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Fire And Explosions In Southern Kazakhstan Military Facility Leave 5 Dead, Dozens Injured

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Fire And Explosions In Southern Kazakhstan Military Facility Leave 5 Dead, Dozens Injured

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On August 26th, Kazakhstan has evacuated settlements located next to a military facility in its southern Jambyl province after it was rocked by a series of powerful blasts that left at least 5 dead and more than 60 injured.

Four military personnel and one firefighter died while battling the blaze, which triggered a series of 10 blasts.

The blasts followed a fire at the facility, where some engineering-purpose explosives were stored, deputy defense minister Ruslan Shpekbayev said.

“As a result of the explosions, no ammunition remains and fragments were blown away,” the ministry added.

Separately, traffic and railway authorities said they were closing off a road and a railway passing through the area.

President Kassym-Jomart Tokayev said in a series of tweets that at least 30 of the wounded were military servicemen or emergency workers and the incident was being investigated.

Residents of four villages, including one of 250 people less than a kilometer from the site of the blast, were being evacuated, a statement from the defense ministry said.

Videos posted online showed that the explosion took place not far from a major road connecting provincial centre Taraz to Almaty, the country’s business hub and biggest city.

The Ministry of Defense did not rule out arson. It was unclear what caused the fire, Defense Minister Nurlan Ermekbaev told a press briefing on August 27th.

Separately, Ermekbayev said that he had tendered his resignation after the accident, but that any final decision on his future in the post would be made by the country’s leadership, a reference to President Qasym-Zhomart Toqaev.

Shpekbayev, Assistant Minister of Defense of Kazakhstan, was also sent to the region to investigate the cause of the fire.

In 2019, an explosion at an ammunition depot near the town of Arys in the neighbouring region of Turkestan killed two people and injured many others, also prompting the evacuation of tens of thousands.

On the morning of August 27th, fire brigades are in action as they continue their efforts to reduce the fire. Meanwhile, the administration is on its toes to discover the prime reason for the incident. The defense ministry also sent a commission led by Deputy Defense Minister Ruslan Shpekbaev to take note of the scene. No casualties or injuries have been reported until now.


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Tommy Jensen

Moderate rebels demanding freedom from the Kazakhstan government.


They do not know the rules to stockpile explosifs and munition. Or, some stuf disapeard and by putting fire no one will know what and how mush is sold/stolen.

US & EU are Zion slaves

Fun fact,
ANA soldiers that run away saying they didn’t only fight Taliban but they also had to fight extremist backward Sunnis from Tajik and Uzb as well – IS-K is growing and with Taliban in so is Al-Qaeda, and ofc other terrorists groups funded by KSA.
Remember ISI created Taliban – they were funded by Wahhabi Sunnis from KSA – Taliban did fuk all to fight USSR, they were mostly the one running away to Pakistan.
ISI helped Taliban leaders to run away from yanquis, most Taliban leaders were killed like pigs in Pakistan.

_”To be more accurate The Taliban came from the Southern parts of Afghanistan. Yes they fought against the Russians but haven’t even won a single battle with the Soviet Union. It was the Original Mujahideen of The Northern Afghanistan in Panshjir Valley did most of the fighting and Winning against the Soviet Union. so in doing so even the Southern fighters claims they are part of Mujahideen too even if they aren’t originally, just for the sake of sucking up with the Victors. more on the details =>

In the 90’s They separate themselves from the Original Mujahideen and called themselves Taliban mostly comprise of Arab Islam influence and Sharia Law as their Rule.
While the Original Northern Mujahideen stayed true of their own routes in Panjshir , The word Panjshir even translate to 5 Lions of Persia. That is why they Disagree with the Taliban’s ‘Sharia Laws” Originally its not even part of their culture. so in The 90’s the Northern Mujahideen Resisted the Taliban in Panjshir Valley as they did before the Russians, Panjshir valley is under the control of Ahmad Shah Massoud known as the Lion of Panjshir under the new name The Northern Alliance. Panjshir Valley was never taken by the Taliban in the 90’s to 2001’s till Now

Sadly Ahmad Shah Massoud was assassinated by the Al-Quada affiliated Taliban. 2 days before 9/11 attacks/

Now: The Northern Alliance are back again under the commands of The two Lions of Panjshir:
Ahmed Massoud jr. son of the Legend himself.
And Saleh former Vice President of Afghanistan and now the New Caretaker President of Afghanistan,
Who is Saleh?
He is also a former Original ‘Mujahideen” freedom fighters in the 90’s under he’s former Commander and Mentor the Legend himself The Lion of Panjshir Gen. Ahmed Shah Massoud.

Support the Norther Alliance they are the Original Mujahideen protectors of Afghanistan and Rightful Rulers of the Nation.

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