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JUNE 2021

Fighting Erupts Between ISIS And Government Forces Near T2 Station In Eastern Syria

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Fighting has erupted between government forces and ISIS terrorists in the area of the T2 station in eastern Syria, according to both pro-ISIS and pro-government sources.

According to reports, ISIS units attacked positions of pro-government militias deployed in the T2 station area but failed to achieve any notable gains there.

However, the gorwing ISIS activity and the increased number of attacks by the terrorist group in the Euhprates Valley and close to it pose a significant threat to government forces.

Currently, the Syrian military is mostly focused on combating militants in the Damascus countryside. This allow ISIS to increase pressure on government forces attacking their positions on other frontlines.

Fighting Erupts Between ISIS And Government Forces Near T2 Station In Eastern Syria

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Wahid Algiers

The ISIS-US-Israel rats search for the shortest way to get out of there. Purge them out. None should stay alive to send nice greetings to their masters.

John Marks

Amazing how ISIS can not only survive but thrive – and thrive sufficiently to launch attacks! And only against the Syrians. I wonder where this ISIS pocket in southern Badiyeh is getting its supplies and weapons?
And how come the huge American “coalition of the willing” cannot expunge the tiny ISIS pockets along the Euphrates?

Jordan Katz

The eastern pocket supplies the western pocket, which in turn keeps the war going. The Western Powers have way to much to benefit from this so they wont let it come to a sudden halt. It’s disgusting…

Fred Dozer

Why does Russia allow US coalition to fly in Syrian airspace, and have control of oil fields ? If US has S-400 technology, they would not allow any opposition forces to fly. Aso Russia signed legal agreement to take over Syrian oil. So Russia is allowing USA to steal their oil ? Maybe they have a plan, or feel they cannot defeat USA ?

Brad Isherwood

US didn’t Nuke Vietnam or Russia when both contributed to downing over 5000 US aircrafts.
I’m wondering if Putin is Compromised by his Jewish Oligarchs and the lingering reality that Russia’s Central Bank is still BIS/Rothschilds.
Syria’s a many decades Soviet/Russian state client. ….aggressively protecting that would not be Politically wrong.
India was beset upon by foreign corporations with armies.
British East India company, France, Dutch,Portuguese. .. had The east India company extortion racket.
England and France actually warred with standing armies in India.

A form of collusion occurs where competitors agree where each will operate
Something similar appears now in Syria where Turkey steps in and nobody does anything.
US builds more bases….no one does anything.

Russia’s total silence concerning Israhell ,
Especially S 400 sit and collect Bird @ while IAF attack for 6 years,

Ya…that’s disturbing. ….hints at Collusion.

Fred Dozer

Thanks for the reply. I remember reading, most of Syria’s oil and gas is offshore.
So maybe that is why they are allowing the theft. Their also must be no pipeline, because I read about trucking oil.
Syria Aims To Begin Offshore Gas Exploration In 2019

Brad Isherwood

Yes….Putin/Russia are in the driver’s seat for Syria’s Offshore Nat Gas fields.
France was bidding on one block before the war occured.
Part of Frances Colonial tantrum. …loosing the Nat gas and the Narcotics routes/French
Connection from decades ago.
Putin making sure no one’s building pipelines gives him leverage.
Erdogan is more a transmission broker,…as Russia is feeding Turkstream.
If the US steals nat gas from East Euphrates and trunks that into Turk pipeline.
Russia will make money on volume flow which is contract of the Russian pipeline.
Monitor volume….increase means Russia can decrease at there end….as Russians still get contract profits.
Possibly Russia moving towards Syria and Levant/Lebanon offshore Nat gas,
Had US tantrum. …grabbing the East Euphrates oil/nat gas as spite/revenge.
If Russia does not militarily push US off those Syrian lands, ….if Russia tells Syria the
East Euphrates is US…don’t bother,
Then I’d suggest Russia and US had some backroom deal on Syrian Energy and intervention.
Business is like this with Powers.


There is not plan, there is not lack of defeating capability from Russia. This was just an agreement between Russia-USA.


