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Finland Prepares For Large Military Drills To “Keep Russia’s Aggression In Check”


Finland Prepares For Large Military Drills To “Keep Russia’s Aggression In Check”

Photo: Jesper Sundström/Swedish Armed Forces

Finland will conduct large military drills involving 10 thousand servicemen, jets and ships in the capital region of Uusimaa on November 27, according to the Finnish Defense Forces’s statement.

“Drills are an indispensable part of military training, and they demonstrate our defense capabilities,” the Finnish Army commander Petri Hulkko said in the statement.

The drills are planned to take place in Helsinki, Espoo, Järvenpää, Kerava, Kirkkonummi, Porvoo, Sipoo, Siuntio, Tuusula, and Vantaa. The naval part of the drills will take place in the Gulf of Finland. Leopard 2A6 tanks are to be involved, with XA203 infantry vehicles, CV9030 combat vehicles, naval saboteurs, support ships, coastal defense units and special ops units.

Hornet jets and Hawk jet-powered advanced trainer aircrafts are also to take part in the drills. The drills will take place all over Southern Finland Uusimaa region, including the cities and the capital city, Helsinki.

The drills will be conducted until December 4.

Finland previously conducted the Ruska 17 aviation drills in October of this year, the first time Swedish Air Force personnel and aircraft participated in the exercises. In September, Sweden held an exercise, dubbed “Aurora”, which included troops from France, the US, Nordic and Baltic countries, as well as 19,000 Swedish troops.

This comes as NATO is updating its command structure for the first time since the Cold War. Additionally, as of August 2017, a continuous rotation of about 4,000 US troops were stationed in Eastern Europe, with part of the armored brigade combat team and aviation brigade stationed in the region, citing America’s “commitment to increased assurance and deterrence” and to “keep Russia’s aggression in check”. In September, Russia conducted Zapad war games in Belarus, one of Russia’s biggest military exercises.



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  • Garga

    It’s any country’s right to conduct military exercises and any country’s right to irritate other countries by doing that. That much is not disputed. But come on, is “Russian aggression” actually a code word for something else? Because if they really mean it, it’s beyond pathetic.

    PS. So did Finland mention “keep Russia’s aggression in check” or it was American paranoia?

    • Solomon Krupacek

      shut up, iranian scum!

      vivat finland. this little counhtry was attacked by ussr. there was a heroic Winter war. The little finnish army was a big pain in red armys ass. :DD so, daeshbag garga, finlind exactly knows, what is doing. exactly knows, that he can not trust the lean, hubmgry russian bear.

      • Turbofan

        again one can hardly understand what this troll is writing.How on earth do you get paid for this shit…

      • Garga

        So what?
        USSR too was attacked by Germany. Should Russians talk about the German aggression NOW?

        How come you trolls sometimes accuse Finland of Nazism and racism because of their air force sign and sometimes say “vivat”?

        PS. Solomon, my dear, you have a very filthy mouth. You’re in such a hurry that most of your comments are incomprehensible. If you insist on your insults, perhaps I too can change the way I interact with you.

        • Solomon Krupacek

          russia is continued ussr. the history is a teacher. finland learned.

          • Alex

            Finish war broke out because they did not return the land-lease they got from Russian Empire, they didn’t want honor the agreement with USSR that they have made with Russian Empire, nothing heroic or patriotic about that, they are bunch of charlatans and thieves and their war efforts are strongly exaggerated by the western propaganda, their losses were just as big as the sovjets, they were lucky the sovjets considered that there was nothing to gain from pushing through in that war, otherwise there wouldn’t have been a Finland, oh wait there wouldn’t have been a finland if not for the Russian Empire, there would be a large Sweden, no matter how you turn or twist it, fins are a bunch of ungreatful cunts.

          • Solomon Krupacek


          • Alex

            “irrefutable” argument

          • Solomon Krupacek

            not argument, truth

          • Alex

            In your alternate world maybe,

            There wouldn’t have been a finland if not for Russian Empire is a fact, Tsar Alexander I gave the Finnish people a national identify, the Finnish nation as it stands today wouldn’t exist without that.

            About their losses, i’m not in the mood to look all of the finish general memoirs from that time.

            Anyhow they lost to us 4 years later.

          • Brother Ma

            Solomon, conveniently as always forgets to mention Finland was subservient to the Swedes for centuries. It seems he only dislikes russia ruling finland! Sweden and zionatoyanquistan could enslave it all the way for all he cares.

          • Mish

            Spot on!

          • goingbrokes

            Good comments today Solomon, except that the continuity from USSR to present day Russia is not politically valid. Personally I think Finns were right in WW2 to fight (jewish bolshevik) Russia for survival, archives have opened that reveal plans to deport the entire population. However today is different and they should extend an olive branch to Russia and reap the economic, social, and political benefits of friendly relations. Joining nato would be suicidal. Looking west these days is about being in denial about the corruption and bankruptcy of the west.

          • Solomon Krupacek

            Joining nato would be suicidal.


