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JUNE 2021

Fierce Clashes Between Kiev Forces And DPR Erupt In Eastern Ukraine (Videos, Photos)

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Fierce Clashes Between Kiev Forces And DPR Erupt In Eastern Ukraine (Videos, Photos)

Ukrainian military equipment are allegedly burning at positions near “Southern Mine”

The military situation has recently escalated in eastern Ukraine where the Ukrainian Armed Forces (UAF) have launched a major attack on positions of the Donest Peoples’ Republic (DPR) forces near the town of Gorlovka. Gorlovka is the DPR-controlled town, located north of the DPR capital of Donetsk. Its pre-war population was about 256,000 people.

Last night, two UAF platoons, backed up by artillery and machine guns fire, stormed positions of DPR forces near the settlement of Golmovskiy, located north of Gorlovka. However, they were not able to break the DPR defense and retreated. The UAF assault force killed at least 1 DPR serviceman and captured 3 others. In turn, 5 UAF fighters were killed and 4 others were injured.

On May 21 morning, a group of UAF troops, backed up by battle tanks and BMP armoured vehicles, also advanced on the settlement of Chigary, near Gorlkova, where clashes erupted.

At the same time, the UAF artillery increased strikes on the town of Gorlovka itself. There are reports about civilian casualties.

Despite the Minsk 2 accords reached in 2015, the situation in eastern Ukraine has still not been de-escalated. The Kiev government is refusing any real negotiations with the Donetsk and Luganks People’s Republics, is continuing military actions against local militias and is preparing for a military operation to re-establish control over this area by force.

During the clashes the UAF has captured at least 3 members of DPR forces:

Fierce Clashes Between Kiev Forces And DPR Erupt In Eastern Ukraine (Videos, Photos)

Click to see the full-size image

Fierce Clashes Between Kiev Forces And DPR Erupt In Eastern Ukraine (Videos, Photos)

Click to see the full-size image

Fierce Clashes Between Kiev Forces And DPR Erupt In Eastern Ukraine (Videos, Photos)

Click to see the full-size image

Ukrainian forces are allegedy destroying a BMP armoured vehicle of DPR forces:

An impact site of the UAF’s shelling in Gorlovka:

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If it weren’t for the geopolitical interests of the Elite, NWO distopia (or in short the Jews), today, brothers would not kill brothers in this World; likewise neither Syrians would kill Syrians nor ex-Soviets would kill ex-Soviets.

Michał Hunicz

Soviets are a product of Jewish imaginations.


Hahahaha yes and considering they imagined monotheism first, they are the masters of imagination.

Douglas Houck

Jews imagined monotheism from the Persians.

Zoroastrianism: a monotheistic pre-Islamic religion of ancient Persia founded by Zoroaster in the 6th century BC.


had no idea but 6th century bc is bit later than moses isnt it

Douglas Houck

The 6th BC is when it was the official religion of Persia, not when it started.

Moses died in 1407 BC. Due to the destruction of the Persian libraries, there are no reliable sources available to indicate the time Zarathustra lived with estimates up to 4 thousand years BC. The Jewish religion was felt to have been exposed and influenced to Zoroastrianism during their time in Babylon around 400 BC. There is a lot of information out there. Very interesting belief system that includes god creating the universe, the duality of nature/mankind, free will, angels and archangels, life after death, etc.


You can call me Al

Zionists not Jews – my view only.


I would go a step further in that condemning Zionists in Israel cannot be labelled anti-semitic because they are comprised primarily of non-semitic people murdering and thieving from the Semitic population of Palestine. Just like the US projecting what it actually is and does onto the backs of countries it targets, Israel does the same; hence, to be anti-semitic in Israel, is to be against the Semitic people of Palestine and favor the non-Semitic people of Israel.

You can call me Al

Yes, of course you are right, but my comments are for the “masses” – once they understand mine, the next step is to bring in the final truths (ie yours.).

Remember, many people are dumb as fck.

PS the Jewish capital isn’t even Jerusalem.


