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Fake News: Saudi Arabia Issues Ultimatum To Putin, Vows To Destroy “Russian Forces In Syria On 3 Days”

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A fresh fake news story about the Saudi ultimatum to Russia is circulating online.

According to the reports issued by a number of media outlest (example), Crown Prince of Saudi Arabia Mohammad bin Salman Al Saud issued a de-facto ultimatum to Russian President Vladimir Putin, arguing that Russia has to stop “its indiscriminate bombing” and threatened to destroy “Russian forces in Syria in 3 days.”

Reports provide few fake quotes of the Saudi crown prince:

I think there is many terrorist groups in Syria that must be defeated. But it’s the Russians who tries to expand terrorism in the Middle East. It’s not difficult to imagine how much the spirits of these terrorists been raised, obviously,Russia is helping terrorists by attacking FSA militants.”


Saudi Arabia won’t ‘go soft’ on Russia, we will issue an ultimatum to Mr. Putin. If Russia continues its indiscriminate bombing, we should make clear that we will take steps to hold its forces at greater risk. Russia must keep in mind that our military capabilities will be enough to destruct Russian forces in Syria in 3 days.

According to the media that spread such reports, the story orignis to the official Saudi Press Agency. However, the Saudi state-run media has not released this report and there are no such quotes of Mohammad bin Salman Al Saud are available online.

The story was originally reported by the AWDNEWS media outlet. AWDNEWS also argued that the source of the report is the Saudi Press Agency. But the provided link just leads to an English version of the Saudi agency and no such report is avaliable online.

Fake News: Saudi Arabia Issues Ultimatum To Putin, Vows To Destroy "Russian Forces In Syria On 3 Days"

Most likely, the circulating story is just a part of the ongoing media and diplomatic standoff surrounding the Qatar crisis.

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Miguel Redondo




That Guy


Pieter Lemmens

Nothing is imposssible for Allah.


Bin Salman have funded WW3 Hitlary for the presidential run. I’m not surprised if it was true.

Real Anti-Racist Action

Hillary’s dirty name should not be crossed with someone who fought to liberate India from the UK and Asia from the French and Iran from the Marxist.
Anyone who Gandhi calls a friend, is a friend of everyone.

Marko Tisovic

Saudis at Syrian border crossing:



Such a NEWS are fabricated by devul-israelis and NOT by Saudis

Alex Black

same people these days


In Fact israelis are leading the suadi inteligece, they have infiltrted in the saudi-sytem since hundred years. They must be hit by a few Huthi Missiles then don`t make noise for a while.

Joe Doe

Actually Saudi release such statement, but eventually remove quickly from the web side.

eric zweistein

AWDnews.com, domain registered in Berlin, Germany is a well known, notorious disinfo-site.

Hard to find any information on its ownership what probably means that it is a CIA project, or even more likely, a Mossad clown show. Yawn.

Manuel Flores Escobar

Saudi cannot defeat Houttis sandals fighter in Yemen…

Eddy Martin Morales Fajardo

I think they are crazy !!!! Don’t forget they have couldn’t defeat to the Yemenis and now Do they want destroy to Russia ? jajajajaja that is completely absurd and stupid !!. I think they are smoking drug !!!!!


Somebody, somewhere, appears to be thinking, lets start testing for what we can and can’t push this very young and vain crown prince into…


Ha ha ha ha he. Don’t make me laugh.


Saudi tanks have been spotted 10 km within Syria. It is reported that Russia is starting to evacuate from both Tartus port and Khmeimim airbase ! :DDDDDDDDDDDD

Alex Black

Comedy or drugs?

Concrete Mike

Comedy gold m’y friend

Concrete Mike

Hahahaha also président Assad is also leaving right??


The problem with this rumor is the futile time spent trying to analyze it.

Real Anti-Racist Action

You are right, if too much time is spent trying to analyze stupidity, one eventually becomes stupid themselves ha ha.

Aung Naing

I would love to see .Mr Putin is so smart.If we want to see ww3,let that happen.
Russia have been provoked by Israel,Americana and so called sdf.They underestimate nuke power of Russia.Mr Putin has no time for such foolishness.

Concrete Mike

Putin is probably laughing His head off.

Concrete Mike

Lol allI can Say is bring it goat fuckers. You Will get crushed. How many kalibrs can the tu-95 haul???

Seriously though, this is nonsense. Most likely disinfo


Tu 95 and Tu -160 does not use/carry Kaliber missiles. It uses, Kh -101, -102 or- 555 as long range stand off missiles. TU 95 can carry 8 of those long range cruise missles and TU-160 can carry 12 of them.

Concrete Mike

Ok, is There talk of the Bear being modified to haul kalibrs,? Or did I dream that Up somewhere.

Also thanks for the great info. Tu-160 is so impressive, beautiful machine.

Tudor Miron

Kalibers (various derevitives) were tested both on Tu-95 and Tu-160 during this conflict as well as sea based (frigates and submarine).

Michael Qiao

Saudis can’t even defeat Yemen let alone Russia, in having a laugh riot


russia support terrorist groups, saudi arabia is funding FSA and isis


I believe that only in my country the political people make stupid and out of context declarations, but Sauidis are the master in doing this.


well itried very hard not to laugh with this..and tried to see the meaning of this statement…..well the wanna be king must have calculated the number of Russian troops in Syria….how many are there?how many planes etc. its obvious that its a tiny force if you compare it with the S.Arabian Army…..so..with a little help from ‘substances’ that help the mind….you can come to the above conclusion. if you think that way…even the Somalian army (doesnt really exist)or the Vatican Army can defeat them…..but its not that simple….

Tudor Miron

What? Prince said such harsh words in front of his harem? How courageous of him :)

Valery Grigoryev

I don’t think that Saudi prince is such a fool. Fake news really.



Albert Peace


Giovanni Netto

questo è fuori come un balcone….

Dimosthenis Cochliaridis

Russia must send some anti-plane missiles to Yemen.
Then they will see in a few month the oil-price will increase to 200-300 Dollar.

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