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Fake Victories Of Fake Country: Ukrainian Special Forces Stage Fake Video With Supposed Detention Of Lutsk Gunman

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The process of detention of the gunman that briefly held several people hostages in the Ukrainian city of Lutsk on July 22 briefly became popular online after it appeared that special forces (in an armoured vehicle) deployed to the area and used a flash-bang grenade after the gunman surrendered.

The longer version of the video clearly shows how so-called ‘Maxim Plohoi’ (Maxim Bad) went out of the bus with hostages and surrendered to a police officer. The man (real name is Maxim Krivosh) did so after Ukrainian President Zelensky fulfilled his demand by recording a video appeal with the words “Film “People of Earth” 2005, watch for everyone”. This was the only demand of the attacker, with a criminal record and mental health problems.

About 1.5 minutes after the surrender, a unit of ‘Ukrainian heroes’ deployed to the area and used a flash-bang grenade to pretend that they conducted some kind of special operation there. This is how most of the ‘victories’ of the current Kiev regime are being done in practice.


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Harry Smith

What a pathetic piece of crap the staged video is. How stupid have to be those who will believe in the Kiev’s official version.


I don’t know what to say, I’m stunned too :)

Damien C

Oh Fuck me that is so embarrassing, I swear I’m sitting here watching that with a red face for them

Black Waters

The only way for this fuckos to maintain some kind of coercion and moral, when you have a comedian as president shit like this happens.

johnny rotten

WTF? these are the craziest nation in the world, they are in tiny pieces if they cannot coordinate when they have to recite the television show, if they had known that the whole world already knew how it ended then they would have spared the shitty figure.

Brother Ma

Reminds me of how Mussolini’s Italians demanded a second surrender ceremony to himself after that of the Greeks to the Germans. The Greeks scoffed as they had not been beaten in battle by the Italians. They may have done it in the end but the humiliation and loss of face of the Italians to the Germans was priceless.


Greece never surrendered to germany,nazis negated athens’traitors to make it seem so that’s it!

infact greeks ousted the nazis in 221 days allowing churchill to waltz straight in 6 fays or so after the greek national+communist forced nazis out of mainland greece,Even Stalin appreciated that!

This too validated fact: R.E BRITIAINS DIRTY LITTLE SECRET:

Brother Ma

Ok. I know that useless General Tsolacoglou illegally gave up to the Germans and the Greeks were furious as they wanted to keep fighting. Traitors are everywhere .

Brother Ma

What a disgrace! No doubt a highly paid Yanqui public- relations expert in the American Foreign Service had planned and suggested that! Hahahahahah

Liya Perepada

what an unprofessional article. The movie this guy recommended is called “Earthlings”, 2005. Extremely useful documentary. and it seems that he did not intend to harm anyone.

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