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Finnish Authorities Raid “Secret Russian Military Base” Located On Private Island: Media

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Ever since September 22nd, Finland has been taking part in a narrative that may as well have come out of a James Bond movie. Finnish authorities took part in 17 raids, one of which on Sakkiluoto, a private island and other properties in Western Finland in a crackdown on “secret Russian military bases” according to speculation.

“The seafront sauna, stacked with fresh towels, looked ready for use, as did the barbecue pits and other amenities on an island that seemed like the luxurious lair of Ernst Stavro Blofeld, the fictional villain of James Bond’s creator, Ian Fleming,” the NYT reported.

Officially, Finnish authorities are investigating a Russian real estate company over money laundering. However, on September 22nd, Finland’s Keskusrikospoliisi (KRP), or National Bureau of Investigation (Finnish FBI) led a raid on the private island Sakkiluoto. The island is owned by Russian businessmen Pavel Melnikov through his Finnish-based company Airiston Helmi.

Local police, Finnish border guard, Finland’s national customs agency, and the Finnish Defense Forces all took part in the massive operation, which also targeted 16 other sites linked to Melnikov and his associates. All in all, more than 400 personnel took part in the operations. Helicopters and a Dornier Do-228 surveillance plane watched overhead, and authorities put a no-fly-zone into place over the Turku Archipelago where Sakkiluoto is situated.

Since Melnikov purchased the island, workers have constructed nine docks, a helipad, “barracks-like housing,” security cameras, motion detectors and signs warning against trespassing. According to the Drive all of them are without any apparent purpose.

The result of the operations was that Finnish authorities arrested two unnamed individuals. One of them is a Russian citizen who has since been deported back to St. Petersburg and an Estonian of Russian origin. The KRP also announced they seized cash in various currencies and $3.5 million worth of euros.

The NYT also claimed that the investigators recovered computers and flash drives allegedly containing more than 100 terabytes of data. The outlet also noted that this amount is equal to “50 times the print collection of the US Library of Congress.”

According to local media, Finnish military and intelligence agencies had been monitoring Melnikov’s tourism company Airiston Helmi for years. As the War Zone reports, a state broadcaster alleged that the Russian government had made suspicious real estate purchases that “raised suspicions within the Finnish government and suggested that the Kremlin could be engaged in a ‘hybrid warfare’ campaign.”

When Russian Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev visited Helsinki, several days after the raids, reporters asked him if Russia was preparing landing zones for military helicopters. However, he dismissed the suggestion as “paranoid,” adding: “I don’t know in whose sick mind such a thought could be formulated.”

This hysteria first began when several days before the July 16th Trump-Putin summit in Helsinki, Russian special forces allegedly staged a mock invasion of an island in the Gulf of Finland. The Russian forces parachuted onto the island of Gogland, which is part of Russia but located roughly 70 miles from Helsinki, from a Mi-8AMTSH helicopter at an altitude of 2,500 meters.

According to a July 10th Press Release from the Russian Ministry of Defense, the soldiers used satellite equipment to steer themselves to the landing site. Once they came on the ground, the Russian forces camouflaged their parachutes and headed into the interior of the island to destroy a series of mock communications stations, radars, and ASM batteries.

The soldiers destroyed mock targets and despite the island being equipped with a helipad constructed a field landing pad for the helicopter to secure their extraction.

According to the release, the soldiers that took part in the drill had “not less than 100 jumps with parachutes of various types.”

Typically, seeing China’s artificial islands, Russia cannot afford to lag behind in its “aggression” and has allegedly began preparing non-artificial ones. However, as any self-respecting Bond villain with his own private island, the mastermind will only reveal his plan when it is too late, and everything is put into motion. The island is also in close proximity to Sweden’s shores. After all as it has become apparent, Sweden has ample experience in discovering foreign, and mostly Russian submarines in its territorial waters. It would not be surprising if media reports apear that these submarines were operating from the “secreat Russian military base” on Sakkiluoto.

There is no evidence that there are any actual secret Russian military bases on any Finnish or any other islands. This is just another example of how mainstream media hysteria instills a sense of paranoia and fear in individuals and attempts to paint China, Russia or Iran as the “enemy,” in recent months and years.

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In the Finnish press and media they even interviewed a novelist who has written a lot of agent stories with russian spys etc. I mean, who better to ask what is going on? It is all a little fantastic. At the same time a surveillance law was approved in the Finnish parliament, targeting propably anyone who does not accept Nato cyber-bases in Finland, they are already there however, against the Finnish constitution, which is nothing new.


