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Family Killed By Bombing Conducted By Ukrainian Army (18+ Graphic)

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This artilce is ogrigially appeared at In between days

Pro Novorossiya British reporter Graham Philips meets with the critically injured mother of the young girl who was killed and reports her tragic story. There is currently no other western mainstream journalists covering the plight of the ethnic Russian Ukrainian victims who are being constantly bombed by the Ukrainian regime. It is being completely blacked out by the US and EU media in order to place blame on Russia and keep the Kiev regime looking blameless in the public eye during the US’s attempt to geo-politically destabilize Russia and shift their region of influence eastward. This atrocious failure of serious reporting has been ongoing over the entire past year of the Ukrainian conflict. The US and EU complicit vassal media can find no wrong with the murderous fascists that their government leaders placed in power in Kiev in 2014. They cite them verbatim time and time again, even when the video evidence clearly shows they are lying.

They were allowed to conduct the Maidan sniper false flag shooting from the Hotel Ukraine and have provided no investigation. As a matter of fact, they have intentionally removed the evidence (trees that showed the direction of firing).

They were allowed to conduct the burning alive of 45 people during the Odessa Massacre and then not conduct an investigation while the US and EU media covered it up and blamed the victims for killing themselves.

They were allowed to bomb innocent women and old pensioners in Luhansk and Slavyansk and not a single US or EU reporter let compelled to cover the constant bombing of those civilians in those cities.

They were allowed to shoot civilians on the streets of Mariupol and line up the local police force and execute them before burning their headquarters. Once again blaming the victims even though the entire event was caught on camera.

They were allowed to not have their own BUK missile launchers even considered in the downing of MH-17 and have even been given an opportunity to investigate themselves and, provided the investigation shows that they themselves intentionally killed the 293 people onboard, can cover up the results of said investigation and make sure the information is never released. That in itself is remarkable and truly unprecedented. Meanwhile, the US and EU media intentionally neglect to report that Ukraine to their respective audiences that the Kiev regime has been given a free pass while that very same vassal media demonize Russia.

There is substantial video evidence on You Tube and Live Leak, as well as social media, to show that the Ukrainian regime is fascist and has incorporated numerous Nazi battalions that have killed thousands of innocent ethnic Russian Ukrainian civilians. It is an tragedy and the people of the US and EU are looking the other way and being lied to by their governments and media while these innocent people are being intentionally killed.

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