And that’s a fact!


I feel the same, but it’s about time that Jews stepped out into the light and denounced the actions of the satanic Talmudists. Some have, like Gilad Atzmon and Paul Eisen.

You can call me Al

But they have and are constantly – even in Israel.

I posted a load of images the other day, but l like a gimp, I forgot to save them.

Here is start – https://yandex.com/images/search?text=Jews%20against%20zionism

But I is not just the bearded ones.

Tudor Miron

Khazarian kaganat v3.0 is hard at work. They try hard to drag Russia and than Europe into a war there but with a little help from their friends DNR and LNR are able to defend themselves from banderstan.


We read the KGB propaganda. Amen.


KGB doesn’t make propaganda, it f*cks infiltrated Israelis like you


To be expected, now the US has been humiliated in Syria, it’s their way to cause trouble in other places.

All you Americans trying to blame the Jews for your crimes is really lame.


Ah, shame. The innocent jews have not already occupied and taken control of America. If it is not KSA then it is America, or any other country but never israhell. It does not stem from israhell and the jews. Never.


The vast majority of the US Corporate press and media are Jewish, as are the eventual owners of other corporations and health care businesses including banking and money lending.. Couple that with a Zionist US government and there is justification to say that Zionist Jews control America.


The fact that the Western media ignores this total Jewish dominance of the media is of course due to the Jewish owners of the corporations but what cannot be excused is the almost total subordination of all the Western political parties who have a chance of gaining power via the ballot box.


“..cannot be excused is the almost total subordination …”

Not really… the Deep State essentially controls what people see and hear 24/7 through the media (including movies) and so the majority of Americans remain ignorant of reality. If you don’t have a reason to question what you see and hear 24/7, why would you seek outside answers to questions you don’t have. The old saying ‘ignorance is bliss’ is as true today as when it was when first uttered. Those of us who know what’s going on outside of our borders (inside too) surely feel pain at all of the injustice we see visited upon the world by the Empire. Yet those that are ignorant, feel only the pain of not having more money from their jobs to purchase more enjoyment for their lives.


Sadly you have a point there. :)


hmmm If you don’t pay, you don’t play, ask Hillary how it works. The people you want in power, do not want to be in power. The system is broke, expecting those who broke it, to fix it, is naïve.


Funny seen these visuals you put up before and just ignored. Looked through and got a growing sense of outrage. Then realized I quit TV and mags decades ago. Oh get a peep now and then but none in my place. So the upshot?

It’s like drugs if you don’t use them, they go out of business. Avoid name brand products, as best you can and battle any addiction. Most of the top performers on wall st. deal with addictive products. I would include cars and war in that category, just me.

You can call me Al

Yes agreed, to a certain extent, I am the same for maybe, different reasons.

Sometimes, I do wish it was 10 years ago, when I just went along with 5 minutes of BBC crap.

PS To keep you busy, or when you can, find the visuals for the duel passport members of Congress, UK Parliament and so on – same thing as above + I would love a saved link.

….. and they I owe you one.



ohhhh the poor JEWS……
who again is and was and were the head of the monetary system in the us the fed..opps all jews although their % in population is a meager 0.0001%.
who again control the major banks in the us.opps all jews again…
who controls the mind control / child fuckers hollywood and who are 99.9% of the actors and actresses…..opps jews again……
who controls 99.9% of alcohol in the us…….opps the jews ..love that jim beam commercial with the jew hollywood whore mila kunis when she drinks and says..” hmmm ohhh what a great fealing…jim beam” iam sure she drinks a bottle a day..its such a healthy thing…
I could give u a million examples…but u know what dude…..
why dont you just go back home to your illegal zionist/jewish entity callled israel….wait till mankind finally comes after you folks…you thiefs,rapists,murderers,lyers,child fuckers,monsters..the most evil living creatures ever on our planet…The JEW.
Why do u think the britsh banned them for 350 years…or the spanish for 400 years…….just like jesus said ” your father is satan arihman”….and if one looks back in history, and looks at the present…..who can kill hundreds of unarmed civilans, including babys and then blame them dead folks.who can live after a “holy book” the Talmud…where all other living human beings are dirty, where the betrayal of all non jewish is not only allowed but promoted..where all non jewish women are called WHORES that have no right what so ever……
and your bullshit holocaust myth story…lol even after pouring in billions, and even after prosecuting people that speak the truth….its stll out there and the truth aint going any where..just like syria….that bs jewsih story of assad being the terrorist..lol just like the bs jewsish strory in iraq and afghanistan…remember folks what the us and jew assholes used to call the taliban/pashtun fighters or the iraqi fighters??????

