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FakeNews: CNN Stages Video With “Anti-ISIS Muslim Protesters” Following London Attack

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A Twitter user, Mark Antro, has filmed a CNN crew staging a fake news video in London day after the terrorist attack at London Bridge.

FakeNews: CNN Stages Video With "Anti-ISIS Muslim Protesters" Following London Attack

A screenshot from the video

The video shows how the CNN crew was stagin the photo-op with an alleged “Muslim peace group” holding “ISIS WILL LOSE” signs.

It looks that the crew even provided signs and other “needed things” to the “activists”.

Thegatewaypundit.com noted that the same crowd was used for the followed AP post.

The same crowd was used for the following AP post it appears – note the man with green around his neck in both pictures. This is how fake news spreads,” the website article reads.

FakeNews: CNN Stages Video With "Anti-ISIS Muslim Protesters" Following London Attack

CNN’s Abu Dhabi Managing Editor

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michael Harrison

Liberals are literally working as the PR department for islamic terrorists

Kristy Rain

So, who is going to be the one to leak the paper trail from piss stream media to the gulf wahabists?


Apparently , Corbin the British Labor party leader , has fingered Saudi Arabia and Qatar the Wahhabi “elite” , as being , ” the source of terrorism” . Just today the Saudi’s , have blamed it all on Qatar , cutting diplomatic ties . Halting all land , air and water movement . It is completely just a shift the blame game . It is finally breaking out into public awareness , should be an interesting next couple of weeks .


My only advice to Muslims is this.
Never, never, never apologize for what others do, in the name of Islam.
Like the west, never ever apologize for what they do, killing millions, displacing more millions, making living to an hell on earth for even more millions, have anyone of you heard any kind of apologizing for the wars and destruction.
Muslims have been demonstrating for years, more Muslims are killed by the uISISa mercs aka Blackwater lap dancing boys, than anyone else, and still Muslims have to apologize, for decades of wars, as we speak 17 country’s and 7 Islamic ones.
Yeah, forgot that one didnt you.
500 000 Iraqi children and where is the god dammed apologize for that, Libya, where the Norse “atheists” burned children alive in their homes.
Any apologize, huh.

This witch hunt, done by everybody, incl so called alternative, muhahaha sites, contra the MSM, that is an illusion, period, InfoWars/InWB, is on of the worst shit holes in the universe along with out hers like Breitfartingers, and so on, to Jihad watch, where most gets their “education” on religion in general and Islam is special.
They hate opposition, and whines about censure but them self are the worst hypocrites of them all, IW is censuring anyone that dont hate Muslims, weird isnt it.

AJ, is one massive scumbag, and I never go there, because I know whom controls the shit-hole, and now they are screaming about all Muslims been evil.
Compared to what Infowhoes, do enlighten us, when I know that most of this events are downright theater aka false flags, where Oralndo/Boston where so sloppy that I am sill slack jawed of how people are simply blind, refuses to see, even when its glaringly obvious.

And again, never apologize, never ever do that.


Kristy Rain

If you watch the western piss-stream media, you would see it’s our celebrities, pundits, ‘artists’ washed up actors and singers, politicians apologizing for muslims.

Our own politicians and Elites bend over backwards for Muslims and tell everyone who isn’t Hite that white people are evil, should be hated/attacked In the streets and held accountable for every stubbed toe, flat tire, case of the flu, runaway dog, or missing car keys etc.

I am gawked at / receive the most disdainful looks or viewed like a wealthy tourist in a 3rd world country in my own hometown and I can barely afford the one room I rent for 800 a month.

And you tell me muslims are apologizing for muslims? Get outta here. You’s trollin


Kristy Rain and Hvaiallverden ,
Ironically , you are both right . It is the so called “elite” who are using their perception management , to create more fear , and confusion . With web sites like Alex Jones , dis-information , is designed to destroy the alternative media , who for the most part are attempting to expose the truth . The truth is ugly , the Deep State has been at war with many nations , Islamic and others , under the pretext of “humanitarian intervention” , “freedom” , ” democracy” etc . With massive confusion , they are attempting to ignite racial wars ( Black vs White ) and religious wars ( Islam vs Christian ).
Western mass media , tells their people they are fighting ISIS and Al Qaeda (terrorism) when in fact they (the elite) create , fund and support it .
ME mass media , Al Jazeera , backs the Wahhabi view point .
Wahhabism seems designed to destroy Islam , the religious lawyers of Sunni and Shia are not public in their renunciation of it . And Europeans and Americans knowing nothing of Islam , think it represents it .
Let us stay grounded in the knowledge ,we are on the same side , if we stay in peace .

Real Anti-Racist Action

No Sunni invaders living inside of ethnic-European lands are truly opposed to ISIS.
They either publicly support ISIS, or they do so in silence.
The global-ethnic-minority Europeans was end the occupation of Europe by the global majority Brown-supremacist.

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