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Fingers Point At SDF After The Assassination of Another Prominent Tribal Leader In Deir Ezzor

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On August 2, sheikh Mutashar Hammoud al-Havel, a prominent leader of Al Uqaydat Arab tribe in northeast Syria, was assassinated.

Fingers Point At SDF After The Assassination of Another Prominent Tribal Leader In Deir Ezzor

sheikh Mutashar Hammoud al-Havel

Unidentified gunmen opened fire at the sheikh’s car in the town of al-Hawaij in southeast Deir Ezzor in the morning. The sheikh and his driver were killed on the spot. Another leader of Al Uqaydat, sheikh Ibrahim Khalil Aboud al-Jadaan al-Havel, was injured.

In a statement, Al Uqaydat held the Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF), which controls southeast Deir Ezzor, responsible for the assassination. The Kurdish-led group is yet to commented on the matter.

“There should be a stand against this act, and all other cowardly acts in the region,” the statement reads.

Several activists went as a far as accusing the U.S.-backed SDF of orchestrating the assassination of sheikh Mutashar Hammoud al-Havel.

Al-Havel is the third Arab tribal leader to be assassinated in the southeastern Deir Ezzor countryside this week. On July 30, sheikh Suleiman al-Kassar of Al Uqaydat was killed by ISIS. A day later, an attack claimed the life of sheikh Ali Alwis of Al Baggara.

The situation in southeastern Deir Ezzor countryside is slowly spinning out of control. ISIS influence there is increasing. The SDF has failed to secure the region, so far.


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We had argument yesterday on the conflict of the Muslims against Israel.

When he suggested that nukes would be used against the Muslims I have told
him that Israel would be blocked by “great powers” to use the nukes.
Than he told me LITERALLY that in that case Israel would
nuke Moscow and Beijing ‘because Israel has much
more than 500 “state of the art nukes much more advanced than US !!!
I was not pleased with his bragging and warmongering comment and we separated.
After that I couldn’t get rid of his words that he was actually suggesting
possibility of killing of tens of millions people only because Israel
was asked not to use nukes against those who doesn’t have them !

I have attacked him this morning for being hypocrite because he kept
repeating all the time that he is “MAN of PEACE” which I have found
totally sarcastic, even disgusting !

I have
attacked him of being pro Israel (country that is supporter of terrorism
and apartheid and is aggressor very often ) a crypto Jew !
He has actually DELETED all his comments and started to atack me to be a
“Shlomo” Jew and denying that he ever have said anything about nuking
Moscow and Beijing and has reversed roles completely by
accusing me of supporting Israel
So he acted like total hypocrite and liar of the worst kind without any even basic human principles!
He started to call me Shlomo and have accused me basically of everything he did which is DIABOLIC !!!
People like him drive me crazy and I totally hate this guy and will not stop till I get my revenge!
He even flagged many of my comments as “spam” to prevent me for copy pasting his own words !

Lone Ranger

Nice try Shlomo…
Too bad you are already discredited….
Time to eat your matzo ball soup…;)

Lone Ranger

P.S. don’t forget to change your Tampax, you are bleeding all over the place…
Send greetings to your supervisor at the Hasbarat cyberwarfare unit ?
Better luck next time…


slimy vomit of excrement, that’s what you are !

Lone Ranger

Nope, that’s you Shlomo :)

Jens Holm

Men mainly smell much more the women do. Try under arms or sniffing pee.

Its very good computers can send small yet.

You probatly only wash Your feet every friday because Allah says so. And the Imam says: This is dirt and not very old socks.

Lone Ranger

Lay off the LSD Jens…

Jens Holm

Maybee Tampax could invent something for men too.

Jens Holm

When so many pople in the Region will mak all the Jews into swimmers or dead non swimmers I do understand some react like him. I understand it very much.

I dayli see the carpetbombing by Arabs here accusing much of the rest of the world as more the 1001 excuses for no change among themselves.

Here Israel is used as hosrage and a kind of human shíeld by them.

And who are those enemies of Israel. They not even liberated themselves and was Osmans for centuries and before that Greeks, Romans and Persians.

