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Families Of Missing Syrian Mercenaries Call On Erdogan To Reveal Their Fate


Families Of Missing Syrian Mercenaries Call On Erdogan To Reveal Their Fate

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The families of Syrian mercenaries who went missing while fighting alongside Azerbaijani forces in the dispute region of Nagorno-Karabakh have sent a letter to Turkey’s President Recep Tayyip Erdogan calling on him to help reveal the fate of their sons, the Step News Agency reported on November 5.

In the letter, the families describe how the Suleyman Shah Brigade, a Turkish-backed faction, recruited their sons, who were recently displaced to northern Syria and were in need for money.

“Abu Amsha, leader of the Sultan Suleyman Shah Brigade, welcomed us, taking advantage of our poverty and bad situation to recruit our sons into his ranks and sent them to fight in Azerbaijan under the worst conditions,” the families said in the letter, which also addressed the National Coalition for Syrian Revolutionary and Opposition Forces, the Syrian Interim Government and the Syrian National Army.

According to the families, some of their sons, who were sent to fight for Azerbaijan didn’t receive any real military training.

The families said Abu Amsha, whose real name is Mohamad Jasim, has been hiding the fate of their sons for more than a month now. The families called on President Erdogan to hold Abu Amsha accountable.

“We hope that our call will reach Mr. Erdogan and all Turkish officials so that they could help us and pressure so-called Abu Amsha to reveal the fate of our sons,” the letter reads.

Abu Amsha, one of the most notorious Turkish-backed leaders in northern Syria, has a long record of crimes and human rights violations. Two years ago he was accused of raping the wife of one of his fighters.

While Abu Amsha is indeed responsible for recruiting Syrian mercenaries and sending them to Azerbaijan and to Libya before, he is for sure not the “decision maker” on this matter. Perpetrators like him act upon the commands of the Turkish military and intelligence.

A recent report by the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights revealed that over 2,000 Syrians were currently fighting for Azerbaijan in Nagorno-Karabakh. So far, more than 230 have been killed by Armenian forces.

According to several reports, Syrian mercenaries were sent to Azerbaijan through Turkey’s territory and airports. This confirms Ankara direct involvement in the affair.




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