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Fire Breaks Out At Strategic Iranian Port On Persian Gulf (Videos)

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Fire Breaks Out At Strategic Iranian Port On Persian Gulf (Videos)

Screen grab from one of the videos showing the fire at Bandar Abbas Port.

On October 23, a massive fire broke out at one of the electricity stations in the port of Bandar Abbas on Iran’s southern coast.

Iranian firefighters responded quickly to the fire, preventing it from spreading any further. No casualties have been reported, so far. The massive fire resulted in a blackout in several districts in Bandar Abbas city, the capital of the Hormozgān province.

Some Iranian sources claimed that a “blast” was heard before the fire. Iranian authorities have not commented on the issue, yet.

The port fire was likely caused by a technical failure or electricity overload. Nevertheless, the possibility of sabotage can’t be ruled out.

Many strategic facilities in Iran experienced unexplained fires or explosions this year. Sabotage was suspected in several cases.

In September, the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps announced that two of its members were killed in an explosion at a “research self-sufficiency center” located in the outskirts of the Iranian capital, Tehran. Israeli sources claimed that the center was a secret missile base.


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Peter Wallace

Seems to be lots of accidents and fires in Iran which of course happens everywhere but is it more than just accidents. Is someone else playing a hand


Israel-US aggression as usual.


yes of course you hit back zionist filth but be sure our enemies will be mistaken and in 4 days already many of you perceptive ones might understand by that point why the moment they connected indian opium claims with baku opium claims with zionist claims and bandar abbas and americans basically blabbering nonsense of taking other option it was clear but america will not stay any longer they arent welcome in west asia any longer which means their zionist creation obviously has no future either there will be no 80 years mark on them this time around either

Last edited 1 month ago by farbat
L du Plessis

Iran has enemies within causing arsons and giving info for assasinations.


TRaitors within working for Zionist fro money.dont care about nation.

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