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Fake Ukraine

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Fake Ukraine

Origianlly appeared at Fsksrb, translated by A. Đurić exclusively for SouthFront

Winner – Maidan – from Europe awaits recognition for their excellence which is expressed in the vastness of preference to Ukrainian oligarchs, who are closely linked with the government, and the hordes of high officials and MPs, whose main source of income for the past ten years are the state budget and loans western “for reform “.

Two years after the Maidan, who proclaimed the deliverance of the state from corruption and totalitarian oligarchs, Ukraine was not liberated from anything. And in Europe, it would seem, has not realized with what it collided in the form of Maidan – the winner. Just as it did not understand two years ago, and supported Maidan, considering that it expresses the will of Ukrainians to be with Europe.

Maidan was called Euromaidan to convince Europe that his thoughts as pure as compared to Europe. What did Europe seen? Tens of thousands of boys and girls with flags of the EU who were, during the cold winter days and nights on the streets of Kiev, dying from bullets of “unknown snipers”, with bare hands ready to stop attacks from policemen who were protecting the hateful power dictator Yanukovych, fighting for their “imagination about Europe “.

Europeans were not noticing that Euromaidan drawn in some aggressive groups – Nazi organizations, football hooligans, criminals who were willing to mock the population that thinks differently from them and to kill police officers.

Two years ago, organizers of Euromaidan declared American actress Chloë Grace Moretz (as Carrie in the film adaptation of the eponymous novel by Stephen King), the “Kievan student.” Premiere was held in Ukraine on November 28, 2013, two days before the night in which the secret special division “Berkut” received an order to disperse Maidan.

It soon became clear that there was no student that was violently beaten up by the police. So then began to appear details of “dispersing”: many of the protesters were newcomers of no college years, and a “quiet students” have had on them, chains, clubs and bottles of combustible mix.

But the Euromaidan obviously urgently needed “student beaten.” Disturbed people with portraits of beaten girl covered central Kiev square and streets that were connected to the square, not even thinking that they are holding up posters for the film, Carrie, and that the actress with pierced head had just a drawn Ukrainian flag on the cheeks.

Simple enough, almost no one had heard the voices of journalists who discovered the deception. They were sinking in the storm of applause for Euromaidan. Europe liked to cheat herself.

News of phony “beaten student” did not passed. This story is the key to Maidan, it is his symbol. From the first days of the protest organizers of Maidana lied, submitting false evidence as fact.

They now lie, but not on the streets. They lie to Ukrainian citizens. They lie to Europeans. They lie to the press. The prefix “Euro” with the word “maidan” is just such a lie as is the “beaten student.”

* * *

Peter Poroshenko, who was brought to power by Euromaidan, promised voters that hi will sell Roshen confectionery empire with its factories in Ukraine, Russia, Lithuania and Hungary, valued at $ 3 billion.

He has promised to do so before the presidential election. He also promised the same thing during the presidential elections. He promised when he was already president. But – he never sold. Finally, in early 2016 he announced that the company Roshen, which is owned by the President of Ukraine with 99% share, is handed over to the management of an unnamed “independent trust” which was established on the model of “blind trust”. For the trustee of the trust the President has appointed a “foreign respected bank” which is under contract four years ago won the right to sell confectionery company Roshen.

One thing is clear: Poroshenko continues to lie everybody. Sell Roshen- it belongs to the same opera, from which is “beaten student.” A lie. Fabrication.

However, only in 2014 just one Rocher factory from Kiev’s gained more profit, when compared to 2013, 8.9 times. The largest competitors of Roshen – the company AVK and “Konti” whose factories remained in the Donbass have greatly reduced their presence in the Ukrainian confectionery market. For Russian producers that market is closed, the European candy and cookies are sold at prices that are inaccessible to many citizens of Ukraine who increasingly have to choose between bread and biscuits, between candy and pills. For confectionary empire of Poroshenko war has become a hen that lays the golden eggs.

Regardless of “war with Russia” about which Ukrainian president does not cease to remind Europe, Roshen factory in the Russian Lipetsk in 2014 and 2015 continued to produce sweets. Today it is known that the company Roshen offered Russian assets for sale, estimating them at $ 200 million. But none of Lipetsk is not quite as simple – plant is not sold, because “all genuine buyers go underground,” as argued by the Managing Director of Roshen Vyacheslav Moskaljevski.

