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False Flag Attack Imminent in Syria as Globalists Engineer World War III

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False Flag Attack Imminent in Syria as Globalists Engineer World War III

Originally appeared at Waking Times

Americans are sleepwalking into World War III, and as events in Syria are shaping up it could come any moment as the biggest October surprise ever. At this stage in the conflict, we are one minor event away from all out war between the world’s major super powers, an event which would most certainly result in nuclear war. All that is needed is for the right type of false flag event to serve as provocation.

“In naval warfare, a “false flag” refers to an attack where a vessel flies a flag other than their true battle flag before engaging their enemy. It is a trick, designed to deceive the enemy about the true nature and origin of an attack.” [Source]

As the world pretends to be ruled by democratically elected governments, and as the world’s people feign freedom under an ever-expanding surveillance, police and warfare state, some semblance of pretext is needed in order to manufacture sufficient consent for the oligarchy’s standing plans of forcing us into expansion of the Orwellian Permanent War.

A brief look at how this tactic has historically been used helps to predict what is certainly forthcoming in Syria, as paraphrased from James Corbett of the Corbett Report.

1780’s – The Swedish-Russian War of 1788-1790 began when Swedish troops were intentionally dressed up as Russian troops then sent to attack their own border with Finland, effectively tricking the public into believing Russia had attacked, thereby kicking off a war will killed thousands.

1931 – The Japanese army deliberately destroyed a portion of a Japanese owned railway, then blamed it on Chinese dissidents to justify the military occupation of Manchuria.

1939 – Nazi war engineers dressed up Polish prisoners in Polish military uniforms and directed them to attack a German radio station. They prisoners were shot dead and their bodies left on the scene as evidence of Polish aggression, leading to Hitler’s invasion of Poland, signifying the official start of World War II.

1954 – Operation Susannah was an Israeli effort to convince the British military to continue their military presence in the Suez Canal, in support of Israeli interests. Egyptian patsies were hired to detonate bombs in American and British civilian targets, then blamed on the Muslim Brotherhood.

1962 – “In 1962 the US Joint Chiefs of Staff authored a document called Operation Northwoods calling for the US government to stage a series of fake attacks, including the shooting down of military or civilian US aircraft, the destruction of a US ship, sniper attacks in Washington, and other atrocities, to blame on the Cubans as an excuse for launching an invasion. President Kennedy refused to sign off on the plan and was killed in Dallas the next year.” [Source]

1964 – A U.S. destroyer patrolling the Gulf of Tonkin was attacked by torpedoes, ostensibly by the North Vietnamese, thereby causing President Johnson the authorization of the Gulf of Tonkin Resolution, thus beginning U.S. military involvement in Vietnam. It is now known that no attack actually occurred and that the NSA was involved in fabricating this event.

1967 – “In June 1967 the Israelis attacked the USS Liberty, a US Navy technical research ship, off the coast of Egypt. The ship was strafed relentlessly for hours in an apparent attempt to blame the attack on Egypt and draw the Americans into the Six Day War, but amazingly the crew managed to keep it afloat. In 2007 newly released NSA intercepts confirmed that the Israelis knew they were attacking an American ship, not an Egyptian ship as their cover story has maintained.” [Source]

1999 – A series of devastating bombings on civilian apartment buildings in Russia were blamed on Chechen terrorists, although Russian FSB agents were later caught using the exact same type of bombs in what was publicly called a security exercise.

2001 – The 9/11 attacks in New York and Washington were blamed on 19 Al Qaeda terrorists and immediately used the pretext for beginning the Global War on Terror, of which the political doctrine for this was already in place and in play. 15 years later, information about the true nature of the attacks is still surfacing, proving that the 9/11 Commission was a whitewash to help catalyze public support still ongoing wars which were planned prior to 9/11.

“Further, the process of transformation [of the military], even if it brings revolutionary change, is likely to be a long one, absent some catastrophic and catalyzing event––like a new Pearl Harbor.” –[Source]

Furthermore, other examples of historical significance demonstrate how minor or ambiguous events are seized on and deliberately used as propaganda to achieve the greater objective of drawing nations into war.

