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Fighting a Corona Phantom

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Fighting a Corona Phantom


Written by Julian Rose; Originally appeared at Global Research

The Great Covid Hoax

Covid 19 is a phantom. Slaying a phantom is what the mythic Spanish hero Don Quijote attempted to do by ‘tilting at windmills’ he imagined to be monsters. But now almost everybody has got into the act, because they have been ordered to follow Quijote’s example by the perpetrators of the grand hoax called Covid -19. 

The more one slashes at the phantom with one’s trusty sword, the more tired one gets, because a phantom is a phantom – and a sword does no more harm to it than shooting bullets at a hurricane does to annihilate the eye of a storm. Nevertheless, a large percentage of mankind – under instruction – is doing just that, and after a while it gets tiring.

Yes, phantoms are phantoms. One can try to concrete them in or wall them out. One can try to ‘isolate’ one’s self against them; wear masks to scare them away; avoid others who may be harbouring phantoms under their clothes, all this and more – but do they care? No, not one iota!

People get scary feelings when talking about ghosts. Especially on cold winter evenings when the lamps burn low and the last embers of the fire are dying-away with the clock creeping up to the witching midnight hour. And this ghostly virus called Covid-19 is inciting the same kind of feelings in susceptible people all over this planet – even when the sun is up and the sky is blue. A particularly menacing apparition, wouldn’t you agree?

However, those who invented this chimera are not phantoms. Nor are they stupid. They saw a big chance to scare the pants off people and took it. They needed to scare the pants off people to get them to ‘obey’. A scared person will do almost anything he/she is told to do if they think their life  is threatened.  And what the perpetrators did was to take an existing viral infection called ‘flu’, give it a new fancy name and get governments and global media bosses to agree to run with the deception.

It wasn’t that difficult to do, because most of those involved in these professions already live in a phantom world themselves. This was just one more scam to sell to the great listening/watching passive public.

The ‘master perpetrators’ thought this ruse up decades ago. They only needed to give a small tweak to the old flu causal agent to make it seem like a new ‘deadly strain’ and get most of the medical profession hopping around like kangaroos in the arctic circle, searching desperately for the source of something that had become instantly labelled ‘a global pandemic’, but whose real title was ‘global hoax’. A ‘plandemic/scamdemic’ as others have astutely observed.

My God, how the spooks got running once this ‘pandemic’ thing took-off. It seemed like all the lascivious news editors of the world’s media (6 corporations own 90% of it) fell on ‘the pandemic’  as a free gift from hell. One could almost see their eyes turning red with glee at this unprecedented chance to scare their followers witless. 

But the stats tell the real story.  The flu ‘with a twist’ – unpleasant and occasionally dangerous as all flu’s are – comes up with the same morbidity numbers as the standard winter flu. Statistically they are as near as damn’ it identical. And there lies the nature of the phantom. Even when there is a small variation, it’s because the number of (deeply flawed) PCR tests have increased, thereby upping the false positives.

With Ministers of Health, Economics, Digitalisation and who knows what more – all equally devoted to adhering to the divide and conquer advice of the deep state placement at the head of the World Health Organisation, ‘we the people’ had almost nowhere to turn to get a handle on this madness. All ‘traditional’ sources of information – already steeped in the role of printing and broadcasting lies rather than truths – remain to this day wedded to government edicts, regardless of how utterly fatuous and devoid of reason they are.

Fortunately, a smallish percentage of the populace can still smell a rat once it’s out on the loose.  Fortunately this includes real doctors, real scientists, the occasional mainstream news columnist, broadcaster/publisher and really quite a lot of individual entrepreneurs committed to genuine investigative journalism.

However, since the deep state control system has its minions placed in all social and economic key positions of authority, those ready and able to convey truth are forced to find other ways of getting their messages out.

This brings me to a prescient point: since ‘mainstream’ is locked into making phantoms seem real, and since most of the human race  are addicted to their mainstream lie machines, the emergent ‘movement for truth’ is going to have to self organise in order to form the foundations of a de-politicised and de-corporatised society/community which completely parts company with the poisoned status quo.

We pursuers of truth are presently on our life-rafts, dazed by the rapidity of the phantom’s progress in barring our very real freedoms of speech, movement and thought, while simultaneously performing a further turn of the fascist screw on our capacity to remain sane and healthy in body, mind and spirit.

Fighting a Corona PhantomWhile Klaus Schwab and fellow trolls at the World Economic Forum announce the dystopian details of the Six Great Falsifications known as ‘The Great Reset’ : Zero Carbon, Green New Deal, Fourth Industrial Revolution, Agenda 2030, Transhumanist Smart Cities and New World Order – we are rowing our life rafts through the rip-currents towards solid land.

A land destined to serve as the fresh foundation from which to kick start (once again) the evolution of truth, trust and global human emancipation. The real evolutionary dynamic of humanity, presently cut off from its true path by the predators of chaos, destruction and fear.

The nearer we get to that promised land the clearer our sense of direction becomes; the more settled our emotions, the more calm our thoughts and the more lucid our vision.

It becomes possible to recognise, quite clearly, the darkly malevolent nature of the power structure we have been, wittingly or unwittingly, contributing to for much of our lives. We can begin to understand how it is actually the direct expression of a demonic state of mind, reinforced by Satanic and Masonic initiates whose rituals are played-out in all the main capitals of the world, many centres of government, the church as well as at corporate banker elite secret society gatherings.

It is this explicitly anti-human cabal which has ‘been in charge’  for as long as one cares remember and long before that.