          • Daniel Castro

            WW3, in case you haven’t noticed the northern hemispher is on the edge of the abyss since the Ukranian coup d’estat, arab spring, USA pivot to asia and DPRK standoff, do the math man, it is much worst now than it was on the cuban missile crisis.

            I won’t say Finland joining NATO would mean imediate war, but you will be so close that any misunderstanding could start the war.

            Seriously, NATO expiration date has passed some 20 years ago, it is about time tell USA to fuck off and start developing your own security forces.

          • goingbrokes

            Like painting a shooting target on your chest!

          • Solomon Krupacek

            i dont like nato, but is dozbt this.

    • TiredOfBsToo

      The same people always blowing that horn..

      • Felecia

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    • Jens Holm

      Russian escalates. So we do too.

      We see russian jets try to contest our defence. We see russians even invite chinese to the Baltic se, and we see Russia deploy rockets in Kaliningrad a few minutes from Copenhagen, Berlin and also the unsolved things arounf the Baltic small countries as well of the dirt both ways in/at Ukraine.

      So we upgrade our defences. We have ordered some 4 batteries of Scud missiles. Swedes will too. We have almost ordered some or many small ones too.

      Finland feel the same. Russia try to act just like in the old days and we follow.

      • Brother Ma

        You probably think rasmussen and stoltennberg are heroes as well.

        • Mish

          It’s practically written on their faces,what great heroes they are. If i’ve ever seen a “talking” face, that’s Stoltie’s face. Says it all. Tusk’s, too. Tusk’s face says: “Oooh, I’m such a great Nazi! Look at me go!”

      • Garga

        It’s the other way around. AFAIS, Russia reacts.

        You complain about Russia installing missiles in the Kaliningrad enclave but conveniently forget why the did that. It’s a direct answer to installing “the US missile shield” in eastern Europe because they feel threatened (and rightly so) by the US first attack policy and “preventive strike” nonsense.

        You also choose to ignore that it was the US who breached the INF treaty (signed in 1987 by president Reagan and premier Gorbachev and the US unilateral withdrawal with a 6 months notice on 2001).
        Russia reacts just the way the USSR reacted to the US installation on Jupiter missiles in Turkey and Italy in the ’60s.

        You also complain about Russia “inviting” china into Baltic sea, choosing to ignore that what the US is doing there? What the US does in the Black sea? South China sea? The Persian Gulf? It seems you ilk think that the “freedom of navigation” is a god-given right just for the US and it’s puppets. These are open seas, what the heck the US is planning to be in the Caspian sea for?

        If history thought us anything, the aggressor and oath-breaker has always been the US and NATO. Do you think your actions has no consequences? Do you think you can breach every single treaty and promise and the other party sits idle? And I put this line just to see if you actually read the replies or not dit lille skadedyr. Let’s see if you read it.

        You do that, upgrade your defences as mush as you like but everybody knows that if NATO is foolish enough to actually attack Russia, it’s the Europe which pays the price, it’s the Europe who gets incinerated. Do you really think you “4 batteries of SCUD (?) missiles are going to save you if you attack Russia?

        Go ahead and just thank god that the Russians are the mature ones in this idiotic game of provocation. Pray that they remain as sane and patient as they acted so far. If it was the other way around, we all have been dead a few times over.

        PS. I just noticed it’s 24th of the month. I expect an increase in your “activity” in the following days to meet your quota. You lazy-bone! Why do you fool around most of the month just to be forced to work double time in the last days?

        • Daniel Castro

          That’s the way of hypocrite westerners, you shove the truth on their faces and they only look away completely ignoring it, so they never change and remain on the same path of war and hatred.

        • Tommy Jensen

          Drop it. Most Danes are completely ignorant.
          Their language has been semantic manipulated so they see the world opposite of what it is and what the system want them to see.

          Example: Denmark has 60-70mm rain equal to 6-700m3/year rainwater in a usual house lot of 800m2.
          By 3 waterdrills in 3 sewage puddles and media manipulation all Danes are convinced that their water ressources are polluted and limited, so they have the highest water price in OECD and are recommended to spare water to 1 shower a day per person “to save water for future generations”.
          To tell them other countries use 10 x water to half price and 3 showers a day out of 50mm rain dont penetrate their brains as they take their 1 shower as “their values” because their media have told them they have “limited water ressources”.

      • ruca

        Gender neutral Sweden will threaten nobody

      • PZIVJ

        Why 4 batteries of Scud missiles?
        How about a small stealthy sub to hide out near one of your islands. Your neighbor might sell you one.:) https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/3e13687945aa2f71d0919360d3d8651912cd1afbcbfc0e4b2cd364c8008fc587.jpg

    • Jens Holm

      You seemes to know very little about Finland and Swedes and Russian figthing for having it.

      Putting USA into is far out as well.

      • Garga

        I know bits and pieces about the Soviet invasion of Finland in 1939, about EIGHTY years ago if that’s what you mean. neither 2017’s Russia is the USSR of 1939-40 nor Finland.

