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Push Towards Mariupol And Battle Of Kharkov: Fifth Day Of Operations In Ukraine

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Push Towards Mariupol And Battle Of Kharkov: Fifth Day Of Operations In Ukraine

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Push Towards Mariupol And Battle Of Kharkov: Fifth Day Of Operations In Ukraine
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Push Towards Mariupol And Battle Of Kharkov: Fifth Day Of Operations In Ukraine

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The peace enforcement operation in Ukraine entered its fifth day. Russian forces have achieved operational successes in the southern, northern and eastern sectors. Nonetheless, they still have to turn these gains into a strategic success and finalize the overthrow and elimination of Kiev regime forces that demonstrate strong resistance on some parts of the frontline.

On February 27, the Ukrainian military began mass use of phosphorus-filled ammunitions in Kiev suburbs near the Gostomel airfield. Ukrainian forces use phosphorus-filled shells for D-30 howitzers and phosphorus-filled rockets for BM-21 Grad launchers.

As of February 28, new assault units of the radical organization Right Sector arrived in Mariupol from Lvov Region. They deployed armored vehicles and artillery in residential areas of the city, using the local population as “human shields”. There are reports of dozens of civilians having been killed by them.

In Severodonetsk, armed formations from Western Ukraine act as retreat-blocking units. On February 27, they shot four Ukrainian officers that attempted to withdraw their soldiers out of the line of fire.

DPR forces liberated the village of Bugas, 2 kilometers from Volnovakha – the key stronghold of regime north of Mariupol. On the evening of February 27, the DPR launched advance on Volnovakha itself. Also, DPR units pushed 6 km more in the direction of Mariupol. The settlements of Nizhnee, Granitnoye, and Gnutovo were liberated.

At the same time, Russian forces liberated the large town of Berdyansk and approached Mangush, 10 kilometers west of Mariupol.

Street fighting continued in Kharkov. Moscow continues to refuse to use aviation and artillery on residential areas. On February 27, one of the Russian forward groups that entered the city on light military vehicles was destroyed. At least one serviceman was taken captive. The Russian command’s incomprehensible actions in the Kharkov direction are successfully exploited by regime forces. It is premature to speak of the capture of the city or even of partial control of it. As of February 28, this is an example of one of the most successful actions of the Kiev regime against the Russian military.

Neither Sumy, nor Kherson, nor Berdyansk, nor any of other major cities that are blockaded or partially liberated have yet been mopped up, and it is unlikely that the mopping operations will begin today or tomorrow. There are just not enough forces on the Russian side. Zaporozhie is not yet blocked. Russian forces that seek to encircle the Ukrainian military grouping in the Donetsk region left the city behind their left flank.

Tactical clashes are taking place near Kiev. No deep breakthroughs have been observed. As of the morning of February 28, the city was blockaded only from the northwest. The Russians are making some progress gradually moving to block Kiev from the west and east. The situation in the city is worsening, with gangs of looters and criminals on the loose.

This is accompanied by numerous examples of war crimes and an antihuman posture of pro-regime formations. Pro-Kiev forces intentionally kill civilians and torture captured Russian soldiers. One of the videos has recently appeared online show how Ukrainian soldiers try to force a wounded Russian serviceman to shout “Glory to Ukraine!” on pain of execution. Despite the threats, he shouted “Glory to Russia, Glory to Ukraine!”

In general, it should be noted that the advance of Russian forces has slowed down, but there are still continuous operational successes in a number of areas. The Kiev regime suffers heavy losses and is forced to retreat, leaving “fortress garrisons” in the hope that they can contain the large Russian forces and extinguish the pace of advance.

Reports based on sources in the Russian Defense Ministry say that during the first four days of fighting Russian and allied forces lost a total of 270-300 personnel. Sources noted that given the scale of the operation, which included four fronts and the involvement of all branches of troops, which Russia had never done before on such a scale, the losses were even less than could have been expected. The source does not undertake to estimate losses on the Ukrainian side, suggesting that they are several times higher.