What the Covid phantom did was to bring it all out in the open. Unable to resist the tantalising ‘control prize’, the forces of darkness have – maybe for the first time – come out ‘en masse’ into the open. Now they are throwing their weight around mercilessly, resorting to genetically modified vaccines and enforced home imprisonment in an attempt to wrap-up their mission to capture the planetary soul and to achieve a permanent lockdown of the insuppressible power of love and light.

There are many tiers to the darkside pyramid of course. Many on the lower tiers know not what goes on above them. Our political figureheads are not at the top end. They are simply ever open to being manipulated by those that are.

For example 33% Masons have the ability to manipulate dark power, but many masons think they are part of an organisation dishing-out benevolent gifts to those in need. It is this type of ‘unknowing’ that keeps mankind in slavery to the masters of deception. The largely hidden puppet-masters who tweak the strings of the unknowing and the uncaring.

‘The darkest hour is just before dawn’ and that dawn is closer than most think. We can already see the outlines of the shore beckoning beyond the stormy sea. We must be bold in our determination to reach that shore – and to blow aside all the phantoms that try to obscure our innate capacity to be united – as creative masters of our own destinies.

Julian Rose is an early pioneer of UK organic farming, writer, international activist, entrepreneur and holistic teacher. His latest book ‘Overcoming the Robotic Mind – Why Humanity Must Come Through’ is particularly recommended reading for this time: see www.julianrose.info


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Damien C

What a moronic article clearly written by either a child or a Whack-job

Covid in serious cases leaves victims fighting for air and thus they require Intesive Care Unit beds (ICU) Most cities of the world only have a limited ICU beds, after they have been filled there is nowhere for other patients to go.
This means cancer ops, transplant ops, spinal ops, brain surgery, eye surgery heart surgery all either get cancelled for the lack of a bed spirialling their own death increases or get delayed to the point where an operation is no longer viable.
Work accidents or car accidents are shuffled around different hospitals in a fina a bed compitition.

All this happens because Sars-Covid2 you know that hoax the looney-tunes of the world tell you isn’t real spreads like wildfire and even more so when a very vocal 5% of the population encourage another 10% – 15% of the population that are happy to get their information off the back of a beer can wrapped in tin-foil that it is a plan by George Soros and reptilian paedophiles to get Bill Gates to inject you with a micro-chip to turn you into a robot!

In the name of good fuck!
And people wonder why it’s so damned hard for real truth seekers to get a platform to question serious things, if you’re looking for deep-state control agents look no further than some of the people who propagate Covid is a hoax. They just make open minded rational people switch off to other real and serious issues as everyone is tarred with the same brush, they’ve in fact become a brilliant tool for the keepers of secrets to make the rest of us look stupid and crazy.

Covid is a fact, it won’t kill hundreds of millions but it will kill a very substantial number 408,717 in the USA alone right as of now. Thats 408 thousand during spring summer and fall thankfully for the northern hemisphere it has been a very mild winter so far, but unlike the “Flu” this virus does not just fade away it stays infecting and killing its victims many who didn’t even have it just because there was no ICU beds left for them.

You’re an adult wash your hands and wear a fucking mask its not hard its not rocket science and it isn’t an invasion of your civil rights it is however the civil thing to do.

Zionism = EVIL

Covid is con job for Jew controlled idiots and soon welcome to a Covid concentration camp. The Americunts are dying because they have no access to a universal health care system and almost all their dead are old people, homeless and the poor. Just look at the numbers around the world, in most if the OECD states, they lump all the dead under Covid deaths, this is the biggest scam to control the population and make them faceless fuckwits behind masks. Washing your arse is more effective hygiene.,


“Covid in serious cases leaves victims fighting for air and thus they require Intensive Care Unit beds’.

Covid19 is essentially the same risk as any corona and flu virus, in my opinion
A bad bout of flue has always killed millions world wide for millennia. My mother had flu induced pneumonia in the lart 1930’s, she was in her late teens at the time.

I was very very ill after a flu jab when I was 9 or 10 at prep school.

When all who have taken the current treatments and vaccines are immune, those people will have nothing to worry about if they sit next to others who declined the vaccines.
So what is your problem?

Arthur Deodat Jr.

Thank you Damien C for shraing your opinion about epidemy. I agree with your last paragraph.
My opinion is that cure should not be worse than disease. And we all know that there is a terrible manipulation about deaths statistics. Something simmilar happens also at PCR determination of positives (there are many different cycle tresholds, from 35 to 50, which makes difference 1:33.000 and possibility for non specific binding of primers that result in false positives). The lockdown is tied to positive PCR tests and it is essential that specificy of test is high and false positive errors as low as possible.
There are other flaws and it seems all these spins are done on purpose.

Raptar Driver

Ignorance is bliss?
Now, bend over and take your medicine boy!

Tommy Jensen

If you think its a fact Covid-19 is killing hundreds of thousands of people, its nothing compared to what Bob has been doing.
Bob work 50 hrs a week to earn money only for himself. Bob refuse to obey women in power, is homophobic, anti-Semitic, and live in a traditional marriage where he suppress women and all his children and he is also against higher taxes.
Bob refuse to pay for environmental issues, minorities, and the plastic bags Bob is throwing EVERYWHERE as the capitalist swine he is, plus Bob also refuses to wear a plastic shield and a mask because he is against socialist authorities, why he has infected and killed thousands of innocent liberal people and this is a fact with logo reason and you know it! comment image

Tommy Jensen

Brilliant article. Nice to meet you Mr. Rose.comment image

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