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Financial Support For Syrian Opposition Coalition In Turkey Has Been Suspended

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Financial Support For Syrian Opposition Coalition In Turkey Has Been Suspended

The official logo of the National Coalition of Syrian Revolutionary and Opposition Forces.

The backers of the National Coalition of Syrian Revolutionary and Opposition Forces, commonly known as the Syrian Opposition Coalition (SOC), had suspended their financial support, Sputnik reported on September 18.

According to the Russian news agency, the decision to suspend financial support to the Istanbul-based coalition came as Syrian opposition leaders are preparing to travel to the United States to attend a United Nations meeting.

Sources with knowledge on the issue told Sputnik that the countries that backs the SOC stopped covering the financial expenses, personal expenses and travel fees that result from political and social activities, seminars and meetings held by coalition members in Turkish cities.

“Suspending financial support for [the SOC] activities is not the only thing that reveals a change in the mood of the countries backing the coalition, as the salaries of coalition members have also been delayed during the past two months for more than 15 days,” one of the unnamed sources said.

The receives financial support from several countries. Its members are also paid monthly salaries. All the money is usually funneled through Turkish authorities.

Sputnik said that Syrian opposition leaders are now trying to secure funding for their upcoming trip to the US. Even their closest ally, Turkey, has refused to pay for the trip.

The SOC was formed in the Qatari capital of Doha less than a year after the outbreak of the war in Syria with the aim of overthrowing the regime in Damascus. Soon later, the coalition established its headquarters in Istanbul city. This allowed Turkey to dominate much of the coalition’s internal and foreign affairs.

A recent report by Sputnik said that Turkey has asked the SOC to leave its territory before the end of the year. While this is yet to be officially confirmed by Ankara, recent developments suggest that this may be true.

After the release of the report, Reuters revealed that intelligence chiefs of Turkey and Syria held a series of constructive meetings in the Syrian capital, Damascus, over the last few weeks.

As Turkey is working to restore relations in Syria, the SOC is increasingly becoming a burden. Ankara may have threatened to expel the coalition and suspend all financial support for it in an attempt to pressure its members into accepting a political settlement that favors Damascus.


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It was reported in Arab media that Turkey had stopped its monthly payments of $320,000 to the SNC ( Syria national coalition ) – this has a lot to do with Ankara,s fallout with the USA over its support of the Kurdish “terrorists” fighting the SAA.

The bottom line in this is Turkey is still a NATO member and as long as it is it will still be influenced by the west.


This is not true because pro-NATO army generals are all in prison. They have been changed with anti-western generals. NATO influence is dead in Turkiye. This is the reason why Turkiye does not join the anti-Russian economic sanctions.


And the Russian jet Turkey shot down ? Incirlik air base hosting 50 nukes aimed at Russia ?–Konya base hosts AWACS for NATO -headquarters of NATO Land Forces -Buca near Izmir -Aegean Sea as is the Allied Air Command for Southern Europe -Kurecik radar station -NATO Missile Defence — are you going to tell me your President closed them ALL down ??? They are aimed at Russia.

The Generals jailed were part of an insurrection against President Erdogan I have read your Presidents newspaper announcements in YOUR newspapers — English language editions about rounding them up -I have no problem with that only dont tell me he is totally loyal to Russia -that would be not true-and you know it.


“And the Russian jet Turkey shot down ?” Davutoğlu’s orders if I remember correctly. He is not the PM any more, he is not part of the government at all.


And Davutoglu on its own? Want and shot down the plane? And who ordered him to bring down the plane? Davutoglu was a victim, he was forced to take on to save the situation.


Alot of those nukes were removed by the obama admin some time ago, and although nobody really knows how many nukes are stationed in turkey, most likely very little if any are there considering.


Ghost of the Batter Pudding Hurler Bexhill on Sea

And goes to SCI in Uzbekistan!


Mostly agree, perhaps not entirely dead but significantly lower than ever before.

Mr dutch

Inshallah i hope so but turkey have mossad working there and erdogan is not a trusted guy because he works whit isreal

jasmin loutra loura

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Last edited 6 months ago by jasmin loutra loura

Victory to Syria!

Peter Jennings

All looks set for a revolt against the US empire in the middle east. Even the suadi’s ain’t playing ball and looking for a way out of Yemen.

Soon the empire won’t even be able to feed its poodles.

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