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Fighting For Offensive Initiative On Donbass Front Lines

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Fighting For Offensive Initiative On Donbass Front Lines

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Fighting For Offensive Initiative On Donbass Front Lines
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Fighting For Offensive Initiative On Donbass Front Lines

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The warring sides are fighting for the initiative of offensive on the Ukrainian front lines.

Since the first days of the year, Russian forces have achieved significant success in the Bakhmut-Soledar area.

After completion of the mop up operation in the village of Bakhmutskoe located on the south-eastern outskirts of Soledar, Wagner fighters immediately entered the city. In a few days of heavy street battles, they reached the city center and are now burning Ukrainian soldiers from the apartment buildings and salt mines in the area.

The Ukrainian garrison found itself almost completely encircled. After Russians took control of Yakovlevka, they blockaded Soledar from the north. The main road used for Ukrainian supplies which leads to Soledar from the west is already under Russian fire control.

At the same time, the Ukrainian military lost control of the village of Podgorodnoe located on the Northern outskirts of Bakhmut. Russian fighters did not enter the city but continued their advance to the north-west and began storming Ukrainian positions near Krasnaya Gora and Paraskovievka.

The strategically important road and rail ways between Bakhmut and Soledar located westward risk being cut by Russian forces.

To the south of Bakhmut, Wagner fighters are pushing the Ukrainian army out from its positions in the Kleshcheyevka area. They also continue assault operations in Opytnoe as well as in the eastern districts of the city.

Meanwhile, in the south of Ukraine, Russian military are preparing for a possible Ukrainian counteroffensive.

On the first days of the year, the Ukrainians opened the floodgates of the hydroelectric power stations along the Dnieper river. As a result, the Dnieper rapidly shrunk in the southern regions of the country.

In addition, Ukrainian sabotage groups continue their operations aimed to destroy transport infrastructure facilities, including bridges and crossings in the Kherson and Zaporozhie regions.

These are signs that Ukrainian troops may be preparing to cross the Dnieper. Ukrainian assault operations could be expected in the area of the Kakhovsky reservoir, in Energodar and at the Zaporizhia NPP.

The brisk advance of Russian troops in the Bakhmut-Soledar area likely forced the Ukrainian military to delay any offensive operations and transfer additional forces from the southern regions to the Donbass front lines. However, the risk remains high.

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Nuke the mazafaka NATO-nazis.


Why w/should Russia use Nuclear weapons so close to the country ???


I suppose people here are most likely teenagers, not Mongolian bandits. This is only a rebellious phase they are going through. This is why they do not see the exaggerations from Russian media, not noticing the nuance and intricacies of contemporary geopolitics. And of course, most people regardless of age do not see the jewish problem, or the fact that all countries including Russia are in fact globalist. This doctrine is Hebraic to the core, going as far back as Isiah in the Torah and Old Testament.


Thanks once again for proving you are illiterate subhuman savages that cannot spell check. You utter the most retarded things without ever noticing the contradictions. Russian rhetoric is extremely hypocritical. Both Russia and the West are controlled by jews. “Z” stands for ZOG – Zionist Occupied Government.

Two of Anthony C. Sutton’s books:

– Wall Street & The Bolshevik Revolution

– Wall Street and the Rise of Hitler


The books burned in Nuremberg in 1933 were pornography and Marxist literature, particularly from the jewish sexologists Magnus Hirshfeld, Wilhelm Reich, and Sigmund Freud that promulgated pederasty.

28 Aug, 2019 – Russian bakery fined over offensive ANTI-GAY signs


“Russian bakers from the city of Kemerovo, trading in a very pricey artisan bread, have been fined for inciting hate after they displayed expletive-laden signs strongly implying they would not serve homosexual customers.”



– (Sefaria) More Than Just Male and Female: The Six Genders in Ancient Jewish Thought

– (Jewish Telegraph Agency) The 8 Genders of the Talmud

– (Advocate) Study: One-Third of Israelis Are Bisexual

– (Boston Globe) Welcome to Tel Aviv, the gayest city on earth

– (Haaretz) Homosexuality Is Part of Jewish Tradition

– (Times of Israel) US Jews among the most supportive of gay marriage

– (Forward) Racial Justice and LGBTQ Equality Are The Same Fight, It’s a Jewish Fight

Last edited 2 months ago by Jack

sorry Jack , but your antisemitic rubbish is really off topic.