They know nothing about simple Geografi and fx Syria was created to be moved north, which suddenly included Turkmen and Kurds. They have learned Kurds has invaded them.

Those enemies of Israel support and insist in Neocolonialistic borders and I ccant see Assads and several others are treating arabs better then the Jews do.

So there are much more then one side of the many conflicts, where Israel is a big one. I sometimes compare it with danish amusement places, where people drink alcohol and sometimes too much.

Most of them are a little noisy but very nice and relaxed, but some few spil the whole picture being violent and destructive for nothing. They are the reason Allah only likes wine for medicalcare. But I see the same. Some few should not be allowed to be intoxicated and its a hard job to have them among us friday night at 1 o`clock peing in the streets too.

Gregory Casey

Would you kindly return to school for some basic education in geo-politics and history before blabbering more rubbish Jens! and not NATO-School.

Jens Holm

I know at lot about, whatI write. Its a very good excuse for You if You are born yesterday a senile or most likely highly censured.

I dont think I am Nato school, but I am for free speech and debate, so I am not for taking away their oppinions as not good and not existing just because You dont like them.

Denmark as member of Nato only are in Iraq asked for by the Bagdad Goverment as teachers and helping against ISIS as well as being bombarded by ballistics there by Iran not being in war with them.

If they ever ask for covid masks, we will not send any. If they need food, we will parashute pigs.


I think you need to leave this matter alone, son,continuing it makes you look like a bratty child. Continue like this (attacking others instead of contributing to discussion) and everybody here will block you.

Being Half-Jew or a Jew is not a crime or a negative point for anybody. Our quarrel is with Zionists, not Jews. Describing crimes of Israel doesn’t mean the teller agrees with them. Are you that young?

But, by all means, do whatever you like,


Advice taken. Thank you.
He got me because he has reversed roles. He was accusing me of what he did and saying that I was Jew troll.

That guy is total liar and full of betrayal and I regret only not having opportunity to kick his arse literally.
I have respect for your well measured (with experience backed) words.
But still I doubt very much on substance of the words “contributing to discussion”.
I don’t see many people here who do really “contribute to discussion”.
Too much bots, posers, snobs, pseudo intellectuals, news copy pastes, too much vanity and above all instinct of the herd where majority just follows majority wherever that might go.
All in all in substance quite sad state of affairs and not many good quality posts or good quality thinkers who post them
I need to LEARN and I’m starting to get desperate!
That’s the only reason why I am hear…but there is desert here, it seams.


The US-backed Kurds are traitorous pieces of shit cunts? Shocking….ly hilarious. Well, those ISIS tribal leaders in Eastern Syria should’ve thought better before receiving their shiny SDF uniforms from the US back since 2017 when the US “defeated” ISIS by turning them in SDF tools. The Zioterrorists expect total and complete subservience to their geopolitical schemes from those who take their bribes and blackmail.

Gregory Casey

Perfectly put.

Fog of War

” “There should be a stand against this act, and all other cowardly acts in the region,” the statement reads. ”
Yes, somebody should take a stand. How about the people that wrote this statement ?

Jens Holm

Them too.

SFC Steven M Barry USA RET

When Syria eventually retakes everything East of the Euphrates, the Kurds need to be “genocided.”

Willing Conscience (The Truths

“The situation in southeastern Deir Ezzor countryside is slowly spinning out of control. ISIS influence there is increasing. The SDF has failed to secure the region, so far.”

Don’t throw stones when you live in a glass house, if this is bad here in Deir ez Zor, then Daraa, Quneitra, and As Suwayda are much worse, so we need to fix our own mess first.
I don’t mind if there’s an uprising in US controlled territory, I might even cheer it on if it’s the right sort of uprising, but I don’t want to see another uprising in the southern territories, I don’t think the SAA could handle it, the US on the other hand probably could, so don’t worry about them, worry about the SAA.

King Cliff

If I was the Russian,I need to put an end to the situation in iblib,I would grant the Syrian military green light to resume operations and I will grant them all the help they need to achieve victory from air defense support,artillery support and special force and aviation support,this must come to an end ….The Turks must be mad an example off,they wrong doing action in Syrian which had led to thousands of life taking is over……At down let operations justice in full affect.

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