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FBI Agent Shoots Man After Dropping Gun While Doing Back Flip in a Night Club

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Written by Emma Fiala; Originally appeared at her blog

Early Saturday morning, an FBI agent accidentally shot a man while dancing in a crowded Denver nightclub.

FBI Agent Shoots Man After Dropping Gun While Doing Back Flip in a Night Club

According to video of the incident, nightclub patrons appeared to be enjoying themselves around 12:45 am at Mile High Spirits Distillery and Tasting Bar, until a dancing off-duty FBI agent dropped his firearm mid-back flip and shot an unsuspecting patron after picking it up again.

FBI Agent Shoots Man After Dropping Gun While Doing Back Flip in a Night Club

As seen in the video, the agent raised both hands while walking away as if to say, “My bad. No harm, no foul.” Except there was harm – the off duty agent just shot a man in the leg and didn’t seem even a little bit concerned about it.

The adult male victim was taken to a local hospital, in good condition, according to Denver police spokesman Sonny Jackson.

It is unclear if the agent had been drinking. Authorities are awaiting results of a blood test to determine if alcohol was a factor in the agent’s poor decision.

The agent was interviewed by police at Denver Police Headquarters, but not arrested. He was then released to an FBI supervisor. The shooting is being investigated by the Denver Police Homicide Unit and any potential charges will be determined by the Denver District Attorney’s Office.

It appears an off-duty Federal Bureau of Investigations (FBI) agent was dancing at a night club when his firearm became dislodged from its waistband holster and fell onto the floor. When the agent retrieved his handgun an unintended discharge occurred, another patron was struck by a bullet in the lower leg,” local police said in a statement.

The FBI declined to comment on the unsavory actions of their agent.

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The Farney Fontenoy

Those FBI badges really are amazing, you can drunkenly shoot someone (they could be dying for all you care) you walk away and absolutely nothing happens to you, if a civilian did this they’d already be in prison.


Competent US medical treatment requires corporate insurance – getting ‘accidentally’ shot by an off duty FBI agent and without required insurance could, medically and financially, mean any of the following: poor level treatment, heavy treatment debt, and/ or long pro-bono legal battle to recuperate costs from state agency…


Trust those who have “moral” values. XD.

FBI and CIA are full of psychos.


Must have been a ricochet hit.
This idiot should be looking for a new job now.


Why ? If he was competent, he would not have been hired. In FBI, CIA, politics and jurnalists, the more you are stupid, the higher you are in the hierarchy.


They hire dumb and corrupted people because smart and non corrupted people refuse to work for them.

It’s the same for jurnalists. The more stupid and corrupted, the more rewarded you are. That’s why you have seen CNN stating that Ukraine was in Pakistan. XD.


I hear what you are saying, but I would instead call them Narcissistic. They full well know what they are doing, they just prefer to deflect blame away from them, just like this guy did in this video. Didn’t bother to check if the person hit was OK, just put his hands up and walked away.


Yes. that’s mix of what you said and what I said.


This man will have a promotion. XD.

John Whitehot

probably true.


When off-duty on-alcohol cops in totalitarian country of Yugoslavia were caught discharging weapons in public they were usually demoted and sent to shit holes on Albanian border (if they had powerful political connections) or simply fired to continue their carries as construction site security guards/alcoholics. The point is that in a totalitarian un-free and overall unpleasant communist country shooting from official weapon without a good and official reason was a big deal. In “the land of the free” however, shooting, beating, suffocating, teazing and generally molesting innocent civilians gets punished in less then 5% of cases and even then family’s of victims may expect to get a compensation of – 1 $, minus expenses – like the other day in Florida.


What’s even worse though, is that the Gooberment (Alphabet Agents, Police, Political parasites) want to disarm law abiding citizens of our firearms while arming Dope Cartels and Terrorists Organizations/Nations with billions of dollars of advanced weapons and while (as you said) they shot, beat suffocate, taze and abuse “We the people”.


How the fuck is some random ass shit that’s hardly news worthy like this ending up on Southfront?

No wonder Southfront has to beg for money. Which ever editor makes decisions to post this kind of useless time wasting crap should honestly be fired.


OK, maybe not international news.
But can a hamster do a backflip?


What is your problem today…when was the last time you saw ANY positive media coverage in ANY US/UK based MSM source vis-a-vis Russian police or security agencies? Not so much? Ever heard of schadenfreude?


It’s not about “positive coverage”, it about posting relevant shit. Some off duty drunk idiot fires a gun at a night club? Wow, thanks for letting me know. I thought this is a site for “Analysis and Intelligence” of globally relevant conflicts. That Southfront would bring itsself so low to report a random non-story is honestly bizarre.


Jeff Cooper’s 4 rules to firearm safety…

1.)All guns are always loaded.

2.)Never let the muzzle cover anything you are not willing to destroy.

3.)Keep your finger off the trigger until your sights are on the target.

4.)Be sure of your target and what is beyond it.

Anyone I’ve ever met that is a “shooter” understands these rules and if followed they will eliminate nearly all possibilities of a negligent discharge (there is no such thing as a “accidental discharge”).

However, this “agent” evidently never learned this training. Sometimes I can’t decide if these unconstitutional Alphabet Agents, Police and the Government in general are more abusive or incompetent so I’m going to say it’s a 50/50 mixture.


Perhaps the time has come to rename the FBI. I nominate that it henceforth become known as: The Federal Bureau of Idiots.


Typical American zionist behaviour, they are reaching rock bottom of their so called society, just trash from top to bottom.

The Farney Fontenoy

“an unintended discharge occurred” is the FBI version of ‘drunken idiot with a gun with the safety off shoots a guy and doesn’t even notice’

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