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Faylaq al-Rahman, Hay’at Tahrir al-Sham Agree To Leave East Ghouta

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Faylaq al-Rahman, Hay’at Tahrir al-Sham Agree To Leave East Ghouta

Fighter of Faylaq al-Rahman in Jobar district, Illustrative image

On March 23, Hay’at Tahrir al-Sham (HTS) and Faylaq al-Rahman reached an agreement with the Damascus government to evacuate their fighters from their remaining positions in the districts of Zamalka, Irbin, Ayn Tarma, Hazzah and Jobar in Eastern Ghouta to the northern governorate of Idlib, the Syrian state TV reported.

The media said the evacuation of more than 7,000 persons including all the remaining fighters of HTS and Faylaq al-Rahman will begin on March 24. The two armed groups will also hand over their heavy weapons along with maps of their tunnels and will release all the Syrian Arab Army (SAA) soldiers who had been captured by them during previous battles under the agreement.

The Syrian-Russian-Iranian alliance and Faylaq al-Rahman reached a ceasefire agreement in the western part of the Eastern Ghouta region on March 22.

Few weeks ago, Faylaq al-Rahman leader Captain Abdel Nasser Shamir vowed to fight against the SAA until death in an official video message. Shamir also warned anyone from negotiating with Russia or the Damascus government.

However, it appears that the rapid advance of the SAA broke Shamir’s will to fight, especially after the Ahrar al-Sham Movement had agreed to leave the East Ghouta region towards Idlib on March 21.

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Zainab Ali

no where to go except to perm hell for these zio satanic slaves


Pray for them.All things are possible for God.

Richard M

Give the Orcs different color arm bands according to which Orc gang they belong to. Tell them it is so each bus has only Orcs from the same gang. Then, “accidentally” load the buses with half HTS Orcs and half Faylaq Orcs! :D


America will get the Pink one. Gay army and so on.


Perhaps this is the reasons why Turkey started operation olive branch, as an anticipation of a possible retreat of those groups from E.Ghouta causing an influx of terrorists in Idlib, who would be pushed further north to the border with Turkey once the Syrian Army move their forces from E.Ghouta to Idlib to continue their operations there.

Dmitry Lunyov


Amin is a Persian


Pave Way IV

Hilarious, but the sad truth is that Trump just signed a 2019 budget that includes $1.4 billion from US taxpayers for CENTCOM’s continued occupation of Iraq, occupation and defense of stolen Syria land/resources, and creation of a 65,000-strong anti-Assad army. It’s called the Counter-ISIS Train and Equip Fund, like anyone is still fooled by that ruse.

I could have saved Trump $1.4 billion this year by just having him grab the Crown Prince of the Wahhabis during dinner tonight (he’s in the US) and sending him off to Guantanamo for a little enhanced interrogation to discourage all future Saudi Wahhabi terrorist funding activities.

Trump’s own terrorist-funding for 2019 details here: http://comptroller.defense.gov/Portals/45/Documents/defbudget/fy2019/fy2019_CTEF_JBook_Final.pdf

Biggest kick in the ass: CENTCOM currently has 10,000 anti-Assad troops in Syria on its payroll and more next year. I’m not kidding – page 18. The new 30,000 concentration camp ‘border guard’ force has a quarter billion dollars of their own in the budget. Those guys are mostly to protect the Jordan border – where CENTCOM has been sending ISIS/al Qaeda INTO Syria for the last five years.


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northerntruthseeker .

Honestly, it would have been better to kill each and every one of these murderous bastards… But to alleviate any risks of further bloodshed, especially in regards to the SAA and of course the civilians, this was as good an option for now..

However, these bastards will of course be “redeployed” once they reach Idlib and rebranded according to what their American masters wish….. It just means the war to free Syria will take a bit longer…

Oscar Silva Martinez

Redeploying is not a popular strategy but it’s the best for civilians in Ghouta


They will redeploy but: -without tanks or other heavy weaponry -will no longer be in a highly urbanised area full of civilians -won’t have tunnel networks -will have to release all the many prisoners which would have otherwise been, in all likeliness, executed before allowing their rescue by SAA -half of them will die in the subsequent infighting inside the Idlib zoo In the end, the deal highly favours the Syrian government and gives them more than fighting to exterminate them to last man would have.