1915 – The sinking of the British ocean liner The Lusitania off the coast of Ireland, which was carrying tons of war materials from America, was blamed on German u-boats, leading to a severe diplomatic row which brought the United States into World War I. Speculation remains as to what exactly happened to the Lusitania, however, the official explanation is highly suspicious, and the event was used to achieve the objectives of war financiers to broaden the conflict.

1933 – A German parliamentary building in the Reichstag was set ablaze one month after Hitler’s election to the office of Chancellor. It is believed that three Bulgarian communists were to blame, however this is contentious among historians. The event was heavily propagandized by the Nazi party to galvanize support for war.

One can also include in this list an ever-growing growing handful of European and American domestic terror attacks such as the London bombings of 2005, and the Bataclan theatre massacre of Paris in 2015. To further expand on the historical precedent of using false flag attacks to propel agendas of state aggression, many instances of assassination and military intervention into the politics of sovereign nations around the world in order create consent for militarism could be included.

Final Thoughts

As the U.S. continues to aid and support ISIS, Al-Nusra and other terrorist organizations in its ploy to overthrow the Assad government for the primary benefit of Israel, a false flag event signaling the beginning of a direct confrontation with Russia could come at any time. At present it looks as though the most likely scenario would be something along the lines of the USS Liberty attack, which would involve the deliberate targeting of our own forces while creating the perception of a Russian attack on U.S. or NATO components.

The situation in Syria is ripe for exactly this kind of covert, subversive tactic.  There is historical precedence to suggest that a Syrian false flag event is imminent, therefore people the world over mustprepare to resist and to survive this.

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Its amazing how towards the end of this article it mentions “as the u.s continues to aid and support isis, al-nusra and other terrorist organizations” i mean after saying or should i say writing all those things about the u.s staging all these false flags these ppl still have the nerve to call others terrorists….amazing.

Ole Johansen

Yeah right… And how is the weather in Tel Aviv?


What are you talking about?


Do you mean the us “government” having the nerve to call others terrorists?


I’m talking about all those behind all of this, whoever that may be. A time will come when the people will believe the testimony of the one who is a liar & rubbish the claims of the one who is truthful and honest.


The article is right about the proxy war in Syria being to the benefit of israel. It also benefits europe because of the proposed qatari pipeline. It benefits the owners of the privately owned “federal” reserve who hand down orders to the criminals posing as the us government by helping to make sure Syrian resources are only sold for the petrodollar.

Tom Tom

you’re right but ultimately it won’t benefit them when they all end up nuked.

I compiled a short list of Faults Flag attacks Jews have launched before in short order.
#1 The Reichstag’s Fire done by Jews = To be blamed on Germany. (This backfired as Germany caught them in the act of their faults flag attack)
#2 Gulf of Tonkin Indecent done by Jews = To be blamed on North Vietnam.
#3 The U.S.S Liberty done by Jews = To be blamed on Egypt.
#4 The Tower 7, Tower 2 and Tower 1 attacks done by Jews = To be blamed on Afghanistan and Iraq.
#5 The Malaysia Airlines Flight 17 downed over Ukraine by Jews = To be blamed on Russia.
#6 The Syrian Gas attacks done by Jews = To Be Blamed on Assad
#7 Soon to be done by Jews inside of Syria to make WWIII against Russia as they once did against Germany.
Is anyone starting to see how Jews genetically operate? Putin is a victim same as Assad and Adolf and many other nationalist leaders.
Putin is finally getting a lesson in history, and who the real good guys are and who the bad guys have been all along.


