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Fighting Increases in Donbass Region

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Fighting Increases in Donbass Region

BTR-80 in Ukrainian service, 12 June 2014

2 DPR soldiers have  been killed and 8 taken captive as result of the Ukrainian Armed Forces’ shelling near the village of Shirokino in the Donbass region, TASS reported on June 28, citingthe DPR Defense Ministry spokesman, Eduard Basurin. According to the report, 8 DPR fighters were shell shocked by the heavy artillery fire from the Kiev forces and then they were taken captive by Kiev troops.

As a result of the Ukrainian army shelling of the localities of Gorlovka and Kominternovo on June 26 and 27, in Gorlovka three civilians, including two children, were killed and 3 others injured.

According to local sources, up to 15 people have been killed and 30 injured in the Donbass region in eastern Ukraine during the last 2 weeks as the Ukrainian army intensified violations of the ceasefire.

Gorlovka, Kominternovo, Kalinovo, Pervomaysk, Shirokino, Shirokaya Balka, Zhabichevo, Yasinovataya, Spartak, Dokuchaevsk, Staromikhaylovka, Sakhanka, the Petrovsky district and the airport of Donetsk city are the main areas that appear in reports about Ukrainian artillery fire in the  region.

The escalation of the situation in Donbass is synchronized with the expiration date of the sanctions, imposed by the EU against Russia and the growth of eurosceptic views in Europe. This allows to suggest that the ongoing escalation pursues the goal to prevent the normalization of the EU-Russian relations despite the changes of the internal political situation in the union.

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Kiev provoke the DPR and LPR forces to an counter-attack, so that they can show that the rebels are the guys who don’t accept the ceasefire and the western media support it.


Russian military should destroy these artillery units with air strikes every single time that happens if the Russian gov was serious about keeping Minsk II, how long is this f**got appeasment going to last?


when are they going to fight back? never??


Just goes to prve its all manufactired events.Dont worry their time will come and odessa will be revenged and will return to the Donbass.

John Baptist

Russia should start march and liberate europe through Finland instead. Baltics are just a province of Russia taken over by Nato. And the best prize for Russia would be the ‘Golden Sparrow’ of Europe – Swtizerland. Trillions of dollars worth of precious stolen metals from non-european races are stored in that theifland. All could be of some use to Russia !!!

Liberation of Europe means liberation of the world !!!

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