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JUNE 2023

Fearing Hay’at Tahrir Al-Sham Revenge, Hundreds Of Turkish-Backed Militants Flee To Occupied Afrin

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Fearing Hay’at Tahrir Al-Sham Revenge, Hundreds Of Turkish-Backed Militants Flee To Occupied Afrin

SLF fighters before the attack on HTS

Around 1,000 fighters of the Ahrar al-Sham Movement and Jaysh al-Nasir have withdrawn from their positions in the opposition-held part of Hama countryside to the Turkish-occupied area of Afrin, the Syrian news outlet Enab Baladi reported on January 13.

Both the Ahrar al-Sham Movement and Jaysh al-Nasir are a part of the National Front for Liberation (NFL) coalition, which was formed last year after pressure from Turkey.

The pro-opposition outlet’s reporter said that another 1,700 Turkish-backed militants are preparing to withdraw to Afrin in the upcoming 24 hours. According to the report, the militants took this decision because they don’t trust Hay’at Tahrir al-Sham (HTS), which took over their positions recently.

“The fighters’ withdrawal from the region is a loss for the frontlines with Assad’s forces in northwestern Hama, HTS can’t fill the gap immediately,” the reporter said.

HTS launched a surprise attack on the positions of the NFL in the northern Hama countryside at the early hours of January 8. After a day only, the Turkish-backed coalition surrendered and accepted a humiliating surrender agreement that allowed the radical group to impose control of the enter region.

Many local observers had warned that the radical group will take advantage of the Russian-Turkish demilitarized zone agreement and expand its influence in the opposition-held part of northwestern Syria. However, these warnings were largely ignored.

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My sense is that once the Turkish proxies more or less fully withdraw, the jihadists will face the full wrath of the Syrian Army and the Russian Air Force and then meet their maker- i.e., there will be no reason for Erdogan to object- and I suspect this has been all part of the Syrian-Russian-Iranian-Turkish plan. The only question in my mind is, how many Israeli, and British advisors will be killed or captured in the onslaught. Best that they are captured and spill the beans on the whole US-NATO-Saudi-Israeli operation.


‘The only question in my mind is, how many Israeli, and British advisors will be killed or captured in the onslaught’.

The Nuremburg trials created the legal precedent that it is not a defence for a soldier to ‘obey orders that are deemed to be illegal’ . The UK and all other nations advisers and mercenaries are carrying arms illegally in Syria and are supporting illegal armed gangs that are funded by the US Coalition of Terror.

Those Brits in Syria who are aiding terrorism have choices to make. Surrender to the SAA, leave Syria and fight the UK Government in court or fight with all the risks that entails.

If they are crippled or killed it is their own fault. There will be NO British ‘Syrian campaign medals’, that’s for sure.

Promitheas Apollonious

I think all of them also, will be going to afrin, IF the shit hit the fan.


They may find that their HTS friends would prefer them as hostages though. The vast majority of UK citizens, including politicians, have no idea that British troops are active in Syria.

If HTS takes them hostage it would be news that the UK cannot censor .

The cat would be out of the bag then :)

Promitheas Apollonious

I find it hard to believe that is any one that is not aware of what is happening in ME, after all is been said and written from all sides, but I will take your word for it.

My personal experiences with people is not they dont know or have never hear of what is going on, they simply dont care, to know as they have more interesting issues that occupy their minds like movie or music stars, or who win survivor games or talent shows.


I agree and that applies to politicians as well.

The general ignorance of US politicians is an extreme example but we know from the ignorance they have displayed about world affairs that their knowledge is very limited.

I am sure that this applies to EU politicians as well. Keeping informed takes time, interest and effort. You obviously spend a lot of time and effort to satisfy your interest as I and and others to with regard to Syria and the Middle East.

It is a few hours a day. The MSM is effectively censoring Middle Eastern news by omission.


I agree, but also think that our politicians are discouraged from learning and discussing facts that are inconsistent with the Deep State’s narrative. As with criticism of Israel, they run the risk of being marginalized and displaced in the next election if they don’t follow the program. Same with the mainstream journalists – they worry more about their careers and status and what they could lose if they report inconvenient facts.


I completely agree with you and in reply I assert that such lack of moral fibre within the US will bring its own downfall.

There are examples of such venality and cowardice throughout history and the consequence’s have always been the same.

The only difference today is the fully connected world we live in and that the timelines of disaster have become shorter.

Jens Holm

That why they made the Coalision in the first place. Pleace get that. They are the mainrunners having an Agenda for it, so things are not like Trump has made it in USA.

So many countries cant easy be tilted by some President in one country as well as some opposition in another.