Yep: Get militants away from large urban areas and civilian shields – so can fight militants without incurring massive urban infrastructure and residential destruction and endangering trapped civilians, out in rural based Idlib. Free up all the SAA manpower previously concentrated into opposing contact lines around Eats Ghouta, to besiege the pocket, for further mobile offensive not static defensive roles. That is all a huge plus for Syrian state.

Bjorn Metaal



“Few weeks ago, Faylaq al-Rahman leader Captain Abdel Nasser Shamir vowed to fight against the SAA until death in an official video message. Shamir also warned anyone from negotiating with Russia or the Damascus government.”

Those who are following these stupid people are very stupid people. They say to others to die while they negociate for their lives. XD.

The dots are connected.


The final phase of operation in Eastern Ghouta has begun. After East Ghouta the next number is of South Damascus, then Dumayr and Qalamoon.

Pave Way IV


CENTCOM [to head-chopper]: Uh… ya know that cruise missile thing we were planning for Damascus after your staged CW attack? The Tomahawks that were supposed to force Assad into a ceasefire so we can resupply you? Yeah, well… that ain’t happening anymore. Change of plans. Sorry.

Head-chopper: WTF, dude! You PROMISED! What are we supposed to do with all this toxic gas and the Shia hostages? We were just waiting for the green light.

CENTCOM: Well, the Russkies seem seriously pissed off about the idea. It will cost us a couple of ships, minimum. Don’t even ask me about the mini-nukes – those are out, too. Look, just shut it down – they’re on to us. Take the deal and put the UK, Israeli and French intel guys on the first green bus out of there. Usual pay rates for your boys when they get to Idlib.

Head-chopper: Hell NO! We’re never going to leave Ghouta. We will fight to Assad to the last head-chopper you f’king back-stabbers. We don’t need you anymore.

CENTCOM: We got American smokes, sacks of USD and fresh Captagon waiting for you in Idlib. You want us to give it to our ISIS guys?

Head-chopper: Snackbar… OK, see you in a day or two, boss.


I think the real story is that these guys may actually have ran out of Captagon, and fell into a deep state of depression. For those of you that don’t know what captagon is, in the US it is called Amphetamine (or speed). It is a weaker form of crystal meth, sold in a pill form, popular in previous decades.


I’m curious though, what does snackbar mean?

Pave Way IV

It’s a parody of (very specifically) the head-choppers painfully overusing the common Islamic Arabic phrase Allāhu akbar as often heard in their early videos – usually screamed repeatedly at distortion-producing levels. To western ears unfamiliar with the phrase (properly called the Takbir), it sounded like they were yelling something like “Aloha, Snackbar!” every time they got excited about something. Thankfully, the Aloha (Allah) part was mostly dropped by western internet users, thus ‘Snackbar!’ as the standard, meaningless head-chopper exclamation. ‘Snackbar’ is also used to refer to the head-choppers themselves. All of this just casual, slang usage on the internet, of course.

I’m sure to the dismay of the other 2 billion Muslims on earth, that otherwise common (to them) Arabic phrase has, in the west, became most strongly associated with the various Wahhabi head-choppers running around Iraq and Syria. It translates to “God is great” and is frequently used as an exclamation of surprise by most Muslims, not just Wahhabi head-choppers. It’s sometimes compared to the way an American would say, “Oh, my God!”, but the Takbir has a much more prominent Islamic religious aspect. The Wikipedia entry for Takbir here explains its usage much better.

Trustin Judeau

Rahman gave up too easy.I thought they will give up after SAA captures Zamalka and Irbeen.They will be green bussed tomorrow.They already emptied Jobar it seems btw


These people are very weak and have no goals execpt enslaving and weakening their own people. They have no chance if the west doesn’t support them.

But, you know, the west needs the useful idiots sunnis. That’s why they try to save their useful idiots at all cost.


The most part of the Syrian Arab Army is sunni.


You were always wrong in your predictions. But nice to read your tales for children. :)


A useful idiot can’t understand that he is useful because he is idiot.


Russia has the right to target any illegal occupation of foreign powers on Syrian land.

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