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The Russian have military command have to authorize the use of close air support in the city,they can be sending light vehicle and infantry against thanks and heavy artillery.


What? Stop using Google translate mu dak.


It is hard to figure out what is going on as the western toilet paper media has completely given up on any pretence of impartiality.


as ukraine is denazified, more ukrops surrender and die it is amusing that CIA desperately sends their nazi surrogates to SF…little marky LGBT from Nebraska, nazi Jens, tammy CIA Sawyer, Danny Attila marsupial, etc

Marcelo Rodriguez

Cualquier avance de las tropas Rusas debe ir acompañado de una ofensiva aérea, si Rusia no quiere utilizar su aviación o su artillería en las zonas residenciales, debe entonces hacer uso de drones de ataque y municiones merodeadores, para poder atacar con precisión a los grupos nacionalistas que se atrincheraron en las zonas residenciales y causar la menor cantidad de víctimas civiles. En cuanto a las formaciones nacionalistas que combaten en el frente se las debería eliminar con el sistema Buratino y también utilizar los sistemas toschka que tan bien les resultó a los Hotuis en su lucha contra Arabia Saudita y sus aliados en la guerra de Yemen causando grandes perdidas en sus formaciones.


There’s no excuse for the Russian Command not to be using drone warfare. They have loitering munitions available to them that would take care of embedded armor, and SAVE Russian lives, in fact what they are doing is prioritising civilians over Russian soldier lives!! Absolutely outrageous! Putin should demote and send these Generals to the front line.


I agree, I don’t really understand why Russia doesn’t just rain hell on them. Send troops later.


Exactly. Look at what those Azerbaijani drones did to the embedded Armenian armor. Just the ticket for Russian military that controls the air. They need about 50 of them just in Mariupol and Kharkov. Also, how are all these Right Sector bitches making it all the way from Lvov to Mariupol? In armored convoys?! They should be found and hit by airstrikes all the way, sitting duck style.


I am pro-Russian. I thank Russia for the balancing and countering role she has played against the Empire, particularly in saving Syria. And now as the champions of national sovereignty, international law and a multi-polar world. If the liberal globalist order collapses soon, it will be because of the bravery and honour of Russia. Putin is the leader of the free world.

But I am anti-war, and a disciple of the Nuremberg Principles. If the admittedly powerful Imperial deep state was able to coup The Ukraine from half a world away, why couldn’t Russia do the same next door? With all the historical ties, the common culture, and a large sympathetic minority persecuted by Kiev? Why did the clown Zelenskyy get in, instead of Moscow’s man? This invasion, easy to justify, is a failure of Russian foreign policy. And while I raise a glass to the end of the Empire, I shed a tear for the people of The Ukraine.

Sun Tzu teaches that most wars are won before the first shot is fired. The resort to war is an admission of failure, and a last throw of the dice.

Last edited 1 year ago by Earthrise

Agree. But since the war has happened, it’s equally important to win the narrative and here lies Russias biggest two weaknesses bad PR or no Public Relations whatsoever, no press conferences, no stats, etc. Even in the UN, not directly pointing out the hypocrisy but dilly dallying around it. Secondly, no use of drones, which is criminal. Even after all the experience in Syria and the war in Armenia, just pure ignorance. Yet they are still winning, though slowly, and that’s where the third problem lies, the longer this lasts the more likely the Nazi sympathisers and paid mercenaries will be introduced into the conflict, or other theatres where Russia has interests. You’re spot on, the failure of politics has caused this. Whether the top brass are naive or lack the imagination is another thing.