INSURGENTS lol just a dirty jew can come up with such a dirty manuveur…calling the home country population INSURGENTS……….typical satan arihman


Well you sold yourself into Jewish slavery, they didn’t force you they paid you, and you gladly took their money.
Your like a hooker complaining about the work, you don’t have to sell yourself, but you do every single election.

Ever even considered voting for another political party?
Do you always vote for the Jewish Democrat and Jewish Republican party, if yes you sell your vote Judas.

Michał Hunicz

Putin, send few more white convoys! Smash Zio-Banderists!


All these ISIS and Al-Qaeda fighters are Israeli migrants and work under the commands of Netanyahu, US, UK and France regimes.
Mr. Putin watch these videos and then call to Netanyahu that you are doing great job that killing our Russian pilots in Syria and Russian diplomates in the world. Tell Netanyahu that I 100% support these efforts of Israeli migrants.


According to the Gorlovka’s mayor this is ukrodisinformation https://www.facebook.com/ivan.prikhodko.9/posts/1701082559941004




South Front makes this look like a failed assault, but given its extremely limited nature it would be better to call it a border raid.
Also, this is just a matter of definitions, instead of saying the war hasn’t ‘deescalated,’ a better word would be that there continues a state of ‘frozen conflict.’

Dr. Pro Liv

This article comes from Ukrainian false report !
See comment from Alex.

“According to the Gorlovka’s mayor this is ukrodisinformation ”


No badges or other identifiers on camos…looks suspicious based on that fact alone.,


I wouldn’t put either scenario past either side. The real question is who intended to do what.

Dr. Pro Liv

Following the rise in the number of civilian victims, the DPR returns fire to neutralize the Ukrainian firing positions, killing 10.

After the constant and deadly bombardment of the last days against several points of the front, the command of the army of the Donetsk People’s Republic (DPR) decided to return fire to neutralize the shooting positions of the Ukrainian Armed Forces (UAF) responsible for many recent victims.

The first shots of neutralization targeted the Ukrainian army positions from which came the recent shootings against the area of the Gagarin mine.

The first of these is located near the village of Chigari, where the Ukrainian army was firing with automatic grenade launchers, rocket launchers and small arms not only against civilians living on the territory of the DPR, but also against houses of civilians living in the village where the Ukrainian soldiers are stationed (the FAU shooting with rifles on houses).

According to the DPR soldiers stationed near Gorlovka, they used the height advantage over the Ukrainian positions, and opened fire on the UAF unit responsible for shooting at civilians, killing six Ukrainian soldiers.

The second neutralized firing position was near the Yuzhnaya mine. Yesterday afternoon, the UAF fired mortar from this position against the Gagarin mine area, purposely targeting residential areas. According to a source in the army’s operational command, DPR soldiers used heights abandoned a few days ago by the UAF to neutralize the Ukrainian gunners’ team without using weapons banned by the Minsk agreements.

The shooting killed four Ukrainian soldiers, bringing the total to 10 dead on the side of the UAF.

To this must be added the 14 dead soldiers and eight wounded during the Ukrainian soldiers’ attempt to take new positions towards the Yuynaya mine on May 12th. Of the 30 to 40 soldiers who participated in this attempt, nine died the same day and five were injured when the DPR soldiers repelled the attack.

