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Final Statement By Iran, Russia And Turkey After Negotiations On Syrian Conflict In Sochi

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Final Statement By Iran, Russia And Turkey After Negotiations On Syrian Conflict In Sochi

FILE IMAGE: mehrnews.com

Final statement by Iran, Russia and Turkey on the International Meeting on Syria, Sochi, July 30-31, 2018 (source):

The Islamic Republic of Iran, the Russian Federation and the Republic of Turkey (hereinafter – the Parties) reaffirmed their strong commitment to the sovereignty, independence, unity and territorial integrity of Syria and agreed on the following:

  • The Parties reaffirmed their determination to fight against terrorism in Syria in order to ultimately eliminate DAESH/ISIL, Nusra Front and all other individuals, groups, undertakings and entities associated with Al‑Qaeda or DAESH/ISIL as designated by the UN Security Council;
  • The Parties discussed the current situation on the ground, took stock of the recent developments and agreed to continue trilateral coordination in light of their agreements;
  • The Parties expressed their determination to stand against separatist agendas aimed at undermining the sovereignty and territorial integrity of Syria as well as the national security of neighboring countries;
  • The Parties would continue joint efforts aimed at advancing the Syrian‑led and Syrian-owned process of the political settlement in order to create conditions to facilitate the beginning of the Constitutional Committee`s work in Geneva as soon as possible consistent with the decisions of the Congress of the Syrian National Dialogue in Sochi and the UN Security Council resolution 2254. They expressed satisfaction with useful consultations with the United Nations Secretary‑General’s Special Envoy for Syria held on 31 July in Sochi and agreed with him to convene next round of consultations in Geneva in September 2018;
  • The Parties called upon the international community, particularly the UN and its humanitarian agencies, to increase its assistance to Syria by sending additional humanitarian aid, facilitating humanitarian mine action, restoring basic infrastructure assets, including social and economic facilities, and preserving historical heritage;
  • The Parties underscored the need to encourage efforts that help all Syrians to restore normal and peaceful life and started discussions in coordination with the international community, Office of the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) and the specialized international agencies in order to create necessary conditions for the safe and voluntary return of internally displaced persons (IDPs) and the refugees to the original places of residence in Syria;
  • The Parties would continue joint efforts aimed at building confidence between the conflicting parties in Syria, including within the framework of the Working Group on the release of detainees/abductees and handover of the bodies as well as the identification of missing persons with the participation of the UN and ICRC experts, the fourth meeting of which was held on 30 July. They welcomed the readiness, expressed by the conflicting parties, to carry out a “pilot” project;
  • The Parties decided to hold the next high-level International Meeting on Syria in November 2018.

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Good declaration, and now lets see the SAA cleaning up Idlib. The Turk proxies that will not be supids only have to reconciliate and be integrated in the auxiliary SAA forces.


Idlibistan rats: await this: https://youtu.be/eJQwWnOsyGU


Thank you for the video. I suspect that the operations against the US Coalition of Terror in Idlib will be even more devastating as a quiet demonstration of firepower towards Turkey :)


Anna News videos are the best!


https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=e5BZw3J1qRo Ahed Tamimi and her mother released after 8 months from Israeli prison. The world condemns the harassing and kidnapping of children in Palestine.

ελευθεριος βενιζελος

apart for the un and the refugee articles, indefinite and general conclusions… the russians are stalling.. by november i think that Idlib will be again syrian and i am curious to see the turkish reaction…..

Tudor Miron

You were talling us about “stalling” for a year or so but reality shows that while some keep talking Syrian land is liberated step by step. At this point Idlib is next and Turks confirming above statements will find it hard protecting Nusra in Idlib.

ελευθεριος βενιζελος

????what do you mean my friend??

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