Great take WTF. Considering the high level of competence shown by Russian forces in Syria, I have confidence the Russian High Command knows what they are doing. Drones are really used in lieu of an airforce, and the Russians have a first-rate, battle-tested one. With air superiority, I think the Russians can do more damage with fighter-bombers. The info war seems to be a failure, but maybe we are just used to the way the Empire fights. There is a dark fog of war over the battlefield, which only the Ruskies can see through. And as far as the Nazis and other mercs, maybe it is a honey trap. These people are only good dead.

The pace is frustrating, but I think this is mainly for the hearts and minds of a Ukraine Russia intends to return to the fold. Like Israel, we can’t fight like that, we are casualty-adverse. They are willing to sacrifice blood, as they always have, for victory.

Finally, to my original point, Russia attacking does seem to be a failure. The Empire doesn’t give a shit about The Ukraine, all it cares about is preventing Eurasian integration; Nordstream 2. All they wanted is to goad Russia into attacking so they could prevent this scenario. But maybe the meeting at the Olympics between Putin and Xi, they decided that Europe was not worth it, that the whole Western house of cards was about to fall. Maybe the Empire fell into the trap, and now sanctions are insulating the new Eastern Block from this collapse by moving the centre of power away from the decaying, decrepit West.


Could it be they are using drones etc but not showing it off?


Absolutelly I don’t know why they are not using drones! Azerbaigian won the war in a week with drones tactics…


Drones? What do you mean? To throw bombs? Bombs kill a lot of civilians. Russia wants to avoid non-nazi casualties.


there is no other way possible to annihilate all those cia-zio-nazi-ukroaches


This could save a lot of civilians. Hard hammer tactic and finish war quick will safe more lifes than soft approach.

Carl Harris

“new assault units of the radical organization Right Sector arrived in Mariupol from Lvov Region”

How did that happen? Why weren’t they blasted en route by air strikes?

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Un sujeto

Quien es Yamil Perez?


SouthFront please, please set up a account on “Rumble”. All the youtube outcast are joing up.


Urgente: Un plan B para Rusia en Ucrania.

Quizás el plan A esté resultando demasiado ambicioso, complicado y por tanto extremadamente peligroso para Rusia: Valga la comparación y el ejemplo, cuando un leopardo hace presa en un facóquero que resulta demasiado fuerte para él, rápidamente debe desistir y escabullirse para evitar resultar herido, cosa que sería potencialmente mortal en su mundo salvaje. (Es decir, debe elegir otra presa más asequible y menos riesgosa para alimentarse y sobrevivir).

En el caso de Ucrania, el mundo salvaje es Occidente y la OTAN, así que Rusia no puede permitirse en ningún caso salir de vacío y además herida, pues esta organización criminal buscará la venganza más dura aprovechando su fracaso y debilidad.

El plan B sin embargo consistiría en invertir todas sus fuerzas, con muchísimas más posibilidades de éxito, en conquistar solo la parte Este de Ucrania, desde Jarkov hasta Kherson, bordeando el río Dnieper: Sería también una gran victoria estratégica, pues, además del avance territorial, el problema del Dombas quedaría resuelto y conseguiría una soberanía compartida sobre las aguas y recursos del gran río. Un río que resultaría en frontera natural y también en fuente líquida y energética para Crimea. También conseguiría que Ucrania fuera más pequeña y débil y por tanto menos peligrosa como eventual marioneta de Occidente. Todo el mar de Azov sería de soberanía rusa y Odessa y su puerto quedaría perfectamente tiro de su armada y sus cañones, para evitar posibles veleidades futuras. Y también es clave el hecho de que se trata de la parte rusófona, garantía de asimilación política y estabilidad, en cierta manera sería una división natural del país.

La conquista de las ciudades podría lograrse mediante el cerco y la oferta de un “puente de plata” para las fuerzas ucranianas atrincheradas entre la población civil. En este cometido, serían de gran ayuda drones de ataque de fabricación china, (con la misma legitimidad que los ucranios usan los drones turcos), para eliminar a esas tropas en caso de resistencia.