Further, because of this mismanagement, that the Ukrainian soldiers, not only did not gain ground, but lost some, among others the heights that DPR soldiers could use for their shots of neutralization.

Unable to properly evacuate their wounded, and following continuous gunfire, Ukrainian losses increased in the three days that followed with five deaths and three more wounded. This makes a total of 24 dead and eight wounded in battle among Ukrainian soldiers for the week.

It is necessary to add to this already heavy balance sheet for the UAF, the death of several NATO instructors which went on the front line, near Avdeyevka. The vehicle they were driving rolled over a mine, killing three Canadian soldiers and two American soldiers. Three of the Ukrainian soldiers accompanying them were reportedly injured.

Enough! After Shellings On Civilians And Water Treatment Plant, Donetsk Returns Fire.

According to a source in the operational command of the DPR army, what happened was not an accident, but was deliberately organized by the Ukrainian command, which sent the vehicle in the open minefield, to then pass off these deaths as deaths in combat due to firing units of DPR reconaissance. The aim is to justify the granting of new lethal weapons to Ukraine by NATO.

On the DPR side, two defenders of the republic have been killed, including the commander Mamai of the Piatnachka unit, and one soldier was wounded during the last 24 hours.

During the bombing that claimed the life of Commander Mamai, a cameraman and a sound operator of the VGTRK radio and television company who accompanied the famous Russian journalist Alexander Sladkov were injured. Both operators suffered concussion, Alexander Sladkov meanwhile is fine.

On the civilian side, there are three more wounded in Gorlovka, compared to yesterday’s report, bringing the total for the week to one death and eight wounded among civilians.

It only remains to be hoped that the arrival of Alexander Hug in Donetsk will find ways to bring down the tension before the escalation becomes irremediable, and the bloodbath inevitable.


It’s indeed good to know that the Republic is able to neutralize the Nazis (oops, Ukrainian) forces targeting the civilian population of the Republic. I’m sure a major escalation is planned during the World Cup. It’s just how the terrorist’s vassal forces of the Empire act.


I think it’s spelled Haig but I like Hug better

You can call me Al

Well they waited and waited, until the got the urgent go ahead from the Yanker scum – to both divert attention from he Syrian loss, the update of number of Countries flipping their middle finger at them + to bully Europe over the Iran, Russia and all the other sanctions —> the fact is just that the US are now bat shit crazy.


My contention is that this is the opening salvo of a larger Donbass assault with the intention to disrupt the FIFA World Cup as much as possible.

You can call me Al

Now, you mention it, a very good point – remember it was started, during the Winter Olympics when Putin was in Sochi.


Right on schedule to mess with the football world cup, exactly as expected. The patterns of Russian appeasement are now so established, and so well understood by all sides, that the UAF must feel they have free rein at least until the circuses are over–after which the Kremlin will probably find another excuse for inaction.

This is what happens when you display weakness to people who respect only strength.


You’d think they learn a lesson. More Nazis for the meat grinder. All the NATO training in the world does not change wrong to right. They sent NATO troops to their deaths to increase NATO support, how could that go wrong?

NATO troops at the frontlines and they whine about Russian troops. At least they come from the same continent. Gosh the reaction to Russian troops showing up to help if part of California seceded. Or to more accurately portray what happened, showed up to cause California to secede.

Getting asses handed to them in Syria time to flex some muscle somewhere else.

Cyric London

With Putin on his knees, why not? This was perfectly predictable. We will see a lot of posts about Jews, this and Jews that, however keep in mind they have a lock on the Kremlin too.


Could be, does that make it right or good for any of us?


I would guess that Mr. Bolton is at it again. I could be wrong.

Domenic Patrone

Kiev’s providers have witnessed the devastation of their allies in the south. They with the focus of the Russian armed services to switch to the top half of the empire so as to allow some breathing room for the south’s main adversary, Israel. They may move up, in time, if it’s safe. Russia has this all well in hand however and won’t over commit to victory up north at the expense of it’s southern offensive .. ever.


And so it begins…The Spring Offensive.

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