The 9/11 type of “false flag operation” is not possible today, if not impossible given that, the “White Hats” – globally – have made it impossible for the Khazarian Mafia hoodlums to operate. Everything changed 180 degrees in 2013. Add to this, the “catalytic event” of the “pope resigning in 2013 – [ since ever since the organization of the Vatican by the Pentagon whoever was chosen as pope “died as a pope” ] – being the first time such an event occurred in the history of the Vatican since its organization by the Pentagon” – and “lo and behold the new pope is the “leader of the Jesuits” – “the Black Pope” – [ never before has there being a pope chosen from the Jesuit military wing of the Vatican ] – from the military wing of the Vatican who control world events via 83 Provincials – 3 star generals – and they were “forced” to conduct such blatant “change of leadership given that their “orders” to nuke the USA….. [ the farm which they own since 1213 ]…failed, since 4 – 3 star generals of the USA nuclear Army, upon receiving the order on 12-12-12, to drop 2 nuclear bombs on North Carolina, kill 30 million good Americans, and then bring out that stool pigeon by the name of Obama out of the dungeons of the White House upon which he would “announce a second terrorist attack on the USA” and thus announce the “military / dictatorship law” – did not work out, since, upon the 4 generals receiving such order, told the Vatican / Jesuits scum..”fuck you, we are not nuking the good USA People & USA…”…and thereafter proceeded to drop the bombs in the Atlantic Ocean causing an earthquake of almost 5 on the Richter scale… [ naturally, those 4 – 3 star generals, were dismissed later..one being found “pissing” in public, one being found “drunk” in public, one being found playing with himself in public, and the other gawking at women through binoculars, or, such nonsense ]…with the last attempt of the Khazarian Mafia, Babylonian Satanic Sect sub-humans, suffering the massive and catastrophic losses in Japan, in the month of April 2016, when their 3 gigantic underground bases, were “destroyed by an army of UNKNOWN PROVENANCE AND UNKNOWN IDENTITY WITH NUCLEAR WEAPONS, and the killing of more than 500.000 soldiers armed to the teeth, and ready to invade China and thus commence the 3rd WW via military means… [ since the 3rd WW via economic means in raging at present ]… which was planned for June 6, to 16, 2016, was effectively they were completely destroyed, through the detonation of 3 atomic bombs in the month of April 2016,….. [ we all recall the “curious earthquakes that occurred in Japan in April 2016, when, following the “first tremor” – “no further tremors were recorded” – and this occurred in all three nuclear detonations : and with this, last attempt being the last one, the Khazarian Mafia is in full, and panicked retreat, begging to turn over all the stolen gold, and all other precious treasurers they have stolen, for safe passage to Russia, and with the Top White Hat in Russia answering to the name of The Great President Vladimir Vladimirovich Putin, repeatedly answering “NIYET”, which is why arch-Khazarian Mafia Scum, answering to the name of Bibi Netanyahu has made more than 15 trips to the Kremlin in 2016 alone : and the world and humanity will be forerever grateful to the Good White Hats Guys. You dont need to go far to see what the White Hats have done to the Khazarian Mafia scum in Syria, Ukraine, and in all other areas, inclusive of the BRICS organization, de-dolarization of the petrol trade, de-dolarization of the forex market, the creation of the “alternative” BRICKS Central Bank, Development Bank, alternative swift wire systems, and numerous other “alternative financial and banking systems” – which have “kneecapped” the Khazarian Mafia, and their other stool pigeons who answer to “NWO”, “Bilderbergers”, CFR, “three cities empire triad”, society of 300, or whatever other nonsense name they call themselves.
One thing is certain, with President Putin, planting his foot “squarely and solidly in Syria” – the Khazarian Mafia scum’s days are short, and numbered on one hand.
The “new generation” of the initial 48 lease holders – the so called 48 states in the USA – have confirmed in clear terms to the Khazarian Mafia – “fuck you, we are not following, we are continuing this charade against humanity. We are not taking part in reducing world population to 500 million – 1 billion – we are not killing children, women, the elderly, just to satisfy your satanic & sub human blood thirst”.

Marumiyu Moriame

it is amazing what someone will do on buradanga you would empty your own bank acount for theives with a smile and 3 days later you wake up in a park if your lucky with no clothes in some stange place with no memory of the past 3 days. im sure Colombian gangs are not the only ones knowing of its existence i wonder what the cia would do with a simular substance. scapolomine is the substance from the brurgmansia plant and the active ingrediant to buradanga.

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