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Finian Cunningham: “Kurds in Fateful Triangle as US Moves to Redeploy IS Terror Groups”

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Written by Finian Cunningham; Originally appeared on strategic-culture.org

Kurdish fighters have been used by the US to ostensibly defeat the remaining Islamic State holdouts in eastern Syria. But what is emerging is not a final defeat of the terrorists, more a redeployment to further destabilize the Arab country.

Potentially, the Kurds could wind up not with the regional autonomy they desire, but as part of a rebranded American dirty war army whose ranks include the very terrorist the Kurdish militias have been successfully battling against.

Finian Cunningham: "Kurds in Fateful Triangle as US Moves to Redeploy IS Terror Groups"

President Donald Trump has been lately crowing about how US-backed Kurdish forces have wiped out the IS self-proclaimed caliphate around Baghouz in eastern Syria. “They’re losers… they’re gone tonight,” he boasted about supposedly vanquishing the jihadists.

However, things are not that clear-cut. Syria’s envoy to the United Nations Bashar al Jaafari dismissed Trump’s victory celebrations as a “bluff”. He said that IS was not defeated in areas under US control, but rather were being shunted off to various camps for retraining.

There are credible reports that thousands of jihadists who surrendered or were captured in the fighting around Baghouz have since been relocated by US forces to its military base at al Tanf near the border with Iraq and Jordan, as well as to nearby refugee camps such as Rukban, where some 40,000 detainees are held. Suspiciously, the Americans are refusing international access to these camps, even for UN humanitarian relief agencies. As Russia’s Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov pointed out recently, the detention centers are being used by the Americans as a pretext for illegally occupying Syrian territory.

We can also add the purpose of clandestine military recruitment for US proxies.

Despite Trump’s announcement four months ago that US military was pulling out of Syria, there seems no sign that his plan is being implemented. That’s why Moscow reacted angrily to Washington’s demand for Russian troops to leave Venezuela. The Kremlin responded testily that the US should first deliver on its promise to withdraw from Syria, where its forces are illegally present unlike Russian personnel in Venezuela under bilateral agreement.

In Syria’s supposedly post-war scenario what seems to be happening is the US seeking to find a way to reconfigure its destabilizing intervention in the Arab country. The past eight years of US-sponsored covert war has failed in its objective for regime change against President Bashar al Assad, who is allied with Russia and Iran. What the US is aiming to do now is keep military footprints in the country, effectively annexing swathes of territory, especially in the oil and gas-rich eastern region around the Euphrates River.

That accounts for why supposedly defeated enemy terrorists are being retrained by US special forces at al Tanf. They are reportedly being tasked with capturing the oil and gas fields in Deir ez-Zor province as well as production infrastructure in Homs province.

This puts the Kurdish forces in an invidious position. There is little doubting the courage and fighting ability of the Kurdish men and women who make up the Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) and its spearhead YPG militias. The Kurds have managed to liberate up to 30 per cent of Syria’s territory in the northeast and east from the IS jihadists. They have dealt a decisive blow to the residual caliphate at Baghouz. American air power augmented the Kurds in their offensive.

But what the US is maneuvering to do is to combine the defeated jihadists with the Kurds in order to push its agenda for breaking up Syria and controlling its eastern mineral-rich resources.

The Special Monitoring Mission to Syria reports that IS militants captured by the SDF are being redeployed by the Americans for seizing oil and gas production facilities.

Still another crucial objective for Washington is to control the Deir ez-Zor east-west corridor from Iraq to Damascus so as to contain Iranian presence in Syria.

This is the context for Trump’s brazen declaration recognizing Israel’s annexation of Syria’s southern Golan Heights. Washington’s game plan is to keep Syria destabilized and fragmented, partly to appease Israel and partly for the US’s own imperial designs for dominance in the region.

In this insidious US maneuvering, the Kurds face a potentially treacherous situation. They have been well armed and supported by Washington, but are finding they are being used like a disposable asset. The Kurds may have calculated that accepting Washington’s patronage in recent years was a way to earn political capital for building a future separate independent Kurdish state. What seems to be emerging, however, is that the Americans only intend to exploit the Kurds as a fighting force to do its dirty work of breaking up Syria – in the same way that the Americans have covertly used jihadist terror groups in other parts of Syria.

The Kurds have been very effective in routing IS in the latter’s remaining strongholds in eastern Syria. But the result is the Kurds are being used as a recruitment agency for the Americans to redeploy the “defeated” terrorists in its ongoing covert war against the Syrian state.

There are signs, though, that the Kurds are well aware of the treacherous danger in dealing with Washington. When Trump made is troop withdrawal announcement, there were palpable concerns among the Kurds about being betrayed to the mercy of Turkey. Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan has repeatedly threatened to send his military forces into Syria to crush the SDF and YPG militia whom Ankara views as “terrorist” affiliates of its own separatist Kurdish movement, the PKK.

