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FBI Briefly Detained And Questioned Head Of Russia-linked Media Covering US Internal Politics

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FBI Briefly Detained And Questioned Head Of Russia-linked Media Covering US Internal Politics

Alexander Malkevich. IMAGE: Sputnik / Alexei Filippov

Last week, the FBI briefly detained and questioned USA Really head Alexander Malkevich at Washington airport after his trip to cover the midterm elections in the US.

Besides his work in USA Really, Malkevich, a member of the Russian Civic Chamber, was an observer during the November 6 elections in the US state of Maryland. On November 8, he stated that he had been “deeply shocked” by the scale of violations in states ruled by Democrats. Malkevich was detained at Washington airport on November 9. The agents searched Malkevich’s luggage and questioned him for around half an hour. According to Russian media outlets, Malkevich described the questioning as “funny” especially the part, in which the FBI wondered if he was a Russian military intelligence agent.

Attempt to pressure independent media outlets violate the concept of media freedom and free speech. On the other hand, the FBI actions could be explained by the fact that the name of the media headed by Malkevich includes the name of the state – “USA” and focuses on covering the US internal politics, but provides no info about its residency (or any other legal info).

According to the USA Really website, it is “a nonprofit media organization dedicated to journalistic accuracy and integrity, providing a voice for ignored and underserved communities, highlighting the best of humanity and delivering local, people-centered coverage on the issues you care about.” MORE HERE

Additionally, the design, including the logo, of USA Really looks similar to a big Russian-language news agency, Riafan.

USA Really homepage:

FBI Briefly Detained And Questioned Head Of Russia-linked Media Covering US Internal Politics

Click to see the full-size image

Riafan homepage:

FBI Briefly Detained And Questioned Head Of Russia-linked Media Covering US Internal Politics

Click to see the full-size image

SouthFront believes that an independent and diversified coverage of complex developments around the world can contribute to the stabilization of the international relations. At the same time, independent media outlets have to balance between naked facts and their one-sided analysis and explanations from the one side and attempts to gain attention of the mainstream audience from the other side. This fact is actively used by power circles, which seek to limit the freedom of speech and to turn the media space into an eye-catching display of controlled narratives.

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After all the Russiaphobia nonsense you would think they would look for hard-evidence in the right places instead of implicating themselves as the Big Bad Wolf harrassing innocent people time and time again!


Of course South Front is proclaiming their support for “independent journalists,” South Front is an independent journalist. So you can dispense with the bull!
And I got news for you, if you were wondering what a paid troll looks like you got his photo on your own article.

Gary Sellars

If you hate SF, why are you here? Feck off and don’t come back :-)

Valerianus Maximus

Be gentle on poor Smaug. He’s a former tank crewman in the Yankistani Army, and he was thrown from the turret of his tank twenty feet up into the air and then down onto a mine. So, he’s not quite right in the head anymore. While I am certain that the VA is giving him all he is due, there’s only so much that can be done for such trauma; it’s rather similar to how Humpy Dumpty couldn’t be put back together.

Gary Sellars

Muricans are losing the plot now that they cannot maintain a monopoly of information via their elite-owned & controlled MSM echo-chambers.

How dare others allow the sheeple a taste of alternative viewpoints and challenge Western MSM fake narratives? /cough /splutter



Of course/curse He is an Russian, and can, influence some ameriTurds to even think Russians are intrested in the free range open asylum the imperial banana republic Wankikestan have become, hell, even I would have an road trip over there, if it wasnt for been possibly finger f….by an stinking ameriTurd, and x-rayed to kingdom comes jus because I am dumb enough to have an vacation in your wast country.
And on top of it drool something to an machine, with logaritsm made by idiot savants, yeah, hehe, what could possibly go wrong.

The second thing is russiaphobia, is just that, another meaningless narrative, witch by now is an damp squid, and what are this mental midgets whining about SF, uh…. and do tell me, is this, eh……. site you whine about, compared to CNN, huh, de enlighten us infidels about whom is delivering the truth and so help us God.

The third, is that this silly holdups, are more to have something to write about, yeah, look an Russian, and to feed the agenda of the neo-CONs war path, and I am one of those that ignores the result from whatever election circus the banana republic can muster since it dont matter, demonCraut or an repoDick, they all bend down infront of the Military Ind, complext foot soldiers the army of Lobyists and cash is plenty, and they have even manegd to come up or simply invent an wide range of bafflingly stupid alegations on cases that truned out to in the leauge of what te Judge expirienced, all bollocks but generated headlines, and packed with this, thru the year, the average Joe-six pack thinks Russians are already swiming towards the Land of the Meek and the Lame.
Its like the infamous radio show of the War of the Worlds.

What could possibly go wrong, hum, try, everything.

And I sometimes lets the Hasbaratnjiks have an ball, and continue, as the even dumber wankees and trumpTards, dont see, is that their coments speaks for them self, now in an time where people recognise bullshit for what it is, plain bull, all lies, forgerys and coverups.
Go to an second hand store with books, anywhere on this planet, find an world atlas, pre 1947 and see for your self, they lie about everything, every god dammed thing.


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