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Flood Season Ends In Yemen, As Fight Season Comes

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Flood Season Ends In Yemen, As Fight Season Comes
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In late August, the fight for Yemen has ramped up between the Ansar Allah and the Saudi-led coalition.

The flood season is nearing its end, and fighting is coming back throughout. Since July 2021, an estimated 13,000 families were impacted by torrential rains and flash floods. Dozens reportedly died in the floods, with more reported missing.

The Houthis (as Ansar Allah are known) have launched a series of drone and rocket attacks on targets both inside Yemen and in Saudi Arabia.

The most recent reported attack took place on August 31st. Saudi air defenses intercepted a ballistic missile launched by the Houthis towards Najran area near the Yemeni border.

On the previous day, Houthi drones targeted Abha International Airport located near the cities of Abha and Khamis Mushait, in Asir Province, in southern Saudi Arabia.

Three drones were reportedly intercepted. Still, locals reported that 8 people received light injuries.

Meanwhile, Saudi air defenses reportedly intercepted missiles that targeted the positions of the Kingdom’s coalition in Jizan.

The most notable attack took place on August 29th, when missiles struck the Al-Anad military base in the southern Yemeni Lahij province.

Three missiles were reportedly fired from Taiz International Airport towards the coalition’s position. According to reports, at least 43 Al-Amaliqah fighters and Sudanese mercenaries were killed, more than 56 were injured.

The Saudi-led coalition continues its heavy airstrike activity. Over the last week of August, warplanes have carried out at least 20 airstrikes every single day on various Houthi positions along the frontline and deeper.

In addition, ceasefire violations in al-Hudaydah are a daily occurrence in their hundreds.

Still, despite the airstrike activity, heavy clashes broke out west of Yemen’s Marib.

Dozens were killed on both sides. According to the Yemeni Ministry of Defense, at least 100 Houthis have been killed in heavy fighting with Yemen government troops during the last 3 days of August outside the central city of Marib.

The movement mounted several large attacks on army troops and allied tribesmen in Al-Mashjah, Al-Kasarah, Jabal Murad and Rahabah areas near Marib. 11 Houthis were captured during fighting in Rahabah, south of Marib.

Fighting shows promise to ramp up in the upcoming weeks. The Houthis carry out missile and drone strikes on Saudi-backed forces in central and southern Yemen on a regular basis. Nevertheless, the group rarely claims responsibility for these attacks.

Over the last few years, the Houthis have developed their offensive capabilities with help from their allies, first and foremost Iran. The Saudi-led coalition’s tight siege and repeated strikes on Yemen failed to hider the development of the group.

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Rodney Loder.

Taliban victory will or could affect Houthi, of course I could help Taliban understand better, but nobody wants that, fair enough Allah knows best (swt) but at least Taliban were based in Qatar not Jew maggot infested UAE so there is that at least.

Icarus Tanović

Would never ever help taliban. Same sanke as Saudi Wahhabiya.

Icarus Tanović


Icarus Tanović

Reciting saudi sources…SF here is turning to msnbc or other msm, and ask us to found their “crowdfunded endeavor.” While Russia making agreements with Arabia Saudia to sell them weapons. Oh that’s right, so cool! God damn wahhabis!

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