Fake News: Two US Helicopters Crashed In Syria. 8 Service Members Died


On October 7, the Syrian pro-government radio station Sham FM claimed that 8 US soldiers were killed after two US-led coalition helicopters crashed near the western dam of al-Hasakah governorate. According to Sham FM, the two US-led coalition helicopter took off from the SDF military base in Tell Beydar village in the northern al-Hasakah countryside.

Fake News: Two US Helicopters Crashed In Syria. 8 Service Members Died

Sham FM. Click to see the full-size image

However, US Army Colonel Ryan Dillon Spokesman for the US-led coalition denied that any US helicopter crashed in Syria. Colonel Dillion confirmed that all the helicopters of the US-led coalition in Syria are operational. Moreover, local sources also confirmed to South Front that no US helicopter crashed in Syria on October 6.

Sadly many Syrian pro-government media outlets as well as some major Russian media outlets (ren.tv and news.rambler.ru ) republished Sham FM’s claims.

So far, Sham FM and some other meida outlets have not removed the reports and have not published the statement of the US-led coalition spokesperson.



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  • SKY

    Hmm what to make out of this, what would they get with a fake news. I wonder?!

    • RTA (Bob or Al)

      I was just leaving this page and your comment came on.

      I totally agree with you. This is the first time the Syrians have lied or at least caught – I just wonder if it is a set-up by our illustrious / exceptional Global police scum.

    • Yeah! What’s the point of the article?

      • Kira Binkley

        Exactly. Why would a pro-government radio source report fake news like this? Unless they were fed this “news” by someone attempting to show the Syrian government lies. I wonder who would do that? Anyone?

  • RTA (Bob or Al)

    I think the name of the radio Company would have made people sit up and ask a few questions – “Sham FM “.

    Oh well, tomorrow is a new day.

    • electron

      Sham is an old Arabic name for the region that we know as Syria. Hence the name “islamic state of iraq & sham”

    • Terra Cotta Woolpuller

      Sham is the other name for Damascus, it’s a Syriac word just as Damascus is and some think it comes from the second son of Noah Sham or Sam. The western version is just a derivative for shambles.

      • RTA (Bob or Al)

        I new the Western version, but thanks the definition / info on the Syrian name.

  • Barba_Papa

    I don’t like the term fake news, it implies that someone is deliberately trying to mislead the public. Wrong news seems more apt, where rumors or unchecked news items get published before they get checked. Although they do become fake news if it does not get retracted.

    • RTA (Bob or Al)

      I think you were right I your first sentence and since I cannot see the Syrians nor the Russians doing it, gee who could have started this fake new and for what purpose ?…. who is devious and well known for doing this ?.

      Another pathetic, childish game from across the Atlantic falls into place in my mind..

  • foxhound

    I agree with you, because if you claim a downed aircraft, U must to bring proofs, like wreckage, serial number, photos, if not prisonners, or bodies.
    However, do not forget that US used to lie. Lie is a weapon like all others weapons. I used to follow US wars, and most of their communiques are mere lies. I don’t trust any statement coming from US, Russia, Syria and Israel.
    I advise U to not believe US.

    • Terra Cotta Woolpuller

      The US was the source it came from the state department by an anonymous source , I never trust bad Psyops as this one was fake and the possibility of breakdowns do occur as they also said a Russian helicopter was downed and reported by the fake news networks in the west.

      • foxhound

        I never said that I trust the fact that two US helicopters were downed. However, i don’t trust any western sources. I repeat in this conflict, all the parties used to lie, all, including Syria, and Russia.
        Recently after US attack against Syria in april, russian and syrian sources claimed that several US cruise missiles were downed, and on 60, only few reached their target. However Russia, and Syria failed to bring proofs. No use to add how US lie. Their lie were epic during the previous conflicts.

      • foxhound

        Sometimes in the middle east there are rumours, false, or true.
        However there never be smoke without fire. It might happen something, maybe an helicopter, maybe another aircraft that was downed. But surely it happened something, and US sustained losses, if not heavy losses.

        • Terra Cotta Woolpuller

          There was a Syrian missile had damaged something around the same time the osprey suffered damages,you just never know about somethings.

  • Deo Cass

    What if it is true? I mean, it is not the first time that the US as well as Israel lie. Or they never did? Let’s say some three months from now the US will break the news that two of its military helicopters crashed somewhere in Alaska. It is not the first time they do such a thing. Now consider when the Syrian government S200 air defense system shot down an Israeli F16. Israel immediately denied. But three months later Haertz reported an Israeli defense official as saying that one of Israel’s F16’s had crashed during training killing its pilot! So hey guys, hello! Wake up. This is war, and in war both parties, especially the great master deceiver, the US try to minimize the losses and attribute them to some freak accident some tome later to cover the truth.

  • EmilyEnso

    confirmed that all the helicopters of the US-led coalition in Syria are operational.

    Oh darn it!!
    What a shame.
    Two war machines – down?.
    It seemed to good to be true.
    But of course as the USA has not the slightest right to be in Syria perhaps an explanation to the Syrian government and people is in order for your illegal trespass, Colonel Dillon.

    • Admiral_Moorer_believed

      They wouldn’t Lie to us would they?

  • robert wa

    O well we live in hope

  • Paul Barbara

    Pity if they didn’t along with all other US ISIS-assisting a**holes.
    US (and poodles) OUT of Syria; you are War-Mongering War Criminal a**holes.

  • goingbrokes

    The fact that US has all helos operational and denies any crashes does NOT mean that nothing happened. This could easily be unmarked black-ops helos that do not technically belong to the official US forces. They could be Israeli or Saudi SOFs, or private military contractors. There are so many proxies in Syria it is impossible to keep a tab on them, and whatever happens it is always perfect deniability to the US forces.
    There are layers and layers of deception going on there, and smaller local news operators can offer glimpses of what is really going on. I would never discount this type of report in the face of official denials. If it’s black-ops, the officials absolutely HAVE TO deny it or be branded traitors.


    ANYTHING claimed or denied by US of Yidrael must be taken as a lie.

  • bakbaklazhan

    so,how can you be sure about it

    americans may be lying, or not