It’s not clear if the US will implement a withdrawal of its estimated 2,000 troops in Syria. There are indications it won’t happen, despite Trump’s claims. Nevertheless, the surprise announcement was enough to undermine Kurdish confidence its patron. With the result that Kurdish leaders have begun reaching out to the Assad government in Damascus in the hope of dialogue producing a future federal arrangement.

The Kurds have reportedly requested Russia to mediate with the Syrian government.

Kurdish forces have not heretofore been at war with the Syrian Arab Army. They share the same common enemy of IS and assorted jihadist terror groups.

In the past, President Assad has rebuffed Kurdish aspirations for regional autonomy. But apparently, Damascus has shifted to be more open on forming a new federal constitution for Syria in which the Kurds would gain important regional independence – in a way analogous to the Kurdish Regional Government in northern Iraq.

In this fateful political triangle that the Syrian Kurds find themselves, they would be advised to throw their lot in with the Damascus government. If a mutual pact could be established that would bring the two major chunks of Syria’s territory back into territorial integrity.

If, on other hand, the Kurds accede to Washington’s nefarious agenda, they run the risk of losing independence and being eviscerated from exploitation in endless dirty-war machinations by the Americans. An ominous sign is that after bravely fighting to rout IS, the Kurdish militia are being set up to form a devil’s bargain with the same terrorists – to satisfy Washington’s geopolitical interests.

The Kurds would do well to remember a cynical maxim in Washington, whereby the US “does not have allies, only interests”.

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Miroslav Beran

As the whole world understand what was Khazaria Empire and what consequences of their conversion and fall are today, the days of Zionist Apartheid II regime will be numbered.

Along with this also neocons games in ME region

Jens Holm

You dont represent many outside parts of You little narrowminded world fileld with dirt from Your own bony behinds. And it smells too.

Very good computers cant bring smell – yet


The level of b u l l sheetery in this article is astonishing. South Front the Ruskie/Iranian propaganda machine is either begging for money or literally spew nonsense every now and then.

Concrete Mike

The author of the article is not affiliated to south front, he is freelance.

Your poor understanding of news is astonishing.

Go back to NYT if youd rather be bullshitted by our lying governments instead.

Jens Holm

I see no proof at all.

In some very strange sick way I would like ISIS decimating Assads.

We wont like to take any of them back and the Assod soldiers already are spendables.

SDFs might be happy too.


Certainly helping IS and SAA destroy each other would help SDF and ABORTION RIGHTS!

Concrete Mike

Fuck off cohen!!
You can shove your abortion rights where the sun dont shine.

You have no business here, go back among your kind at the NYT!


All these terrorists are working together against SAA. Any armed group using violence for political gains are terrorists.

Therefore, since SDF is neither elected or protected by Syrian constitution, its another terrorist group of ours, like al nusra, jbhat al toilet, jaish al jizzah ect ect.

So kindly go fuck yourself!

Concrete Mike

Fuck you inbred euro trash!!

Wait until i tell you mother you rather have salafists over a secular gov. How fucken selfishly twisted.

You filthy eurotrash are responsible for this libya and syria mess.

Its fascist pigs like you who will get us all killed.

You think your superior to these syrians.

Your just a cheerleader dont forget, just like that jacob Arsewhol

Jens Holm

You might meet my mother in heaven, if You get 72 virgins in heaving. She was a little slow n her old days.

You know nothing about. Very strange You cant understand what I have written here for some time having 48.000 comments.

Much like You hardly are able to understand the rest.

If we were that responsible for Libya and Syria, You should let us or the jews take our.

Fine if the chinese take over. Then You might blame them in stead of us and go there instead og here too. Maybee thats why the chinese are making a silk road.

Real Anti-Racist Action

Kurd’s are worse then ISIS. Kurd’s crucified hundreds of thousands of Christians during the Kurdish Armenian created genocide. Kurd’s chopped off the heads and shot literal million’s of Christians in the 20th century. ISIS killed what, 4,000 Christians as just one example. We Christians will not forget the evil the Kurd’s did to Christians during the Armenian Genocide and we Christians will not forget the evil the Jew’s did to Christians during the Holodomor.comment image

Jens Holm

Thats right and so ????? You blame what their Grandparents did.

As You write it, there will be no peace until You all are dead and birds and bees take over.

Maybee its genetics. Your DNA seemes the same.

Astrid Watanabe

“…..We Christians will not forget the evil the Kurds did…..”
So you claim to be a Christian? But you don’t know it says in the Bible “Vengeance is mine, says the Lord”?

Rhodium 10

Kurds have in Jail ISIS terrorist..and sometimes dozens escape from Jail….or in fact US are deploying them in other parts?…

Jens Holm

Unfortunatly there are no proof of anything in this article.

Jens Holm

Too much Ghostbusters in the article.

Astrid Watanabe

Nothing wrong with the article. Only junk comments so far.

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