Again I am sorry for the lenght, but people need to know this, the Nordick countrys is lost.
I am already looking for moving from Noorway, and I probably would move to an place in Europa where our people is still alive and where I can die in peace, to me, time is short, so thats why I ramp up things, the name will I not give away, because of my Family, and thei future.

For the first time, as far back in time I can remeber, I am conserned, and worried.
This is an constructed bullshit story, and we all know it.

The hate propaganda in Norway is going balistic, its Putin, putin, putin, putin, up and down and over here and there and now the “slaughtering” of Gays, yeah, and Chetchenya, its Putins.
And now when the winter is coming, the dope husteria is already warming up as we speak.

They never end, and I just lost friends because I laughed at their paranoia, whuuuuuheeee Putin is coming.
The only country I know of, that have systematicly doped their atlets, since winter olympic in 94 Lillehamer is Norway, ashma medic, all Norwegian skiiers use that, and the reason Ashma works at all is due to Steroids, but since they are “sick” they have legalised it, the inernationa dope hunting is an sick joke, all Norwegian Ol, medals are taken with dope, every god dammed “triumf”, and now our Steroid queen, with an facisl hair growth with would make Boltons mutache to an bleek copy.
Hehe, more male hormones that I have.

The second is the total cencure in the Norwegain and Finnsh MSM, witch is as in the rest of the world own by the Tribe, the same people whom attacked and killed Finns in 39 and now they run our land, and Pekka is an f…. joke, jesus they are f….. and again the Tribes men will enshure that is any war comes it will be on Finnish land, and Finnish people will die, once again, because of corruption and the Tribe.

In Norway, the latest Iranian bashing is downright fasinating, what a lot of articles forget is that Norway and the Danes is protecting ISIS/Terrorists, this Iranians witch is in the lime light are from an group that took the blame for the Iranian terror attack along with ISIS, that is the happy head choppers the people of Norway is protecting because Mossad/Al-CIAda is using them, and the best place to hide is up here, in Norway.
And this freak show, is just that, an ISISrael theater to make the NorDicks to play along and now as we speak the Iranian Amb. is talking with the scums of this earth, the Khazars.
Norwegians are an sick, sick people, and I have an ton of cases proving it, the corruption and greed is mind boggeling, and we have since we got the Hideous Hags as ministers become an facistic state, and pour politics is based upon Nepotism, some few familys runs our countrys, all Khazarian inbreeds.

I wodner, since I am with an Russian when will they come for me, and on top of it I am from an people they hate above all, incl rapist, muslims, etc, is that I am a Finn, even yesterday I was called an f…. finn bastard, and attacked for asking wtf is creating your hysteria, but they just screamed out louder, Putin, putin, putin, putin.
Dunka, dunka.

Yeah from an sbrain flushed and theflon coated inside hithead Norwegian, but the thing is, they also know we eat them for breakfast, coward sheeps,, they are like pack animals, thats why I cal them Trash Turks, aka Khazars, the same scumbag people, and that shuld tell you everything.

And again Finns, when Sovjet attacked Finland, not an single nail or anything came from Norway nor Sweden, not an single item in any form imagiable regarding any kind of help or suport,abolutelly nothing, and you wounder why bolshewik Sovjet backed out of the North, because they already had taken control over Norway, and since then we are run by Jews, and the conecure of whatever ISISrael do is rock solid, Gadday is stil an dick, etc, etc, and yet the stupid finns think the other Nordicks are our friends, huh, Pekka.
This is from the days when Alhambra collapsed, the Jewish rats fleed north, Netherland is the core, the Nordicks is perifery, we have been highjacked for centurys, Norwegians have aways been scums, centurys back.

My family from the fathers side have been in wars for Finnland for centurys, incl educated in the same place as Hitler, The Preusians, and became an Corporal, the highest without been an royal.
Fighted for Russia, agains Sovjet and now, the morons wants an war with Russia.
I have an forfather whom is hanging in the national galery in Stckholm, the wall painting of the dead king Calr the 12s, one of them is that person, dont tell me anything f…. idiots, and on top of it, Russia, was the factore that stopped the war against Norway witch the Sweds wanted in the begining of the previous century, hehe, they know nothing, Norway and Finnland is an horrible ex. on what happens when an nation is run and its politics are based upon idiot propaganda and decite, because its the Tribe that runs our lands.

