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Field Marshal Haftar Addresses The Nation As Opposing GNA Pumps Out Dubious Propaganda


Field Marshal Haftar Addresses The Nation As Opposing GNA Pumps Out Dubious Propaganda

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On April 23rd, Field Marshal Khalifa Haftar addressed the Libyan Nation.

In his speech, he held the Presidential Council fully responsible for losing the sovereignty of the country to Turkish invaders and terrorists and called for the complete rejection of the Libyan Political Agreement.

Below is the English translation of his entire statement:

“To all the Libyan people,

“Operation Dignity” was launched in 2014, and today it has become a revolution due to the pivotal changes that have led to a better future. Your Armed Forces have sacrificed everything to free your country from terrorism. This has come at a cost of hundreds martyred and thousands injured.

Terrorism spread throughout the country, they targeted what had remained of the Army and security forces in an attempt to control the country. The terrorists committed the vilest of crimes, assassinating activists, journalists, lawyers and key social figures.

Our country lived in fear, horror and despair, its institutions failed, and the country became a huge catastrophe affecting all areas of life. We have faced a lot of traitors, plots were planned against our officers and soldiers, many of them were assassinated, our weapons and vehicles were stolen as the extremists worked on diminishing our role as an army. But we did not surrender, we decided to retreat, and as the heroes answered their country’s call we decided to confront the extremists under extremely difficult circumstances.

The Army, with the support of the Libyan people and the young men who gathered from all parts the country, announced it would fight the terrorists. We defeated the terrorists in Benghazi, in the Oil Crescent, in Derna, and in Central and Southern Libya. Stability was brought to these areas and residents are now able to live their normal lives.

Your Army today continues its war in Tripoli, the liberation of Tripoli will be the culmination of this long-fought struggle. Your armed forces continue their battles today, but it has not turned away from rebuilding the Army.

We are proud of where we are today. Our Army is professionally organised, well-equipped, and our officers and soldiers are as determined as ever. We have managed to defeat terrorism, built an army capable of protecting the Libyan people in their cities and towns, whilst securing governmental institutions, oil fields and ports.

The political and economic situation of the country is dire. This is due to the failure of the  Presidential Council which has committed many crimes, they have committed treason. Their legitimacy is fake, they lost Libya’s sovereignty, destroyed its economy and stole the Libyan people’s wealth, They decided to support extremist groups and financed them using Libya’s oil revenues. Our brave soldiers liberated the oil fields with their blood.

The Presidential Council flooded Libya with mercenaries in an attempt to fight our Army. Their most serious act of treason was when they asked Turkey to invade and occupy Libya, along with the extremist militias in Tripoli.

Today, the Presidential Council welcomed the actions of the extremist militias in Surman and Sabratha who have committed violent crimes against its residents. And it continues to support them, proving their direct relationship to terrorism and conspiracy against Libya. We would like to let them know that this will end very soon.

To all the Libyan people,

The tragic situation in Libya and the suffering of the people have reached their climax which leaves no choice for the Libyans except to clearly announce the rejection of the Political Agreement and all the institutions that originated from it. We call on you to authorise the institution that you think is right one to lead the country during this time.

We need to work towards building a civil country that all Libyans can look forward to. We call on you to make this historical decision, through your local councils, civil society organisations and various associations in your cities, to get Libya back on track. We promise to you that your Army will be ready to protect and support your decision and that we will continue to liberate the whole of Libya.

Glory to all our martyrs. The traitors of our nation will continue to live in shame and disgrace.”

Following the address, there were videos showing Libyan citizens taking to the streets in many cities across the country to show their support for Haftar’s forces.

On the ground, the Libyan National Army appears to be having success, as there’s numerous videos showing it capturing Syrian mercenaries transported by Turkey to Libya.

ISIS militants, fighting on behalf of the Government of National Accord (GNA) are also among those captured, as there is ample footage showing those individuals.