Añadir que mientras se concentran fuerzas para la conquista del Este, Rusia debería seguir neutralizando mediante fuego aéreo y de todo tipo a las fuerzas ucranianas y sus recursos en toda Ucrania. También podría ser útil la voladura puntual de ciertos tramos de cada puente sobre el Dnieper, (con una fácil reconstrucción futura), para aislar el Este del Oeste por tierra, máxime si se abandona el frente en Kiev.

Solo añadir que una derrota de Rusia en Ucrania, (unas fuertes pérdidas, un empantanamiento militar o una victoria pírrica INDUDABLEMENTE también lo serían), significaría una catástrofe no solo para la propia Rusia sino también para China y toda la humanidad no sometida a los dictados de Occidente y su organización militar OTAN.

Rodney Loder.

Zelensky wants to make a deal, but if Russians stand down prematurely the fascist criminals will claim victory, Russia really has no choice now other than engaging in urban warfare, human shields will not forget the situation Zelensky put them in, if he survives and the fascists aren’t liquidated to the last man Zalensky will be forced to become tight cast as a fascist jew leader, this is becoming common among jews and fascists, but not to worry israel is refusing to back Zalensky and this is the purpose of the situation from a Theological perspective. Actually I could end the fighting and save the people but President Assad won’t let me Jesus Christ into Damascus so I could deliver my message as instructed by Allah (swt). However it’s not bad, pretty good where I am although the rain is a bit much, dont worry I’ll keep you posted. Support me on Quora if you want peace in Ukraine I’m Terry Loder on Quora Terry is my second name after Rodney.




Nazis never learn, again circled like in Stalingrad haha…idiots…

WT Baker

I appreciate the honest reports. I am a supporter of The LaRouche Organization and am not taken in by the Wall Street/City of London fabrications on what is happening in Ukraine. Remember Obama the British stooge set this up back in 2014. Remember the “Cookie Monster?” The entire western narrative is lies as the real goal is as Putin claims, ” it’s to destroy the Russian economy.”

Last edited 1 year ago by WT Baker

Ohh my goodness boy you’re stupid as it gets. Really to destroy the Economy? Putin literally destroyed Russia economy starting this war, all exports closed, banks in russia liquidating, inflation about to jump Ruble useless trash now. This was nothing but Putins plan to power grab and stop the west from growing, because the west wants to end dictator governments. West grows, means Putin can’t do any crimes otherwise the world would crush him. Welcome to the future where people don’t want dictatorship, it’s proved nothing but corruption, Citizens in Russia already turning on Putin just like the new Ukraine starting democracy, new world order with democracy for Russia coming.


Ah, hello Scooby, Russia hasn’t started assaulting cities yet. What you are seeing are expeditionary raiding, with the Russian army probing for resistance and falling back when they find it. The battlefield is being prepped, the battle hasn’t started yet. I thought this was a military analysis site?


Is that what you think? Buddy all of the world is supply Ukraine with money and weapons they need, it will be a never ending cycle, Putin already trying to pressure with Nukes, Russia military is trash. If Russia starts using heavy weapons that might trigger west to step in then Russia is screwed


Yes, if you would familiarize yourself with Russian military Doctrine you’d know I am right.

All that military equipment is of no use if it can’t get to surrounded troops or the convoys are bombed to smithereens.

Russia will start using heavy weapons when the cauldrons are complete and Ukrainian soldiers pinned in place. Looks like they started using artillery in Kharkov today.

ya te

RT we cannot access DISCUS comment section, is it being blocked, attacked or sensored?


We have non-stop propaganda on all western news stations. And I came to this site to get a bid of the other view on things happening. But there is almost nothing here. Where is an analysis of the current situation.

Russia may win the war in the Ukraine. But the propaganda war is a total defeat. It is like they already have capitulated on all fronts.

Even people sympathetic to Russia in the past, have not even tried to explain the whole picture of the conflict.

