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JULY 2022

FBI And DHS Conclude White Supremacist Domestic Terrorism Is No.1 Threat To U.S. Security

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FBI And DHS Conclude White Supremacist Domestic Terrorism Is No.1 Threat To U.S. Security

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In the United States lone wolf attackers with easily accessible weapons present the greatest terrorism threat to the US and the number of people dying at the hands of racially motivated extremists every year is on the rise since 2017.

This was concluded in a joint report [pdf] by the FBI and the Department of Homeland Security.

The report says that so far, 2019 was the “most lethal year” for domestic violent extremist attacks since 1995 — with 32 people killed, 24 of them by White supremacists. The report focuses on data from 2017-2019.

“In 2019, the FBI and DHS assessed RMVEs (Racially or Ethnically Motivated Violent Extremists), primarily those advocating for the superiority of the white race, likely would continue to be the most lethal DVE threat to the Homeland,” the report said. “Our agencies had high confidence in this assessment based on the demonstrated capability of RMVEs in 2019 to select weapons and targets to conduct attacks, and the effectiveness of online RMVE messaging calling for increased violence.”

There were 57 domestic terrorism-related deaths between 2017 and 2019, the data shows, 47 of them racially motivated, mostly by White supremacists.

“Political disagreements within the United States could present opportunities for DVEs to engage in violence against individuals perceived to have opposing ideologies, prominent political or public figures, or members of the media covering these events,” the agencies wrote, referring to domestic violent extremists.

Nearly 850 domestic terrorism subjects were arrested by or in coordination with the FBI from fiscal year 2015 through 2019. In fiscal year 2016, approximately 229 arrests were made, compared to 107 in fiscal year 2019.

House Intelligence Chairman Adam Schiff said that is what the Democrats were essentially fighting against:

“The report confirms what has been clear for some time: The greatest terrorist threat we face comes from radicalized lone offenders with easy access to weapons.”

They attack soft targets and have a variety of motivations, but a large majority of the most significant attacks have been carried out by white supremacist extremists,” Schiff said.

Preventing terrorist attacks remains a top priority for both the FBI and the Department of Homeland Security (DHS). The threat posed by international and domestic threat actors has evolved significantly since 9/11. The greatest terrorism threat to the Homeland we face today is posed by lone offenders, 2 often radicalized online, who look to attack soft targets with easily accessible weapons. Many of these violent extremists are motivated and inspired by a mix of socio-political goals and personal grievances against their targets. With this report, we are providing our strategic intelligence assessments on domestic terrorists (DT), a detailed discussion of our procedures and methods to address DT threats, as well as data on DT incidents and our investigations.

Senator Bennie Thompson, the Democratic chairman of the Homeland Security Committee, said he appreciated that the Biden administration released the report, but added that “there will likely need to be more conversations and supplemental data submissions from the Biden administration for Congress to get a more complete picture of the domestic terrorism threat landscape.”

“Congress needs data to help guide future legislative and oversight efforts to address the persistent scourge of domestic terrorism. The Executive Branch has this data; the biggest takeaway here is that presenting it in an aggregated manner that communicates to Congress and the American people the current threat picture continues to be a challenge,” he said in a statement, pointing out that the report was due more than 10 months ago.


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Tommy targeted by FBI—may be sent to US LGBT prison


Or perhaps, sent to US LGBT re-education camps! Either way, the US mainstream demonization of the straight white male, especially the working class, and non-urban, varieties continues full steam ahead. Now, it is their turn to be publicly elevated into role of the primary public terror threat – under political rubric of ‘white supremacy’ – in place of the previously primarily ranked Muslims, from throughout the 2000’s Bush-Cheney decade. The US’ hostile elites do not like old school, competent and robust, individualists and/or traditionalists. Once upon a time, the US’ hostile elites tried to court the favor of working class white males – into domain of left-wing block politics – but now they want rid of them, as they are the ones who tend to offer the most resistance towards increased centralization and statism.

Last edited 1 year ago by GoldStandard
jens holm

They got Biden, but the only changer was Sanders. Much better then Trump is not enough.

They need so many reforms and different kinds of reforms,


Damn Jens I didn’t think the day would come when I gave you a thumbs up, but I just did.


What they mean is that they are afraid of another civil war or revolution and all the propaganda in the world can’t prevent it and it will only get worse as the days go by..


Another proof showing that the US is on a self-destructive path. “LGBTQ” and the “gender binary” idiots are what the normal folks need to accept or be called domestic terrorists.

“In 2019, the FBI and DHS assessed RMVEs (Racially or Ethnically Motivated Violent Extremists), primarily those advocating for the superiority of the white race, likely would continue to be the most lethal DVE threat to the Homeland,” While BLM protests were destroying buildings, ruining small businesses, stealing everywhere, and were extremely violent. While that was happening, Dems and the MSM refused to denounce what was happening. And what about Congresswoman Maxine Waters pushing for more violence if Chauvin was found not guilty? That doesn’t count, right?

Sure, that makes perfect sense.


Christopher Wray stated lin 2020 that right wing supporters of Trump are the real danger. The FBI knew about the stolen election but would do nothing as they are part of the deep state. Now the FBI is the deplorables “white supremacists” to make the group of 80 million Trump supporters sound more threatening. The threat for breaking up the US into statelets is real.

Trap Is Not Gay

White people support Russia.

The USA/Jews wants to genocide whites world-wide.

By the way, the chief of the CIA and also of the FBI are both Jewish.

The USA/Jews want to blacken the whole world through mass immigration and censorship.

Last edited 1 year ago by Trap Is Not Gay
The Truth

White people ARE the enemy no.1 of those who rule America.


not just america, entire west, entire world. and we know who they are.


Jews not Whites rule America, otherwise they wouldn’t be promoting anti-white ideology trying to make Whites a minority in every White country.


On the delusion that “fascists” or “nazis” rule the west:



Last edited 1 year ago by Socrates

Not a word about BLM and Anifa after a year of burning, looting and murder??? Nothing about the totalitarian nature of the radical left??? Oh yeh, the radical left is the government and yes, political persecution is necessary in our slide towards totalitarianism.

Potato Man

It is funny…”WHITE SUPREMACIST”…like in France? Le Pen getting hit left and right but she is still doing good, unlike that kid.

Steve Standley

They forgot to mention that the ADL is working with the FBI to identify “anti-semites” on social media. Pre-crime is coming soon to a neighborhood near you. This is straight-up a Zionist thing. Our federal LE and NS agencies are also led by zionists.

Last edited 1 year ago by Steve Standley

This is a complete fantasy. White supremacy only exists in American prisons, where it is the only way for white inmates to survive. The FBI and DHS ignored an entire year of BLM and Antifa riots and murders. No white supremacists stepped up to oppose them. No, this is the Chekas demonizing the White Americans instead of the White Russians, that is exactly what it is.


A black person murders another black person every 8 hours in chicago…

But that doesnt count… right???

Erik Nielsen

24 and 47 white supremacists out of 330 million Americans are no.1 terrorism threat to US. Oh boy oh boy our planet and America are under threat of distinction again again again.

So when do we kick all these people out who spend their whole life of bloodsucking the society from fake moon landing, fake terrorists, fake clima change, fake pandemics, fake threats and other fake problems?

Last edited 1 year ago by Erik Nielsen
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