A most unusual thing is that Poroshenko  supplies his candy to Crimea. From Russia. “Yes, there’s candy, Lipetsk candy. Ukrainian factories are not delivering anything, “- says CEO of Roshen’s. Maidan is going hysterical in the press if they suddenly discover that some European companies make a business on the Crimean Peninsula, while Poroshenko Lipetsk factory supplies sweets to Crimea.

“Blind trust” to which Poroshenko (not realy) gives management of assets and gives the task to of selling the Roshen for past four years, in no way interferes with the company plan to continue to use the war situation that gives real difficulties which competition can not overcome.

And yet – Roshen’s candies and cookies are shipped in tons to the “eastern front” – to support the fighting spirit of the participants of so-called anti-terrorist operations in the Donbass, which all of Ukraine, covering itself with “ATO” fig leaf, has called “war”.

* * *

“ATO” is the same concoction as “beaten student.” Terrorists “- they are thousands of dead peaceful inhabitants of eastern Ukraine.

Diana Popkova from Khartsyzk has not yet turned six years. Her parents, older sister and grandparents, in summer 2014, were killed in front of her: the car that was transporting the family was a target of Ukrainian artillery. The car stopped, and was immediately fired upon. Girl’s father was only trying to help the wounded Ukrainian soldier who accidentally found himself on the “enemy” territory and prayed for help. Two survived – a soldier and a girl who was bleeding heavily, because she was wounded in the arm. The next day, when Diana became quite ill, Ukrainian soldier surrendered to volunteers of Donetsk People’s Republic, protecting himself with the wounded girl. The soldier’s name was Ivan …

Having heard this terrible story is there anyone who will say that in Ukraine there is no civil war? Or that young Diana, her sister, her mom and dad, and grandparents – were terrorists who had to be killed by “ATO” forces? Europeans still have to listen to too many lies about the war in Donbass.

“Their children will sit in basements …” said President Poroshenko on kids from Donbass, while at the same time on schools and kindergartens, hospitals and residential areas fall Ukrainian missiles. And Ukrainians and Europeans are wickedly lied about it, the terrorists “shoot themselves.” “Themselves” – it is a fiction. Same as well known “beaten student.”

People from Odessa on May 2, 2014 “burned themselves”. And those who could not “burn themselves” – they were killed by bullets and “taped” on the ground by those same young people from Maidan which Europe applauded with all her might.

* * *

Magazine “ELLE” praised Vita Zaveruha, fragile blonde in camouflage clothing, which is on the eastern front fighting for Ukrainian path into Europe. And that is exactly the same blonde fraud as a “beaten student.” A girl became monster. Fascist. Nazi.

On the front was pouring tears because soldiers do not want to take her every day to “kill the separatists.” Just for fun, she fired a RPG on peaceful inhabitants of the Širokino village in Donetsk, demanding her “feats” to be filmed. Now the blonde is awaiting trial – she is suspected for the murder of police officers. Even behind bars, she said to the press that she supports “legalization of scum murdering”. Maidan really believed that the murder of a police officer – is a feat, not a crime.

“I propagate Nazism, terror, genocide. But no matter – I am not a bad person. Justification: the “war for peace” – said the girl, which was chosen for the model on its social network by the magazine “Elle”.

Journal “Elle”, after being given evidence of what a young Ukrainian confesses – the ideology of fascism, apologized to the readers of their publication. But only that – journal apologized, and nothing more. And so even readers of “Elle” did not learn the truth. Not even to themselves they did not discover the other side of the coin, the reverse side of the Ukrainian “revolution of pride” that took Maidana to war with that part of the people who did not agree with slogans Maidan had and which rejected violence to which they were subjected.

* * *

“Beaten student” – that is the fight against corruption, which is heavily proclaimed on Euromaidan. Neither for two years, nothing has changed. If the president of the country finds a bunch of excuses to personally enrich himself, it’s all signal to all official that they can do the same.

