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Fiction & Propaganda: US Announces (Again) Plans to Liberate Raqqa

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The Pentagon has announced its plans to liberate Syrian city of Raqqa, amid the ongoing Mosul offensive.

Fiction & Propaganda: US Announces (Again) Plans to Liberate Raqqa

US Secretary of Defense Ashton Carter (Photo: Reuters / J. Ernst)

The US Defense Department said that US military is preparing for an operation in the Syrian city of Raqqa, which is considered as a capital of the Islamic State (IS) terrorist group. An announcement of the preparation of the operation in Raqqa, amid the fact that the operation in Iraqi Mosul still has virtually gained no momentum, was made by US Secretary of Defense Ashton Carter in Paris.

According to Carter, the coalition is preparing to develop a plan of the operation for liberation of Raqqa from the IS without involvement of Russia in the process. When Carter and his French counterpart Jean-Yves Le Drian were asked by journalists about terms of the operation, they noted that it is still too much early to talk about the terms, but “everything goes according to plan.”

Apparently, the operation in Mosul also goes according to a US plan: terrorists, surrounded on three sides, manage to start a counter-offensive, as well as to leave the city, moving in the western direction, to the Syrian border.

It is enough strange that the US and its allies did not plan such large-scale operations until the strategic initiative in Syria has been on the side of terrorists and ‘moderate’ militants. Now the US imitates frenzied activity in order to add political points to the candidate from the Democratic Party before the elections. We can assume that in the near future the world will see footage, showing American and Iraqi soldiers, installing flags in Mosul… For this, it will be enough to take a video of some ‘liberated’ hut somewhere on the outskirts of Mosul, and then the ‘most honest’ Western media will start their work.

Amid this, reports that terrorists tried to attack positions of Syrian troops near Damascus come from Syria. According to the SANA news agency, terrorists of the Jabhat Fateh al-Sham (previously known as the Al-Nusra Front, a Syrian branch of the al-Qaeda) group, used armored vehicles. The Syrian Army repulsed the attack, killing several dozens of terrorists and destroying three tanks and two off-road vehicles, equipped with machine guns.

A day before, the Russian Defense Ministry announced that Russian and Syrian fighter jets have not been carrying out airstrikes on Aleppo during a week. The information was released as a refutation of a statement of Western media that the Russian air power allegedly struck the eastern neighborhoods of Aleppo.

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The US is a joke. It seems like dimwit Carter is running the strategy. I would if the real military people actually have any input.


Good morning Nexus. I don´t get the feeling that they surround themselves in a world connected to reality. For many years now, the political elite and their friends, have depended upon shaping the image. Sooner or later that all goes wrong in the worst possible way. I think they are truly blind in their thoughts and actions. Have a good day.


That may be the US only hope, is if someone in our Military was to step in. I agree with John, they are so far gone so far removed from reality they simply have no idea. So many damn lies I think they actually believe in the BS they spout. Truly sick in the head.

chris chuba

It’s even worse. On FOX News they kept using the phrase ‘re-take Raqqa’. Since when did the U.S. led coalition EVER govern Raqqa? The U.S. coalition consists of the U.S., Turks, and Kurds. Raqqa was never even a Kurdish city.


They probably believe it is in Iraq. Not as if they have anyone over there who has any idea where the hell these places are.

Gerhard Eichhorn

Who do they want to put there? Kurdish soldiers and their families? Iraqi people?

How do they want to live their surrounded by their ennemies?

It seems a nonsense to me if the rest of syria is owned by the syrien government.


How can you recapture something you never had?

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