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JULY 2020

‘Fascism Is Democracy’: Meet Israel’s Justice Minister


'Fascism Is Democracy': Meet Israel’s Justice Minister

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Israel’s Justice Minister Ayelet Shaked released a political ad in which she mimiced a chichi model who samples a bottle of “fascism” perfume.

“Smells like democracy to me,” she says in the video, which, according to the official version, is designed to be a kind of ‘satire’. During the video, she also whispers in Hebrew “judicial reform”, “separation of powers” and “restraining the Supreme Court” – issues which she adresses in her campaign.

Hoewever, taking into acount the hardcore right-wing views of multiple Israeli officials and service members, including the justice minister, the video does not look like a joke.



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  • Zionism = EVIL

    Zionism is cancer is Fascism+ Nazism multiplied by a factor of a million in terms of sheer evil, lies and manipulation.

    • verner

      que oder was?

  • Real Anti-Racist Action

    It pains me when people are ignorant of history and word definitions are formed by fake-news and Hollywood manipulation.
    The King of Italy signed off with the Coalition of Democratically elected political parties in Italy on the voted for fascist economic policy of the “third way” in which indigenous Italian’s rejected Capitalism as being to corrupt and Marxism as being to authoritarian over a people.
    “Italian Fascism promoted a corporatist economic system whereby employer and employee syndicates are linked together in associations to collectively represent the nation’s economic producers and work alongside the state to set national economic policy.[4] This economic system intended to resolve class conflict through collaboration between the classes.[5]

    Italian Fascism opposed liberalism, especially classical liberalism that Mussolini and elected Fascist leaders denounced as “the debacle of individualism”,[6] but rather than seeking a reactionary restoration of the pre-French Revolutionary world which it considered to have been flawed, it had a forward-looking direction.[7] Fascism was opposed to Marxist socialism because of its typical opposition to nationalism and its authoritarian rule,[8] but it was also opposed to the reactionary conservatism developed by Joseph de Maistre.[9] It believed the success of Italian nationalism required respect for tradition and a clear sense of a shared past among the Italian people, alongside a commitment to a modernised Italy”.

    Fascism was not about race, and the Italians were not any more interested in preserving their race then say Cherokee or Hans-Chinese or the people of India or Jews or Somalians were.
    That drive is just basic Evolution 101. Anyone who fights against this important part of Evolution is just anti-science and anti-truth.

  • John Whitehot

    I suspect that the satire is made as pejorating towards “democracy”, rather than celebrating towards fascism.

    • Saddam Hussein

      Its always satire when the Zionists do it. Imagine if an Arab or white leader did the same thing ad, you wont hear the end of it in the (((MSM)))

      • John Whitehot


        But if the original meaning was to state that what today’s called “democracy” (at least in the US, EU and Israel) stinks of fascism, there ‘s little arguing against.

        The only thing that’s sure about these democracies is that the elected officials ARE NOT those who actually run the country.

  • Saddam Hussein

    We’re seeing the beginning of the end of the Zionist regime.

    • verner

      yep and the quicker the better.

  • NobodysaysBOO

    Show more PYGMIES!!!
    and less JEWS!

  • Turbofan

    This vile creature is quite popular in Israel mind you..Just goes to show how low this place has sank

    • Albert Pike

      It’s a Frankist creation it was low right from the start…

  • Rob

    In fasisam Zionist have butchered millions from German nation and now they wanna butcher millions from Middle East. Wakeup they are the evils.

    • verner

      and that is exactly why anti-zionism should be seen as a badge of honour and nothing else.

      and that’s why anti-semitism is rampant all over the world, because the squatters breed anti-semitism by their very criminal acts,

      their ethnc cleansing or the DEPALESTINATION-program,

      their LEBENSRAUM-program stealing land on the west bank,

      their CONCENTRATION CAMP Gaza (center of the etnic cleansing) and and and.

      it’s hard to pretend things are hunky dory when a gang of criminals, the squatters in palestine that is, are repeating everything hitler did and was punished for it while the squatters are doing the very same things with impunity!

    • Albert Pike

      Things aren’t so easy – Frankists (or Zionists – same thing) were always very cunnig, and were -and are- building traps all the time. Think about the Jewish/Frankist Ustashe in Croatia, which murdered 550000 people, founded by Josip Frank, the grandson of the false chasisdic Messiah Baron Jakob Frank. The Ustashe was part of the Nazi movement and behaved like they where fighting the jewish new world order. In the meantime they where the jewish new world order – just out there to use the German nation, and to destroy the Germans – which they see as their Amalek. So you are right – no country is safe from the Zionists, and their evil moshiach madness, because it means slavery for all but them. But they do play long, over borders, and let the ball bounce off plenty of times…

  • occupybacon

    I don’t know how to interpret this. Could be that Bibi was accused of fascism or could be that the prosecutor investigating Bibi is accused of fascism… any clues?

  • Taz T

    Fascim has created Israel and they like their creator.

  • Barba_Papa

    As usual its always the hot ones that are crazy. And yes, I’d do her.

  • Z1

    Netanyahus father was secretary to Jabotinsky who was member of Mussolinis fascists till he was thrown out due to his too extremistic views. Zionism is definitely a form of fascism, but Netanyahu, Sharon, Shamir and Begin are from a worse ideology. Read Lenni Brenner.

    • Omega

      This is un/lesser known but very much so accurate. Mileikowsky‘s (aka Netanyahu) father was Jabotinsky’s personal secretary.

      All of which begs the question: what do the aforementioned degenerates share in common; but their more degenerate masters in Britain.

  • J Roderet

    The West’s “anti-fascist” activists are strangely silent about fascist “Israel.”

  • goingbrokes

    So… fascism in a bottle smells like democracy.

    OK, I get it – so if you are fascist, to be seen as a democratic person all you need to do is to spray yourself with the magic perfume called ‘Fascism’ and all that other people will smell is democracy. Kind of true these days, with Bolton wanting to bring democracy to Venezuela, Kurds bringing democracy to Syria, Saudi monarchy to bring democracy to Yemen, and Victoria “Fuck the EU” Nuland bringing democracy to Ukraine.

    But still, the message is so ambiguous that it can be interpreted in numerous ways. She is basically conflating fascism with democracy.

  • Joe Kerr

    To be expected from any follower of the Talmud, the only mild surprise being a politician blurting it out publicly.

  • jm74

    How can something that attractive yet be so ugly. Looks are definitely deceiving.