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Final Statement Of Astana 12: Cooperation To Eliminate ISIS, Al-Nusra Front & Other Terrorist Groups

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Final Statement Of Astana 12: Cooperation To Eliminate ISIS, Al-Nusra Front & Other Terrorist Groups

Astana, Kazakhstan © AP Photo/Sergei Grits

The situation in the northern Syrian governorate of Idlib was reviewed in details during the recent round of the “Astana talks”, which was held on April 25 and 26, Russia, Turkey and Iran said in an official statement at the end of the 12th round of the talks.

According to the statement, all the sides welcomed the steps taken to implement the September 17 agreement on Idlib. This includes the coordinated patrols and effective functioning of the Joint Iranian-Russian-Turkish Coordination Center.

“[The participants] expressed serious concern with the attempts of the terrorist organization Hayat Tahrir al-Sham to increase its control over the area and reaffirmed the determination to continue cooperation in order to ultimately eliminate ISIS, the al-Nusra Front and all other individuals, groups, undertakings and entities associated with al-Qaeda or ISIS,” the statement reads.

Regarding the Syrian constitutional committee, the three countries held extensive talks with the United Nations Special Envoy to Syria Geir Pedersen on the matter. A decision to speed up the formation of the committee was agreed upon.

“[Russia, Turkey and Iran] decided to hold next round of such consultations in Geneva and reiterated their full readiness to contribute to the Special Envoy`s efforts, including effective dialogue with the Syrian parties,” the three countries said in their final statement.

Russia, Turkey and Iran failed to agree on a final solution for Idlib or to finalize the formation of the Syrian constitutional committee during the 12th round of the Astana Process. However, this round witnessed much more progress than the last one.

The 13th round of the Astana Process will be held in July. Russia, Turkey, Iran and the Syrian parties agreed to invite Lebanon and Iraq to the upcoming round as observers.

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No, Iran Turkey and Russia succeeded in forming The Axis against nato, its better than wc soccer.

But dont fight with Rebels or thats a Red Card.

The reality is that nato is egging it on to split the Axis (which is now impossible).


Turkey is a NATO selected member, this means that talks are between NATO-Russia-Iran for having a solution about Idlb without Syria ….. what a nice club, not wonder Iran can not agree with them (Russia-Turkey). Russia will stop any SAA offensive to Idlib to eliminate Turkey terrorists groups.


Turkey is Asian, Axis, and Islamic, and theres nothing nato can do about it.

Turkey and Iran are sectarian but they both know it, and have no intention to go to sectarian war, although nato would want it.

And Russia backs Turkey because from the start Russia wanted a Political Solution on Syria with Syrias neighbors, excluding nato (californians) and zionists (new yorkers).


Getting Iraq involved in the conflict resolution process is a good thing, assuming that the Iraqis are willing to play a constructive roll in resolving the conflict and partition attempt by denying the US access to Iraqi land and airspace that is being used to advance the Yinon plan partition attempt.


Actual situation: 1- as the Rubkan camp is losing it’s population, with more or less 7,500 refugees returning to their homes, the yankees sent two aircraft carrier groups, with more or less 9,000 men, to compensate that. 2- The Turks, to compensate the fact that they have to agree in the destruction of the Nusra Front, built the Great Wall of Afrin, an wall with a great future of months. 3- The artillery and planes hammer was intensified against the terrorists in Idlib.


A lot of noise to say : nothing to agree on les go home and continue the charade.

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