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Fake Victories Of Fake Country: Ukrainian Special Forces Stage Fake Video With Supposed Detention Of Lutsk Gunman


The process of detention of the gunman that briefly held several people hostages in the Ukrainian city of Lutsk on July 22 briefly became popular online after it appeared that special forces (in an armoured vehicle) deployed to the area and used a flash-bang grenade after the gunman surrendered.

The longer version of the video clearly shows how so-called ‘Maxim Plohoi’ (Maxim Bad) went out of the bus with hostages and surrendered to a police officer. The man (real name is Maxim Krivosh) did so after Ukrainian President Zelensky fulfilled his demand by recording a video appeal with the words “Film “People of Earth” 2005, watch for everyone”. This was the only demand of the attacker, with a criminal record and mental health problems.

About 1.5 minutes after the surrender, a unit of ‘Ukrainian heroes’ deployed to the area and used a flash-bang grenade to pretend that they conducted some kind of special operation there. This is how most of the ‘victories’ of the current Kiev regime are being done in practice.




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