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FBI Released First Declassified 9/11 Document, Without Proving Riyadh’s Involvement In Attacks

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FBI Released First Declassified 9/11 Document, Without Proving Riyadh's Involvement In Attacks

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The FBI has released the first document related to its investigation of the 11 September 2001 attacks, following an executive order by President Joe Biden.

Fulfilling one of his election promises, Joe Biden ordered the Ministry of Justice and other involved agencies to audit the array of documents and publish declassified information within six months. Relatives of the victims had recently called on President to skip memorial events of the attack’s 20th anniversary if he did not declassify documents.

The documents were expected to prove that Saudi Arabian authorities had supported the plot.

The first declassified document is from April 4, 2016. It is based on the results of conversations between the FBI agents and an employee of the Saudi Consulate in Los Angeles.

A large number of text fragments in the 16-page document were deleted, including the name of the source who is said to have claimed American citizenship.

FBI Released First Declassified 9/11 Document, Without Proving Riyadh's Involvement In Attacks

Click to see full-size image Source: https://whowhatwhy.org

The document proved links between Omar Bayoumi, suspected to have been a Saudi intelligence operative, and two hijackers, Nawaf al Hazmi and Khalid al Midhar, after they arrived in Southern California in 2000 ahead of the attacks.

Based on 2009 and 2015 interviews with a source, the document details contacts and meetings between Bayoumi, despite his claims to have befriended them and not taking part in the attack’s organization. According to the document, despite his official identity of a student, he had “very high status” in the Saudi consulate. He assisted the al-Qaeda members in translation, travel, lodging and financing.

The unknown source has also assured that there were links between the two hijackers and Fahad al Thumairy, a conservative imam at the King Faad mosque as well as an official of the Saudi consulate in Los Angeles. According to the telephone numbers linked to the source, he, Bayoumi and Thumairy contacted people who assisted Hamzi and Midhar, when they were in California.

The declassified document also unveiled communications of Bayoumi and Thumairy with Anwar al Alaki, the US-born cleric who was an important Al-Qaeda figure, later killed in a drone strike in Yemen in 2011.

The text released by the FBI outlined contacts between the hijackers and Saudi associates, but there is still no evidence that the Saudi government officials were involved in plotting the attack.

The document, which was significantly redacted, provides no evidence that Saudi Arabia or individual Saudi officials directly funded Al-Qaeda.

FBI Released First Declassified 9/11 Document, Without Proving Riyadh's Involvement In Attacks

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On its hand, Saudi Arabia has long claimed that it was not involved in the attacks, asking for transparency of the investigation and welcoming the release of classified documents by Washington.

“As past investigations have revealed, including the 9/11 Commission and the release of the so-called ’28 Pages,’ no evidence has ever emerged to indicate that the Saudi government or its officials had previous knowledge of the terrorist attack or were in any way involved,” the Saudi embassy’s statement reads.

However, one of the leaders of the lawsuit against Riyadh, Jim Kreindler, claims the document validates the lawsuit’s key contention that the Saudi government helped the hijackers. Fifteen of the 19 hijackers were from Saudi Arabia.

“With this first release of documents, 20 years of Saudi Arabia counting on the US government to cover up its role in 9/11 comes to an end,” Mr Kreindler says.

Families of victims of 9/11 attacks are still waiting for stronger evidence when more classified material is released in coming month.


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Florian Geyer

The ONLY country that gained from 9/11 is Israel.
The rest is all Hollywood make believe in my opinion.


Be serious, argue with facts, I.e, what part don’t you agree with in this story and why……hypothetically all can be complicit including Bush administration members

Building 7

Just talk to Mr Silverstein, the Jewish owner of the Building 7. This will be resolved in a couple of hours. He even said that he “pulled it.” The building 7 was planned to collapse along with the other two world trade center buildings, but it didn’t. So he had to pull it to get the insurance money as planned. The building 7 was already wired with explosives and it didn’t take much time to collapse.

Last edited 10 days ago by Building 7

bullshit! Bldg 7 was hit with a gynormous chunk from tower WTC-1 and totally structurally compromised. Floors 11 thru 13 were on fire. Do fucking read the 911 commission report. No need for conspiracy. The only conspiracy here is that they knew these bastard sawdi’s were up to something, but didn’t quite know exactly what. The CIA and the FBI are incompetent (yes, even today). What part of that is a conspiracy?

Last edited 10 days ago by Ahson
JC Denton

YOU IDIOT it had 81 steel columns and only one was “weakened” There is NO WAY this whole structure can collapse perfectly into its own foundation just because of ONE.
Also why did FBI collect all the CCTV footage near the pentagon?


SF is following Russian state by insisting on US official narrative of 9/11, Russian state/Putin is backing the US narrative and by doing this they protect Jewish state + US insiders,

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