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Fire Hit IRGC Research Self-Sufficiency Center. US-Israeli ‘Plan B’ On Iran In Action?

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Fire Hit IRGC Research Self-Sufficiency Center. US-Israeli 'Plan B' On Iran In Action?

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On the evening of September 26, a fire broke out at one of the Iran’s elite Revolutionary Guards (IRGC) research center near the Iranian capital, Tehran.

As a result of the incident, three IRGC members were injured and taken to the nearby hospital. Two of the injured died as a result of injuries sustained in the incident.

The victims were identified as Seyed Mortaza Karimi and Hossein Abadi.

“On Sunday evening a fire broke out in one of the IRGC … research centers in the west of Tehran. Three people were injured and the fire has been contained.” – IRGC officials confirmed the reports on the incident.

The fire was later localized by rescue services.

Taking into account the high level of security in the IRGC facilities, no specific information of the center’s location or its tasks was revealed. The IRGC run many facilities on the outskirts of the capital. It was said that the fire erupted in a warehouse at the research center that was aimed on self-sufficiency of the IRGC.

The center hit by the fire may be a part of the IRGC Research and Self-Sufficiency Jihad Organization, involved in the Iran’s weapons development. The organization was sanctioned by the US Treasury back in 2017 for “researching and developing ballistic missiles.”

However, it is still not clear whether the facility was involved in the activities of Research and Self-Sufficiency Jihad Organization.

Fire Hit IRGC Research Self-Sufficiency Center. US-Israeli 'Plan B' On Iran In Action?

Illustrative Image: Iranian revolutionary guard soldiers march during the annual military parade.

As there were no details on the reason of the incident unveiled, it traditionally caused various speculations on the possibility of an Israeli sabotage operation.

Just after the incident, on September 27, Israel’s ambassador to the US and UN, Gilad Erdan, claimed that the US and other world powers were increasingly considering a “plan B” to stop Iran’s nuclear program.

“The international community and Americans are starting to talk to us more about a plan B on Iran,” Erdan claimed. “In the past, the estimate was that there was an 80 percent chance it [Iran] would return to the [2015 nuclear] deal, today that has dropped to around 30%.”

“If Iran doesn’t return [to the deal], this changes the whole picture for the world,” he added.

Earlier this month, top Israeli officials and the White House have resumed negotiations on the ‘Plan B’ and intelligence sharing initiative focused on Iran. There is still no official claims on what the alternative plan would entail.

Washington and Tel Aviv are planning ‘alternative’ actions against Iran in case nuclear talks in Vienna fail, before they are even resumed. The Iranian Foreign Ministry said that the negotiations would resume in the autumn, as the government of the new president Ibrahim Raisi, who won the elections in June, should be finally formed in Iran.

Meanwhile, Tel Aviv is not loosing a chance to threaten Tehran. Last month, Israeli Defense Minister Benny Gantz mentioned possible ramped-up sabotage operations in his speeches.

“The United States and Israel share intelligence information, and the cooperation with the United States in this field is only getting stronger. We are working with them in order to establish a Plan B and to demonstrate that if there is no deal, other activities will begin…”

At the same time, another scandal broke out between Iran and the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA), as the IAEA said its inspectors had been denied access to a centrifuge manufacturing site in Karaj, near the capital Tehran.


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Propaganda bullshit. The amero/zionist clowns cannot stop anything. Of note it is roman idiots who are concerned about Iranian technological progress. Research the difference between a nuclear warhead and a tactical nuclear weapon.

jens holm

Be a Propan Gandalf Yourself. As usual You blame others. 0 mirrors and no selfies.


Do you think that he’s Iranian?

jens holm

I see 0 iranian here. I alraedy has said that he is Propan Gandalf. It goes fx you as well.

Propan Gandalf

Can you tell me what the hell a Propan Ganfalf is?


If you use a conventional OS, like gates micorcrap or Linux, consider PeerBlock & IBlocklist. Make sure va, it, sa & il are blocked, for starters.

jens holm

There we go again in the typical linear ME rhetorics.

USA as well as Israel has many plans just as you can play a lot of melodies at the same piano.

It goes for Iran as well.

It fx by propaganda is ignored Iran has so many internal opposition groups. Even small its easy to make that kind of sabotage. We not even know if all is internal propaganda to control the many unimployed in ignorence of lack of needed reforms for effective agriculture in the dry land and anything else.


the IDF having that all the info for years and all they manage to do is get some one throw a Molotov cocktail at a where house of full flammable materials.

You think if they got some to do that, i would not be that hard to sneak in a suicide drone and them pilot it into a more valuable target.

Unless Iran did bust a small ring of spies lately and the is was desperate action by the one or two people that were not captured maybe. I mean the clock was already ticking for them and knew what would happen after getting captured.

while the attempt looked out right pathetic compared to the resources that mossad has. Iran has not been toppled yet outright. Which really means that have caught mossad operatives in past and have got pretty good at it so the mossad has to take notice.

meh make of it what you will


Zionist mafia runs the show

Arch Bungle

The Jews have tried sabotage for decades with no success.
This so called “Plan B” is a failure from the start.


This is getting tiresome. Iran should detonate a Nuke and declare itself a nuclear power. that will end all this crap. Israel will not be able to claim actions to prevent Iran from acquiring a nuke. It will prove the rhetoric from Israeli politicians are pure hotair

L du Plessis

Security must be beefed up inside iran.

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