament than a state military like Syria. Hezbollah’s missiles are successful at deterring an Israeli attack on Lebanon whereas Syria’s surface to air missile network has proven ineffective at stopping these strikes. Shooting down a majority of attacking missiles is a defense but not enough of a threatening one to stop attacks; it just creates an accounting problem for the IDF, how many missiles do we waste to get enough munitions through?LESSON? An arsenal of attacking missiles and a near suicidal resolve to use them liberally in case of attack is a far better and way more cost effective method at keeping bullies away. Missile Up everybody, and start coating them with shiny ablative plating to resist lasers. It’s the only way to be sure.


You should write a novel. Id buy it


You’ve been hiding every since those Pantsirs got fucked again with SAA casualties

Welcome back :D

Ricky Miller

As you no doubt know despite your posturing Pantsirs have limited ammunition. They are machines of war, not magic. The system fires two missiles at an attacking missile so is sans missiles after targeting and engaging six attacking missiles. The autocannon has about a minute of high velocity use before need ing reloading. It should come as no big surprise that a unit operating alone, on the attack route, would be vulnerable to attack itself. It shoots down missiles, then gets destroyed. It’s called warfare and as usual you failed to respond to my point while again acting like a twelve year old.


Very ,very soon Russia will punish Israel,

Michael No-Cabal Hall

Wait! Is that an immoral wall I see?


Isreal can never stop anybody not only Iranians. Not possible from the air.

H Eccles

“Syria’s envoy to the United Nations warned that if the UN
Security Council did not put a stop to Israeli strikes on his country,
Syria would retaliate on its own.”

Nevermind warning or informing the worthless UN.. just just get on with it and do it. Each time Syria doesn’t retaliate, the scum-state is emboldened.

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