I mean US has the Monroe doctrine, that means anyone who gets into the western hemisphere is getting attacked up to the point of nuclear warfare.

In a few decades, when China may ally to Mexico or do a coup there to install a pro Chinese government, US would no doubt move in militarily and reinstall pro-US puppets.

Or think back to Cuba… US would not let any opposinig alliance station nuclear warheads near their border. Today this is not neccessary anymore because of nuclear submarines that may be a launch base directly at the doorstep but of course Russia can not accept the north atlantic terror alliance expanding to their borders.

But of course we hear nothing about this only see Russian tanks moving into another country…


Martin, you want analysis of the conflict ? Here you are. My grandgrandpa (the father of my grandma) was one of the SS soldiers from SS Division Wiking. A Division made up from Skandinavian patriotic men, who fought against communism. He was with this division storming Sewastopol (Crimea) and later encircled in the cauldron of Cherkassy, but managed to break free. And also from other old men who were in Ukraine with them I know that the Ukrainians were very supportive to the germans. Because the germans freed them from Stalins henchmen. Stalin had robbed Ukrainians of everything, and already had ordered Millions to be deported to Siberia and more of them to the Gulags. The trains were already arriving for deportations. Soviet grabbing squads patrolling around – which was the moment when the Wehrmacht SS divisions broke the Soviet army line, stormed through, killed all the communists and freed the Ukrainian people. They (the ukrainian people) were so glad and thankful that lots of them immediately signed up to fight on side of Germany against communism. The administrative / bureau offices of the Wehrmacht couldn t even manage all the recruit demands immediately. So it is no wonder that today ukrainians do not like Russia but are very nationalistic and sometime Swastika flags are waived over there. One needs to know this historical background.

Ukrainians after Holodomor and Stalin’s waves of massmurder and the deportation thing know very well why they better fight and die, than accept soviet rule. Ukraine will become the graveyard of the russian army, even if they (the russians) manage to take over some cities etc. Guerilla warfare will never stop – and border with Poland will bring weapons, health goods, gear etc. No way Russia can win this war – without attacking NATO (Poland) etc. directly what will then automatically result in hot Worldwar 3. (What is sadly very likely the plan of the jewish maniacs behind Putins move to attack Ukraine). And remeber folks, right now, on both sides (Ukraine and Russia), the leaders are jews (Selensky and Putin). Selensky is a jew, and behind him is even another one, the multicriminal israeli-ukrainian dual passpart holding Oligarch and jewish heavyweight trillionaire Kolomoisky. But lets look at the so-called “russian” side. Putins mother, her maidenname is SHALOMova (ergo jewish). US & EU are totally infested with jewish worms in every high position too. The ugly US bitch Victoria Nuland, the woman that put 5 trillion dollars of the best US taxpayer money into the dirty Maidan coup, and brought first Poroshenko and Yatsenyuk in power in Ukraine, is, surprise surprise, a jewess too.

And in Russia it is even worse. Putin once even himself admitted it smiling that minimum 80-85 % of all leadership positions in UDSSR already since the beginning of UDSSR where always placed with jews. Starting with the first UDSSR president/gang-chief Yakov Sverdlov. Later followed in other high positions people like the jew Trotzky (real name Lev Davidovich Bronstein / Braunstein), or Lenin (his grandfather was the jew Moses Blank), and jewish zealot Kaganovich and lots of other murderous jewish demons on two legs, pushing for bloodshed and power. So here we have jews in leadership on both sides laughing, while pushing merely poor upright christian men (ukrainian and russian soldiers) into brutally and senselessly slaughtering each other, while they (the jewish masters) get rid of their enemies without getting their own hands dirty while doing so, plus, the jewish global businessmen behind them, making immense amounts of money from it (by selling weapons and all kind of wartime goods to both sides). What is also why jew Putin, of course wants as much as possible russian and ukrainian soldiers killed, and is not giving them accurate intel or air-cover, let alone giving a rat’s shit about their lifes. He is a traitor to russia, like all jews are nearly always traitors to their host countries. One of Putins best friends is the criminal Chabad Lubawitsch Grandrabbi Berel Lazar. The Chabad organisation even admitted openly that Putin might not necessarily be good for Russians, but he is definitely very good the the Jews of Russia. They want to expand the war, make it spread, and cause the nations of the world to fight each other until total exhaustion, so that afterwards they (the jews) can take over what left of the world very easily, and lend money to the completely weakend non-jewish survivors, and make them slaves under their feet forever !