“Both Russia and the West are controlled by jews.”

It comes together by you : racial and cultural prejudice , hate speech , conspiracy theories and a portion of arrogance and ignorance. And then you will judge about other brainwashed. Just look in the mirror.


Something a jew would say


” “Z” stands for ZOG – Zionist Occupied Government. ”

this is not even funny , it’s only stupid


Someone with a brain i like you jack no homo

Emanuel Gomes Bueno - Brasil

Mentiroso, nada que ver, Rússia destrói as obras do sionismo judaico nazista de Israel na Ucrãnia



Last edited 2 months ago by 7even-N-6
Georgia White

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Všetko ide podľa plánu. Zdá sa, že Putin si dal na ňom záležať. Počítal zo všetkými možnosťami. Strategické ciele ostávajú, menia sa iba taktické ciele podľa potreby a podľa situácie na frontovej línii. Demilitarizácia Ukrajiny sa dá povedať dosiahla svoj cieľ, Ukrajina už iba žobre o zbrane, muníciu, zbraňové systémy. Denacifikácia zatiaľ stále prebieha. Fašistov je tam stále ešte plná kopa. K tomuto sa pridala aj demilitarizácia zločineckej teroristickej organizácie NATO. A ako sa zdá tak aj tá pokračuje podľa plánu. Takmer celá východná časť (zto) NATO je už tiež taktiež demilitarizovaná. Tak, že asi tak.

Joseph Day

Democracy at work. Don’t worry about what the people of these oblasts want, let’s kill each other, for democracy and the American way

Natalie Biden was 13

“The good part of the SMO.” Part 1. Written by Natalie Biden was 13.

You, the regular SF reader would never imagine that “Natalie Biden was 13” would ever write something praising the West during this SMO. But there is one thing that the collective West did that was a great favor for Russia (no, Natalie Biden was 13 is not Russian, but he just admires that country). The New Richies fake arrogance is fundamentally gone. Who are these fake New Richies? Natalie Biden was 13 gives you one example from life (one of many examples). Once Natalie Biden was 13 was with his GF in Nice enjoying the beach, his drink and fresh cooked fish. An arrogant Russian married couple came and sat close to us. It was terrible to watch how they treated the poor garçon. And that guy was extremely professional and did nothing wrong.

Last edited 2 months ago by Natalie Biden was 13
Natalie Biden was 13.

“The good part of the SMO.” Part 2. Written by Natalie Biden was 13.

He started to smoke his vaper (it was an expensive open-air restaurant with view to the beach), the other garçon came and inform him very politely that this is not allowed there. Natalie Biden was 13 was impressed that he turned off the vaper and did not stand up and leave (a typical behavior from arrogant wealthy people). But after a while his wife started to smoke the device anyway, complete ruthless behavior. This kind of people got their wealth confiscated by the Western countries participating in the sanctions; France is one of these countries. Good. Now they will learn to be humbler, wherever they are now.

Last edited 2 months ago by Natalie Biden was 13.
Natalie Biden was 13

PS: The regular Russian from everyday life is quite humble. Natalie Biden was 13 was talking only about this minority of arrogant rich ppl living here in the West.

kumi leml silly desperate fag;

Bottom line =Z=

USA is a shithole, EU is becoming one


Z all the way to Transnistria!


If so, why giving away Kherson than?!


Rather stupid thing to do empty your reservoirs. Unusually warm in Europe this winter, will they have the melt water to refill for their agriculture come spring?

People in dry climates appreciate how precious fresh water is.


Couple of days back, some RF media stated that “Wagnerovci” “encircled” (whatever the meaning) Bachmut and today Pushilin stated that Soledar will be (like now) taken under LPR administration . Both great/ progress happenings if they’ve occurred? Also unfortunate happening to the Kadyrov , Pres. of Chechnya, since it was revealed, that his son, volunteer in Ukra, lost his life. How many kids of Ukra or even Russian Generals are in the front lines. My deepest condolences to Kadyrov, the most prominent Russian patriot – hope Kadyrov will progress to a leading warrior or RF politician.

Anglo Suckers

Hi I’m trannie Tom from little britain and I do not approve this message

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