        Shoo troll, shoo!

  • Alex

    If Finland is stupid enough to join another western crusade against Russia they deserve to be annihilated, we have created you, we will destroy you, stupid fucks.

    • Mish

      Some good comments and sensible commenters on here tonight!

    • Frane Frlan

      No people deserves to be annihilated, because of their leaders. Especially ones unable to make decisions on their own.
      At the moment they are, unfortunately, “first defence” of planned and introduced world polarisation which assures needed heavy ballast and airbags for “America first”. ;)

  • hvaiallverden

    The problem in and with Finns is the same as with the even stupider Norwegians, sheep f…. mountain monkeys, to the low land morons the Sweds, an nation of square/block heads, to Pekka, an bewildered village idiot, whom have the mentality of an person, whom have been sniffing glue most of their life.

    Yeah, half of them, the rest, people like me, laugh our asses off, and have lived with this Cold war nonsense for over 50 years, I grew up among radar and listening stations, child, but never an moment did I fear the Russians.
    I have family’s, fighter against Russia and for it, going century’s back (one even in Prussian, corporal was the highest rank possible, for an ordinary citizen, like Hitler), and now, what is it that makes you drooling idiots think Russia would invade this lands, it will be just as all the rest, an war against an guerilla army that can go on for generations, and will benefit nobody, incl the Russians, this ridiculous paranoia is an Wankeestan standard gibberish to sell “security” and paranoia, witch they grow on trees.

    Second, Yeah, the talk about whom started and what made it happen, is not settled yet, why did Stalin bomb an city in the Karelien, and blamed Finns for this “blatant act of terror”, and had then, familiar pattern isnt it, the scenarios, an reason for attacking Finland, and in the North, our Land, boy, not the Russians, never the Soviets, Not the Norse, nor Finland, but Ours, and we have even documents proving it, and yet, its skipped.
    This, is the sole reason for many to join the Wehrmacht, to fight communism, after attacking Finland, and what followed, the ww2.
    And of course, Finland would loose, only an full blown moron thinks otherwise, invaded but the war would go on, never the less, and to day, when you trust your stupid head up the Wankees ass and think they are our friends, well, to any Finn that is so bloody stupid I recommend to go an hang your self right now, because it will be your biggest mistake every, never, ever trust the Wankees, the last war, Nobody came, not the Norse, not the Sweds, nobody, and Germany was the only one, and you learn nothing Pekka.
    I am deeply ashamed and embarrassed.


    • Rosemary

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  • Janne Kankaanpää-Haissoufi

    I am a Finn. And I find this article to be total crap. If USA said, they want to keep Russia in check, then how is this connected to Finnish military drills? We do drills every year regardless of any political situation. Finland is not even a membee of Nato only to keep friendly relations with Russia. Finns did not suffer only in winter war. Russian communists killed a HUGE amount of Finns that lived on Russian side of the border. It is either counted in hundreds of thousands, or over a million. I have a huge grudge on Russia for what they did to us. If I will ever have a chance to pay back for them, I will. It would have been better for us to be part of Sweden, than being part of Russia and being liberated from them. Swedes don’t send minorities to Siberian death camps. Especially people from my area were brutally treated by Russian empire.

    • goingbrokes

      The Jewish/Boshevik Empire of USSR treated many nations abominably. Just like USA since WW2 has killed tens of millions of people worldwide. The point is, the jews and bolsheviks are not running things any longer in Russia and it is time to restore friendly relations. It is worth noting that the jews and trotskyites ARE running things in the US Empire. They are the real enemy of every small nation, including yours, that suffered in the hands of the talmudic bolshevik forces. In Russia the Bolsheviks murdered many times the number – we need to start recognising the common ground, and the common enemy, the real one.

    • Garga

      I understand your grudge although I think you hold grudge against the wrong people.
      Soviets did what you say and did much more. They did the same things to the people of their own territory and by multitude of tens of millions. They did all that by the name of “communist values”.
      The US is very busy doing the same things all around the world by the name of “freedom and peace”. The US doesn’t send people to gulag, they bomb them, put sanctions on them which prevents people to acquire medicine and food. Crimes are the same, justifications are different.

      I had the same question, was it Finns who wanted to keep Russia in check or was the Americans?

    • Arthur Smith

      Hi, I’m a russian. Yeah, SF is inconsistent in this article, they should know better. I guess it WOULD be more optimal for Finland to be a part of Sweden, but then again they aren’t saints either – if not for their invasions I doubt we would care much for another piece of tundra which we already got aplenty) It’s just fate of small countries in barbaric past – to suffer between rock and a hard place, unless they can make it not worth to bother them. At least your ethnos still exists, many others were even less lucky. It’s History – we all could do better, but didn’t choose to. Now we are left with what we currently have and should strive to make best of it.

  • Kongsak Vongshusri

    West just want to show their aggression instead of Nazi now is US .Enemy at the gate.