In October 2014, Ukraine, along with applauding from Europe, approved a package of “anti-corruption” laws. Before us – year 2016, and nothing changed. Fighting for the favor of the European Union and dealing with visa-free regime, the Ukrainian authorities continue to stuff Europeans ears with promises that are not fulfilled.

Promises to introduce electronic declaration of income and assets of the official persons – that promise was immediately postponed for 2017. Europe insists that the deadline is 1st of April 2016, but the Ukrainian parliament six times in a row crashes a vote that is expected to consider a draft of law abolishing the “delayed posting”. Not even a half of MPs is ready to explain their finances to society and media.

In matters of own revenue and own property, representatives of Ukrainian authorities have always manifested a remarkable toughness, not wanting any public and any social control.

* * *

In Europe all is still in the future, on the thorny road of understanding that Maidan who should have the prefix “Euro” does not yet have the ability to negotiate. Whatever Europe try’s to agree with Maidan, he lie’s every time. You signed the Agreement on Accession with the European Union – open markets for goods and services of Ukrainian billionaires! Otherwise, the disappointment about Europe will be changed to “euro-disappointment”. Europeans – you will always be bound to Maidan!

Maidan will always be looking for motives not to perform. In a year not even a single point of Minsk agreements was carried out, including a ceasefire. None! Instead, the Ukrainian side proposes:

  • that Minsk agreements should be rewritten under their conditions;
  • to change the order of conditions from Minsk agreement so that they correspond to the Ukrainian side;
  • to spread the format of “Normandy Four” so what will it turn into a “five” or even “seven” (plus the US, UK, Canada), because the compliance of position between Germany, France and Russia does not meet the will of Ukrainian side;
  • that the Minsk agreements need to have amendments introducing issues of Crimea;
  • to carry out a nationwide referendum on changing the constitution, advocated by Minsk agreements.

Or – do whatever you want, just not agreements that have already been achieved. In all this Poroshenko is threatening that he will not allow conflict in Donbass to freeze, Ukrainian military personnel say they have not received the order to cease fire, and the Ukrainian press has been spreading the question of delivery of lethal weapons to Ukraine so that the war can be continued.

Kiev already threaten Europe: if Europe does not cease to pander to the Kremlin in connection with the insistence that Minsk agreements should be implemented, “euro-disappointment” will make Maidan to seek other, more appropriate partners for the Ukrainian project.

From Europe, like she is a milking-cow, land of Euromaidan-winner expected “package of the couple billion – in support of the defense force”, as well as the delivery of military technology and equipment, NATO exercises in central Ukraine, and even ground military operations – to choke separatist moods in the Donbass.

The list of demands from Ukraine to Europe today is as follows:

  • Europe needs to lift the visa regime for Ukrainians,
  • Europe needs to abolish or significantly increase the quota for Ukrainian producers;
  • Europe needs to give up the peaceful regulation of the conflict in Donbass and to abolish the execution of Minsk agreement in its current form, or to overwrite the way, as required by Ukraine;
  • Europe needs to supply lethal weapons to Ukraine and to indicate other military assistance;
  • Europe is obliged to allocate Ukraine “rescue package” of “multi-billion” (no credit!), whereby number of billion should be high;
  • Europe needs to block any deliveries project of Russian (not Ukrainian!) energy in the EU countries, which bypass Ukraine;
  • Europe needs to exert economic and political pressure on the Russia (objectives for this are many – Ukrainian appetites extends from the Crimea to Kuban, Orla, Rostov and Voronezh);
  • Europe is obliged to wage war against Russia in the interests of Ukraine;
  • Europe is obliged to “support” Ukraine to reach European standards of living;
  • Europe is obliged to bring Ukraine into the EU, to give generous bounty from European funds and to give her the right to vote in European structures.

List of requests from the opposite side, as shown by life, Ukraine will not meet. Maidan does not consider answering to anyone. On the contrary, Maidan is sure that Europe is obliged to dance the way he plays music. Well, behold what is happening now in Poland, to Europeans it looks like child’s play, provided that they believed that it was possible that she, Europe, will dance the way Ukraine plays. But, Ukraine is not playing music, but beating the war drums.

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Bruce Weaver

For Netflix subscribers make sure you watch winter on fire. At least it provides some context of this article. Also watch the 115 videos created by vice magazine called Russian roulette. FYI

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