Genie Oil needs some more resources to plunder for the Ziocons.


To do list:

1st Douma
2nd South Damascus
3rd Eastern Qalamun
4th ISIS pocket in the desert
5th Al Tanf or Idlib/North Syria or Eastern Bank of Euphrates
6th ??? – whatever is left will be the easier part…

Wahid Algiers

7th Golan Heights (zionists love the seven)

Don't read butthurt replies

You mean they love the 6?


Actually 5th would be Daraa, and after that perhaps Idlib or Al Tanf.

You can call me Al

Drop the Father of all bombs and stop effing about Russia.

Willing Conscience (The Truths

These guys aren’t Isis, they’re just the perfect excuse for the LGBTQueer US to invade Syria.
If you’re wondering why the hell the SAA can’t get rid of this tiny remnant of Isis, even with Russian air support, it’s because every time they try, these so called Isis fighters just high tail it back down 75kms away to the 55km exclusion zone around Al-Tanf. where the SAA can’t enter. This US base protects and supplies them, and is the main reason they’ve managed to hang on in Syria until now. the Russians cottoned onto this and are making it really hard for them now, but due to US machinations it’s been impossible to completely get rid of them.
When the time is right, these so called Isis fighters will begin a savage offensive, that will see them take over a major city close to their vicinity. Deir-Zur would have been the best target, but since the Kurds have become suspicious of Turkish and US intentions recently, I think Palmyra has become the new preferred target, but either way it will be one of these two.
When the US invades Syria via their base at Al-Tanf, they’ll pretend to go after these guys and use them as the excuse for the invasion, but it’ll be all smoke and mirrors, because they’ll have already shaved off their beards and donned their military greens, and taken up positions alongside their US buddies.
The US won’t stop until it controls all the east of Syria all the way to the Iraqi border, and it doesn’t care how it does it, or how many Syrians have to die to achieve it.


The important point here (and it has been since 2015) is how Russia will act about this. Russia has the intelligence gathering, the aerospace force, and technology to destroy any terrorists at any point on Syria land, Let us see how Russia will answer to all of this.


Russia ONLY need to ensure air defence … leave the rest to SAA and Iranian forces.

Iranian forces are only tooooo glad to engage US forces for sure as the Gen has warned… get out or be forced out.


That’s what the US thinks they can achieve to keep an inch of Syria. it will not happen. Wait until SAA has finished off those terrorists in Idlib , then move on US forces which has no way to even protect themselves in Syria.

Patience. Only fools think US has any chance to stay.

Willing Conscience (The Truths

I’m afraid Idlib will be a huge problem for Russia now. After the coup in Turkey, Putin foolishly allowed Erdogan to set up observation posts in Idlib, to supposedly enforce the de-escalation zones they’d both agreed to. Erdogan did set up the ones he was supposed to as part of the agreement, but he also set up a couple of extra ones Putin didn’t know he was going to. He raced his soldiers down to where the SAA and Russia were destroying the rebels, and placed them smack bang in between the advancing SAA and the rebels, who were getting the crap kicked out of them. Putin was furious that Erdogan’s actions effectively halted his very successful offensive in Idlib forcing him to start a new, and up until now, very successful offensive against the Ghouta rebels. I believe that speech Putin made about nukes had nothing to do with the Russian elections or nuclear treaties with the US, it was directed at Erdogan and was a stern warning not to F%$K with him again, but he has already. Now Erdogan has 2 proxy armies fighting in Syria, the FSA fight the Kurds in Aleppo and the new SLF [the rebels the SAA were beating the crap out of] fighting the Saudi backed HTS for control of Idlib. The SLF will win this battle against HTS and then it won’t take long for them to focus on the SAA. The Turks already blew 1 Russian jet out of the sky for bombing their Turkman buddies, I’m betting we see a few more go the same way if the Russians start attacking the SLF.


SAA-Russia-Iran-hezbolah must get rid of this ISIS pocket. There is not and there was not any reason to leave there when everybody knows the are receiving support and logistic tactic from USA-Israel-NATO.

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