On the side of the GNA, the interior minister Fathi Bashagha himself admitted in an interview that power in Tripoli had been hijacked by militants, exactly as Field Marshal Khalifa Haftar had said.

The GNA, and pro-GNA media are also circulating a video, allegedly showing Russians from the mythical Wagner PMC in Libya, after accusing it of carrying out nerve agent attacks on its forces, and then shooting them with sniper rifles.

Below, however, is a pro-LNA twitter account, which is also using a video to accuse the GNA of recruiting Russian mercenaries.

Essentially, both sides are accusing each other of the same thing. Both sides are using the same exact video to accuse each other.

What is noteworthy from the video is that it essentially shows nothing, on top of the voices in it speaking in Ukrainian, and not Russian.

The current level of propaganda, especially the one that’s began since Turkey joined in the fray is similar to that in Syria, but currently at an even lower level than that.

A GNA attack was repelled by the LNA in Southern Tripoli, in Ain Zara and in Casirma.

A Turkish UAV was also downed, adding to the dozens already downed by the LNA.

On the international scene, Germany announced that it would deploy up to 300 of its soldiers to support the EU’s Operation Irini aimed at enforcing the UN weapons embargo on Libya. This mostly impedes Turkey, which has been primarily using its navy’s ships to deliver mercenaries and weapons.




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    • Mustafa Mehmet


      • Zionism = EVIL

        How many real Turkeys are dying in Libya for worthless oil? it is shame that the goat fucker Erdogan is sending these illiterate poor Arabs to die for cowardly Turkeys. If Sisi the Jew cunt even had half a ball hanging, he should use Egyptian airforce to bomb the shit out of the Turkeys as their supply lines are totally exposed and Egypt is on home ground. But sadly as I wrote initially, it is competition between the two most incompetent militaries in the world.

        • Peter Jennings

          Mustafa white helmet doesn’t seem to have too much to say for himself.

          • Zionism = EVIL

            The Turkeys like Zionist parasites have gone quiet these days as things aren’t kosher as the Pimpeovirus is taking its toll.

        • Mustafa Mehmet

          Have you see him fucking goat? maybe you was holding the rope helping him out.

      • World_Eye


  • Zionism = EVIL

    It is really great comedy watching these tin pot Toyota Landcruiser riding petty criminals calling themselves “Field Marshal”. Kaddafi at least had the decency to remain a colonel.

  • Peter Jennings

    What is happening in Libya has been played out before. The US and nato have done the same elsewhere. If there were no oil, heroin or lithium in Libya they wouldn’t be there. Since they are, they prefer to receive all the spoils and care not who runs the economy for them. Sound familiar?

    The US and nato cannot mount a major intervention as that will inform all their western cash cows, who paid for the illegal invasion of Libya, that they were lied to yet again, and the real reason for illegally invading Libya was far removed from humanitarian assistance.
    That won’t go down too well after the revelations that emerged after the Gulf wars.

    The people of Libya have a great opportunity and they should grasp it now. If they do, it could all be done and dusted in weeks.

  • Sencer

    One year ago , this Extra Ultra Great Victorious Field General Marshal was ‘ about to get Tripoli with in a week’.

    Now he is begging Libyan people to uprise, as Russian Mercs, UAE, Saudis and French combined could not save his 77 year old ass. One must know when to retire .

  • abuqahwa

    EU Operation Irini is a fake, facade. Does anyone really believe that Germany, of all EU members, would dare impede Turkish arms and personnel shipments to Libya ?? The same craven, cowardly Germany who transfers arms to Turkey and meekly does nothing when Turkey denies access to Incirlik NATO AB to Luftwaffe / As for Italy they fully back Sarraj Effendi the Bey of Tripoli to keep the gas flowing from Mellitah, maintain naval bases in Misrata, can anyone believe that Italy will block Turks from Misrata or Tripoli sea ports or airbases which continue unabated to receive DAILY inflows of heavy weapons from their NATO partner ? What a pathetic joke the EU is.