So see how history repeats itself. And now again look at Selensky, Kolomoisky, Nuland, Merkel etc.- all of them are jews. This is the way parasites live, they masquerade, then they sneak into the nations body, and then overtake the brain/leadership of the attacked organism, and cause (for example) the animal/nation to do what he, the parasite wants – in this (Russia) case, it is to attack the people of ukraine, and start illegal war with that country in order to make big war, and deflect the global masses attention away from the Fake-pandemic and the global mRNA-vaccine massgenocide which was committed against the complete caucasian race. This outstanding crime that was done by the judeo-satanic masters of the NWO.

The jewish satanic cabal Talmud believers, Hasidics, Pharisäers etc. today presented by Rothschild, Israel, BlackRock, Vanguard, Chabad Lubawitsch, AIPAC, CFR, Bnai Brith, Goldman Sachs, Gates and all their money system are the arc-enemy of whole mankind – never forget it ! They did the mRNA-massmurder in order to reduce world population, but especially in order to extirpate the caucasic race first. But the other races will be targeted afterwards too. Therefore, we all should take up arms – christians, muslims, hindu, budhhist and fight these satanic brute and eradicate it from the face of the earth. As all the wars since at least 2000 years are only because of these parasitic worms and their evil actions. (and because of our stupidity of not realizing their constant presence in all this theater)

And these kind of wars (Ukraine vs. Russia / christians fighting christians) including world wars, will only cease to rise and happen, when we, the people of the world, wake up and realize the true enemy, which is these demonic jewish cabal, the international world jewry, and realize that it is behind the downfall and bloodshed of mankind of at least (!) the last 2000 years ! It’s all done on purpose. We need to stop being fools, need to stop let this cheap jewish trick happen again and again. I’am sick of it! Wake up world now – because if you dont, these snakes will drag us into another stupid World War faster than you can imagine !


go home before you economy brake down more. Rusian is one of the poorest people in the Earth despite big citys. and you still want live in this coutry? if Putin invest 3 or 5 % that he invest to army you will have great economy. now and if Rusia don’t stop you only gahering food in syberia.


The money wanders to the oligarchy system the same in Russia as in Ukraine. Russia and Ukraine have some of the richest people on planet earth and lots of really poor people.

But that will not change because they think that they own the goyim in both countries.

Imagine what would happen to Russian people, if the wealth from the natural resources would benefit them instead of Putin’s koscher friends.


Russia is playing nice with Ukrainian cities, not bringing major battles to civilian centers. Russia seeks to avoid mass casualties or decimated infrastructure. Russia is taking the complete opposite approach to how US-NATO attacked civilian centers and civil infrastructure in Yugoslavia, Iraq, Libya, and still ongoing in Syria. At same time, the classic useful-idiot neo-Nazi Asov’s have death or glory fascist ideology, for themselves and unfortunately toward the massed residential civilians that they are hiding among, and the Kiev regime is all to willing to exploits this to survive another day.

Last edited 1 year ago by Robespierre

Fuck Putin Fuck SouthFront Fuck Russian “Army”

Yet another day of failures from the Russians. The only thing you all seem to be good at is lying and disinformation. You seriously are a shit tactical group, and your long strategic game has no end.

I love your convoy that runs for kilometers, you are fucking amateurs. Go back home biatch.

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