I know the war is coming, and I also know that this time, non from our family will do anything, this time Pekka you will bleed, and all you will get from me is total contempt, you drooling idiots reap what you saw, dont come after and complain, the only answer I will give you back is an solid punch in your stupid faces.


Feudalism Victory

I also look forward to an absolute lack of enthusiasm when our glorious leaders declare jihad against the resource rich russians and work to liberate their oil other resources.

Morale will be rock bottom even with google et al working hard to stoke hate.

S Melanson

The island the Russians used for drill is called Gogland? Is the next drill to use the island Magogland?

R PLobo

Well the new Johnny English movie just came out so of course the Russians were helping with promotion.


The Russians are known to be involved in Space work. The James Bond Dr. Evil fiction pales in comparison to the ET/ED non fiction. Given the problem last century and this century with Russia’s, Europe’s and US Jew infestation. And the threat that it poses to humanity and ETs/EDs. It shouldn’t be surprising that government’s worldwide are looking with great scrutiny at activities that could lead to a resumption of world war and genocide of the types that Jews specialize in.

Even though 95% of Russia’s Jews have been eliminated. The remaining 5% in partnership with Russian Jews in the US were deeply involved in the destruction of the Soviet Union and vulture capitalism to consolidate their control over the Russian government through the formation of a monied oligarchy that concentrated wealth in the hands of Russian Jews similar to what they’ve done in the US and Europe. The US is vulnerable to a similar Jew orchestrated dissolution and destruction to what happened in the Soviet Union.

The solution is planetary dejudification to humanely outlaw and dejudify the planet in a manner that doesn’t use genocide or victimization of Jews, that they themselves often deliberately orchestrate. By outlawing Judaism as an evil pedophile mass rape cult, and closing and demolishing the synagogues and yeshivas so that Israel, Jews and Judaism go extinct. This isn’t a cure all that solves all of humanity’s problems. But it does remove one of the primary causal factors of humanity’s problems that exacerbate other problems and makes them easier to solve.

The dejudification of Palestine and the US are the greatest risks for Jew orchestrated genocide of hundreds of millions of Russians, Americans and Europeans. The no war with Iran for Israel resolution by the US government should be built upon to proceed with the formation of a nuclear weapons armed Palestinian protection force for clearing the IDF out of the occupied territories. And deconfliction agreements with the US and NATO to avoid their interference in the clearing process.


The big problem in terms of space R&D is substantial evidence indicating the existence of, and Jew infiltration of, a secret space program and breakaway civilization, in the US and elsewhere. Such as the use of advanced sequestered and/or off plant technology on 911 to destroy the World Trade Center. And the risk of Jews and their collaborators misusing this and other sequestered technologies to the detriment of humanity for war, terrorism and enslavement.


I’m curious if what you mean by breakaway civilizations includes the following?




I don’t know what it consists of. Most of it is classified or there’s an open source black out on information pertaining to it.


Perhaps the JWO is feeling antsy about so many people waking up to the ugly reality of the jewish question?

According to CNN news anchor Don Lemon, White men are the “biggest terror threat.”


Israel’s ZAKA Worked with FBI to “Clean Up” the Evidence at the ‘Tree of Life’ Synagogue: https://bit.ly/2F13j7N

Active Shooter Drill w/ROLE PLAYERS from Squirrel Hill, & Jewish Community Staff: https://youtu.be/5xG4T4t9bGs

Lemon: “We Have to Stop Demonizing People and Realize the Biggest Terror Threat in This Country is White Men”: https://bit.ly/2yNyEFx

Trump Promises to Destroy Anyone Who Stands Against Jewish Supremacy: https://bit.ly/2CTZQFJ

Murder in Pittsburgh and the Targeting of Alternative Social Media: https://bit.ly/2Jjc8IF

Allison the Smiling [‘Crisis’] Actor at the Pittsburgh Synagogue Shooting Vigil: https://bit.ly/2Av9vAT

CNN on the Synagogue Shooter, Gab, Free Speech, & Anti-Semitism: https://bit.ly/2qmshEp

Happy 2018 For Israel! Let’s Toast To Operation Talpiot: https://bit.ly/2Sr0C2f


Trump talks out of both sides of his mouth. You have to judge him by what he does.


Typical Finnish humour, not funny at all.

Titel Gogurion



A circus act.

VeeNarian (Yerevan)

The Sovietised propaganda of the US/EU/NATO gang is really preparing the Plebs for a war with Russia. I hope RF is ready and is SEEN to be ready, or we are all cooked, NUCLEAR cooked.

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