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JUNE 2021

Fifth Batch Of Turkish Army Servicemen Deploys In Qatar

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The Qatari Defense Ministry announced on July 12  the arrival of the fifth batch of Turkish Army troops to Qatar.

“Following the arrival of this reinforcement and its joining the Turkish forces currently in Doha (Tariq Bin Ziyad Mechanic Battalion military camp), It began its training activities in the framework of joint military cooperation between the State of Qatar and the brotherly Republic of Turkey,” the ministry said in its Twitter account.

Meanwhile, Turkish Defense Minister Fikri Asheq contacted Saudi Defense Minister and Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman, and both sides announced that they had discussed bilateral and military relations. At the same time one of the demands of Saudi Arabia and its allies to Doha is the withdrawal of Turkish forces from Qatar.

In a separate development, Turkish Economy Minister Nihad Zibekji announced that Ankara have sent 197 cargo planes, 16 trucks and one vessel to Qatar to meet its daily needs since the outbreak of the crisis last month between Qatar and Gulf countries.

On June 13, Turkey sent a military delegation to Doha in preparation for the deployment of Turkish troops in Qatar after Turkish Parliament approved on June 7 an agreement to strengthening military cooperation between Turkey and Qatar, granting Ankara the right to establish military bases in Doha, and the deployment of military forces.

Fifth Batch Of Turkish Army Servicemen Deploys In Qatar Fifth Batch Of Turkish Army Servicemen Deploys In Qatar Fifth Batch Of Turkish Army Servicemen Deploys In Qatar

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turkish army is nothing…

Solomon Krupacek

much better than saa


much better than saa cause the turkish army is in a civil war that why, every country against them and they are still standing

Solomon Krupacek

but the kurds decades had no chance. not like some thousend kurds in syria, where beat and beat saa :P
turkey took part of syria inn the past and also in the present. turky has beaten greece, cyprus. if turke wantt, can take whole syria. that is the sad fact. do not underestimate the enemy. the saa in comparison to turkish army is insignificant.


turks can take over syria because of a civil war, but think of it without a civi war, saa and turhish army war go for long

Solomon Krupacek

syriaqn army was not modernized since 1980. it is nithing. turkey has much more modern weapons. and because of civil war in turkey theys have combat experiences. without civil war the saa would be zero. this you saw in the beginning of civil war, when isis with flip-flops has beaten the saa.


The SAA could only be defeatet because it had to fight on 1000 fronts and were suprised… and dont forget the support by usa,qatar,saudi,turkey,israel..


Definitely right. Even the Salvation Army can beat the Saudis.


yeah, we saw that on cyprus 1971 and on euphrat-shield.. very professionell… like you…

Solomon Krupacek

yes, in cyprus won. and now also. some hundred of turkish soldiers. btw, saa was not abel to defat isis in aleppo. all work did kurds, yanks, turks and fsa.. in palmyra won russians. whan isis attcked, in 2 days lost palmyra + 130 km retreat.

be more educated


And now the SAA on the edge of total win at all fronts… yanks out, turks out, Israel double out and so else… 1971 the turks lost (the dont conquered cyprus) and euphat-shield was a fiasco.. 0ver 100+ tanks destroyed, hundeds of dead soldiers and the whole world saw this.. you, netanyahu and erdogan are the loosers…



Justin Ryan


John Brown

This is great news for Syria, Russia, Iraq, China, Iran, etc as now both Turkey and no Qatar have defected from Israel’s racist supremacist Axis of evil with Israel being the evil slave master with, their Goyim slaves the Jewnited slave states of American and Saudi Judea Arabia.
Tel Aviv Pays Al Qaeda Fighters Salaries: The Syrian War’s Worst Kept Secret That Could Become Israel’s Nightmare Yes, Israel is supporting Syrian rebels, but this goes beyond cash and aid: Israel
hopes the rebels will serve as a buffer against Hezbollah and a resurgent Assad, a strategy that could easily backfire
By Richard Silverstein
So is the Times of Israel and the Israeli defense minister anti Jewish for saying this? Remember ISIS does not attack Israel its master and apologized for it the one time they did by
mistake, so said the Israeli defence minister in The Times of Israel.
The Racist supremacist Jews always like to double down when only Goyims will die for them. I don’t recall ISIS or Al Qaeda apologizing for attacking anyone else ever. You apologize for attacking an ally or a master not an enemy!!!.
Israel and ISIS Are Allies. There. We Said It. When you bomb an ally, you apologize. When you bomb an enemy, you don’t. What does that make ISIS to Israel?


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2 of the greater terrorist sponsors join forces…..

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