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Faylaq al-Rahman And Government Forces Reached Ceasefire In Eastern Ghouta – Reports

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Faylaq al-Rahman And Government Forces Reached Ceasefire In Eastern Ghouta - Reports

Fighter of Faylaq al-Rahman in Jobar district, Illustrative image

On March 22, Russia and Faylaq al-Rahman reached a ceasefire agreement in the western part of the Eastern Ghouta region, according to sources linked to Faylaq al-Rahman. The agreement will reportedly be implemented on March 23.

The sources added that negotiation between Faylaq al-Rahman from one side and the Syrian Arab Army (SAA), supported by Russia, on the other side will begin once the ceasefire is implemented.

Meanwhile, an unnamed Syrian security official confirmed to the Russian news outlet Sputnik news that Faylaq al-Rahman leader, Captain Abdel Nasser Shamir, had officially requested negotiations with the SAA through Russia.

Sputnik’s sources said that Shamir wants to be evacuated along with his fighters to the northern governorate of Idlib. The Faylaq al-Rahman leader also wants the SAA to pardon Faylaq al-Rahman fighters who want to stay in their homes in Eastern Ghouta, according to the report.

The Ahrar al-Sham Movement and the SAA reached a similar ceasefire agreement in the district of Harasta on March 17. Only four days later, Ahrar al-Sham agreed to an evacuation agreement, which allows its fighters to withdraw towards Idlib governorate. This scenario will likely be repeated with Faylaq al-Rahman.

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Fair deal. Take it.

Frank Tringale

Great job saa

Michał Hunicz

Good news, civilians will be safe.


I have not seen any reports in the British media regarding the 84,000 + civilians who have so far been liberated and rescued by the SAA and Russian forces in Ghouta.

I would have thought that this would have been welcomed front page news and that the harrowing accounts by the civilians of physical abuse, murder and theft of International Food Aid by the US proxy terrorists described as war crimes.

But no, the British media chooses to totally ignore the fact that 84,000 + civilians are now out of harms way.

Rüdiger Preiss

The British media is too busy provoking Russia


They are indeed and more proof if any were needed that the British News Media have zero interest with real news and only with the narrative given to them by the US coalition governments , which is all anti Russian propaganda that is too childish to be believed.


Bad for publication. Money has spent on white helmets show


see you, commie, and SF does not inform us about reaults of russian plebiscit


Are you upset today, lashing out and calling names? Because your favorite mercenaries in East Ghouta keep surrendering by the day. Now that sort of displaced anger just won’t get you anywhere in life, velociraptor.


‘rescued’? If you look at videos from the region, you can see most of it had been almost untouched by war.

The region went ‘wahhabi’ because Assad, after 9/11, as a member of the ‘war on terror’, allowed Saudi clerics to operate in many working class districts all across Syria. The saudis spread the seeds of religious fanaticism, and thus ended up owning the lives of a vast number of young Syrians.

The ‘civil war’ came much later whern the Deep State was correctly convinced enough syrians had been converted to ‘the cause’.

Divide and conquer. Corrupt from within. That’s how real (demonic) men play the Great Game.

East Ghouita was Saudi Arabia’s main hotbed of wahhabi influence- which is why the west claimed the rebels there were the LEGITIMATE government of Syria, and Putin forced Assad for years to recognise the rebels of the region as the ‘official opposition’.

The truth about East Ghouta is most people there supported the ‘civil war’ in its early days at least,and are 100% responsible for the disaster that befell Syria. Now they find themselves in the RUSSIAN SECTOR of a de facto partitioned Syria (thanks to Putin), of course they’re gonna claim the russians ‘rescued’ them.


Every wahhabi TERRORIST Assad is forced to pardon by Putin will become a member of a british/american sleeper cell, and will be responsible for atrocities against civilians in the future decade.

Religious fanaticism is for life- the Deep State have always known this having used such power over working class losers for millenium.

So Syria has a choice. Exterminate any terrorist responsible to any degree for the loss of innocent life in Syria. Or allow terror to continue year fater year after year.

As Putin proves every day in East Ukraine, he doesn’t give a damn about the misery suffered by ordinary people, as he plays his geo-political games (very poorly). The one good thing russian military power can do in Syria is overwhelm the west-backed terror gangs and wipe them out. Palmyra shows what happens when Russia refuses to do so.

At great expense, Palmyra was liberated, but Putin carefully chose to allow as many wahhabi ‘rebels’ and their british and american handlers to escape as possible. A little while later and british planners had successfully arranged the recapture of Palmyra by wahhabi death squads.

Of course Putin allowed Syria to be utterly ruined in the first place, since that is what Israel wanted. Putin’s LATE intervention was always bound to cost far more RUSSIAN lives than an early intervention.

Propagandists are painting East Ghouta as ‘good’ news knowing it will all turn to sh-t there once again as the sleeper cells get to work. All Putin cares about, having agreed to the partition of Syria behind the scenes, is that the Russian sector is enough under control for his purposes, and to hell with the daily experiences of the people forced to live there.

Rüdiger Preiss

Dear me what has happened to you, Starlight – has Putin chewed on your balls??

John Whitehot

what balls?


Guy, I suspect that the rest of the people here is doing wat I do: I don’t read what you write.


I ignored it right away, to much BS to read. :D


The best thing to do with the terrorists is send them to Turkey, Jordan, Israel, Qatar and Saudi Arabia where they can continue to get paid by their trainers and masters.


Yeah and how do Syrian Army do that ? Without trials ? No laws no constitution ? Just executes them as they surrender ?
It’s fine if they were killed in batt


Send them to Idlib, or to be reconciled.
Then only 1 pocket will remain, warm up the green buses. :)


Soon the orcs in Yarmouk camp will be buried.


Faylaq al-Rahman is sponsored by Qatar. They are in the pocket of jobar, zamalka, irbeen. They have been fighting the regime there for six years.

Gary Sellars

This is unfair. Those fucking jihadi maggots are not going to be burnt to a cinder in the ruins of their hovels?…

Oh well, I guess we must all make sacrifices for peace… We can always whack them when the time comes to turn Idlibistan into a parking lot…

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