Its not like cars, You can paint red and then next day paint it green and then red or yellow again. Well You might for colors of car, but most of the rest is a complicated machine, where You just can replace things and they as a whole is gone and out of order by randomisme or worse.

None will put in billions for we are like that. We would not be here, if we were like that.

Jens Holm

Britts knows well. Its open even not in the big lines as the center of the world as Floryian Geyer and locals there think it should be.

Jens Holm

Britts are well aware for, where brittish troops are and in Syria as well. They have miliatry traditions to behave different, then You in those matters.

Britts just have bombarded the ISIS pocket several times, they have special forces there, they also have been involved in making Al Tanf as well as helped it in Jordan with logistics.

You only are right on, that most britts dont jump up and down about it. They trust their Govements handle it as well as it goes.

As You see well these days Theresa May is no Dicator at all. Its open for most things compared to most countries in the world.

Brittish soldiers also are in other places as well and in the open as well as in secret. How should some britts being in Syria be so different from the rest.


” How should some britts being in Syria be so different from the rest.”

Because the is NO UN mandate and NO UK parliamentary approval for British troops to be illegally operating in Syria Jens.

What would you say if Chinese troops were illegally bearing arms and supporting terrorism in Denmark Jens ?

Jens Holm

When I see how UN is treated here during many years by ignoring even normal sense, I mainly will ignore all that about UN form people like Damaskus and Turkey hardly listening to it at all.

So I mainly dont care. Putin & Co just block and Veto.

From that perspective I totally ignore Your socalled rights, because You keep almost none of the things UN is for well – Mainly the opposite.

So I dont care if Britts are here and there as well as it probatly was fine the Chinese was here, if we were treated worse then most Syrians in Syria.

But I am against we are in places, where no change is possible.

Assads has no mandate to run Syria at all. It was lost just after his father took over. UN today feed half of the Syrtians population.

By that we socalled rich one have the mainparts of extras adding them to Gaza and the west bank. How comes the mainparts of refugees are muslims even muslims are only 1 of 7.

How comes millions prefare west from the rest of the world. You are not even allowed to debate that, bacuse all we do is wrong and hostile according to the books created by your big leaders gruinding You with guns and fear jailing You or worse, if You make a little beep beep for us.

You forget we are blamed for spreading out jihadisme and You are happy for, when they are with us too – Should christian mainly sekular christians be that to adding it to emmigrants as well as refugees.

You dont see our strong sides and blame all of us beimg jews or even zionists. Leaders like Erdogan and others name germans and dutch as nazis and dont understand free speech is not only to say, what our highest ranked public elected says – oh no – its what Erdogans say, its what Putin says, its what saudis says when they kill saudis, they dont like.

And else from yesterday. Some Egyptian women are jailed for taking hands around a man – But pawing tits and behinds of women is accepted in the same country as normal, if You dont have a brother or father protecting You and by that as a women is a dirty slut or worse.

Your systems makes a lot of that, but I am for change by radio, TV and like that. But You censur them harder and harder and by that create countries in countries, which for good reasons arm themselves, because You already are and understand anything else.


Sure Florian, Nuremberg created that “precedent”. It is important to realise that that stipulation was a British initiative just before the end of the war to enable the Allies to execute as many German soldiers as possible. Traditionally the soldier’s defence of “obeying orders” was rock solid, and for a good reason. An army can’t operate if soldiers question their orders constantly, and soldiers have been shot in all armies for disobeying orders. So the Nuremberg stipulation is globalist nonsense and almost exclusively effect the “losers” of the war. Winners don’t have to worry about it cos no one is going to take them to court or tribunals.

But of course these guys in Syria illegally are not regular soldiers. There has been no declaration of war (even though economic sanctions is an act of war), and they will be treated as spies or mercenaries, and Geneva Convention only covers regular uniformed soldiers. As such UK will deny their existence and will not institute any proceedings against them. At worst they will be in the slammer for a couple of years for “assisting terrorist entities abroad” or some such nonsense. For the lack of service medals I’m sure the Rothschilds will reward them for their part in the destruction. Have a good day friend.


“But of course these guys in Syria illegally are not regular soldiers.”

The UK government has in recent years , quietly admitted that UK ‘Military training teams’ have been operating in Syria. Ostensibly to teach First Aid etc :) I do not doubt though that UK mercenaries are also involved .


Yes, you’re right, the UK has admitted to “training” and other support roles. Don’t matter to the Syrians if they are front line or not, giving military support to enemies of Syria makes them agents of hostile entities – and as there is no declaration of war, they can be justifiably treated as spies or mercenaries.


Donald Trump has warned its NATO ally to beware of the devastating wrath of US economic pressure if Turkey dares to attack the Kurdish allies America is leaving behind in its “long overdue” pull-out of troops from Syria.


That threat is also aimed at the Syrian government as well I think.

Hisham Saber

Yup, even the Russians and Chinese have Special Forces embedded along side Syrain Army troops along the Idlib border zone. The Chinese are very interested in getting a hold of, or eliminating the Uighur Chinese fighters in Idlib, which by some estimates reach about 10,000 fighters. The Chinese gov. plans on taking these people and ‘ re-educating’ them away from Wahhabism and Salafism. Radical fringes of Islam.

The Chinese learned the lesson of how to deal with Wahhabism and Salafism from how the Russian Federation successfully dealt with the Chechen revolts, which are fully supported by the usual criminals, the U.S., British and Israeli intelligence services to forment terror and conflict.

Now, if one goes to Chechnya, its a totally different place, with mainstarem , moderate Islam, and a much higher standard of living. Putin himself put his stamp of approval on this, and it worked marvels. Now hardcore Chechen fighters are fighting along side their Orthodox Christain Slavic ethnic brethren in the Donbass. In fact, in 2014-2015, the Donbass militias were getting whipped good by the Ukie military, that is until the Chechens arrived and organized the militais, brought with them sophisticated weapons, especially very accurate artillery weapons/systems that ended up shredding entire Ukrainian armored columns and the Chechens beat the Ukrainian troops to a pulp at the Battle of Donetsk Airport, which ended up being a complete rout for the Ukies. Then, a little later, the Ukies tried another formidable armored assault on the Donbass, in the Battle for Debaletsevo, in which very accurate artillery fire shredded entre armored columns. Again, it was the specialty of these Chechen warriors. I have even seen videos of Ukrainian soldiers being interviewed about the conflict and what happened, and they spoke of very well experienced commando type guys who spoke with a thick accent and looked ethnic. And they always shouted ‘ Allahu Akbar ‘ when fighting, launching artillery ect.

Chechens are in Syria too, many working for the Russian MoD, others simply volunteers. They fight a lot like Hezbollah. In fact, the President of the Chechen Republib of Russia has good ties to Sayed Hassan Nasrallah.


Oh…what a shame…the Turkish terrorists are afraid of death… Are those the same guys that will ‘eliminate’ the YPG ? Hahahhahaha



Probably yes, hahaa

Jens Holm

So far the best article of today :)


they are not fleeing. They are running in fear. You live in peace and safety. The Situation in those feeble minds that are running or fighting is nothing that I and You can ever imagine.


They are stepping aside so SAA & Russia can destroy HTS/Nusra without interference from Turkey or the anglozionists … this is Erdoghan’s way of saving face as Turkey leaves Idleb and north/northeast Syria as part of an agreement to return all territory to Damascus if the latter disarms the Kurds, with Russian assurances.

Willing Conscience (The Truths

All these different factions are made up of even smaller groups and some of them of even smaller groups again, some with only a dozen fighters. This is a separating of ideologies and causes, Erdogan’s already vetted who and who he doesn’t want in his new army, and those he doesn’t want will either disband and disappear, or join the HTS fanatics. As part of the deal with HTS, the heavy weapons are being left behind as part of the arrangement, Erdogan doesn’t need old the old crappy stuff he’s leaving now, all the good stuff was moved out nearly 2 months ago when he shipped 10,000 of his proxies to Aleppo, they took anything worth any value then. Contrary to what your all being told, HTS is actually defunct and useless now, not invincible, we’ll all find out in the next few days just how piss weak they really are right atm. They have hardly any decent weapons light or heavy, the max 20,000 fighters they had before this all started won’t go up in number, it’ll actually go down, especially when the fighters in HTS start realizing what’s really in store for them, if you can see what’s happening there now, so can they, there’ll be lot’s of HTS fighters switching back to the NFL now, increasing Erdogan’s numbers and diminishing HTS’s. They’ll last as long as it took me to write this, well not that much longer, that magic potion that the cartoon character Asterix gave to the Isis fighters at Hajin and the HTS fighters in Idlib only lasts until January the 15, after that it loses it’s magic power and all those fighters go back to just being human like the rest of us. Today is the 14tht, that’s given the Russian servicemen a one week break for Christmas [Russian xmas 7 jan], I don’t think the Russian servicemen are going to get a 2 week break for Xmas, lets see what happens tomorrow or the day after, let’s see just how Christmasy Putin is feeling, not very I suspect, judging by all the Russian surveillance aircraft we’ve seen flying over Idlib just over the last few days. Merry Christmas HTS.

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