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Fake News: Russian Military Police Arrested Syrian Air Defense Unit Involved In IL-20 Incident

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Fake News: Russian Military Police Arrested Syrian Air Defense Unit Involved In IL-20 Incident

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The Hammurabi’s Justice News blog claimed on September 18 that the Russian Military Police arrested all service members of the Syrian Arab Air Defense Forces (SyAADF) 44th brigade in the coastal Syrian province of Lattakia and moved them to a jail at Hmeimim airbase. The blog said that the 44th brigade is responsible for shooting down the Russian IL-20 intelligence plane two days earlier.

These claims were later spreaded by several media outlets, journalists and experts in the West, the Arab world and even in Russia without any verification what so ever.

However, Syrian pro-government soources denounced the Hammurabi’s Justice News claims. Furthermore, this blog is well-known for its close ties with the US-led coalition and Free Syrian Army (FSA) commanders in al-Tanaf base. The blog, which is based outside of Syria, also has a history of releasing fake news such as claiming that the FSA shot down a Syrian warplane during the recent battle in southern Syria.

Furthermore, a source in the SyAADF told SouthFront that the so called ”44th brigade” does not even exist. The source explained that the Syrian S-200 long-range surface-to-air missile systems, one of which shoot down the IL-20, are based in regiments and not brigades as the US-linked blog claimed.

The Hammurabi’s Justice News claims are likely aimed at creating tensions between Russia and Syria over the IL-20 incident. On September 8, the Ministry of Defense of Russia held Israel responsible for the incident and said that Israeli warplanes used the IL-20 to hide from Syrian air defense fire while they were conducting airstrike on Lattakia.

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Daniel Miller

too bad its fake news thos arab savages deserve a good beating and hanging pices of shit have Russian blood on their hands.

Hisham Saber

You miserable Jew/Jew lover. The Russian Ministry of Defense has already said in no uncertain terms that Israel, the apartheid Zionist entity occupying Palestine, is to blame. Get it through your Talmudic thinking head. The days of Israeli airstrikes on Syria are coming to a close.

In fact, every time Israel launches airstrikes against Syria, Syria should respond on Israel proper with ballistic missiles. Time to make Israel pay, and pay dearly.

Martin Petrovski

So him not agreeing with Russia’s stance of not puneshing the S-200 crew makes him a jew lover?


His description of Arabs sure helped that image along, did it not? Funny as how the Russians don’t share that notion. I guess Russia should do like the US…shoot first, then ask questions? Besides there are other actors in this little setup deal beyond the Syrians..but don’t let a little thing like that discourage you.

Hisham Saber

Read some of his other comments. He’s a Jew, or Jew bootlicker.

Martin Petrovski

So hold on a sec just cuz he dose not like arabs he is a jew? Wtf kind of logic is that?

Hisham Saber

Like I said, read his other comments. I can spot them a mile away. There is no logic involved in Jewish thinking, its just racism and supremacism. Arrogance and moronic thinking.

Trustin Judeau

The opposition “sources” are always spreading fake news.Whatever the opposition says the truth is the opposite of what they are saying.Western media as usual is engaging in informational warfare against the Syrian government – they have been doing it since forever.I remember in 2012 how some of the West media outlets were saying that President Assad have been killed multiple times.So dont trust opposition “sources” and Western media regarding Syria and especially in this case.They want to create tensions between Russia and Syria but they will fail like always


The FUKUS, Turkey, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Jordan, Norway, Germany and half the world have waged unrelenting war on Syria causing 500,000+ deaths but Assad, who defends Syria, is the “brutal dictator.”


An unidentified Israeli source close the Scripal fiasco is ‘highly confident’ that his Wahabi and US sources regarding the arrests are ‘the truth as he understands it’.


The question is who is the target of this disinformation is ? Since Russian MoD have been pretty quick in publishing the details of what he know.

Poor Turk

To make it look like SAA is going to pay for the Il-20 and not Israel.


Russian citizens wouldn’t buy it not after Shoigu explicit publication. Then again it seldom they’re the target anyway.


Russians wouldn’t buy such lame BS, but Americans and English would. Most of the FUKUS propaganda is aimed at their own people.


I would suspect its a ‘scatter gun’ bullshit attempt to propagandise any cretin that believes it. Wherever they are.


When Americans are shooting BS, they just shoot, they don’t aim.


Another news update Florian. Russian military police have now arrested the entire Syrian air defense corps. All 4,682 have been moved to a small holding cell at Hmeimin air base. :DDD


I hope the Israeli’s don’t see this PZ1V as the Syrians are defenceless now. Will they all be taken to Russia for trial on the same flight ? :)

George King

Now I have to clean my computer screen, keyboard and re fill my coffee cup, gee thanks!


Yeah, no problem George. :)


Russia lost IL-20 with 14 officers for giving corridor to Israeli jets to go and attack Syrian nation. Well done Mr. Putin, sacrifice Russian and Syrian officers on child butchers ‘Israel’. For this attack Israel had done home work to design such an attack on Syria inwhich their SAM shoot down the Russian surveillance airplane. It is similar as Israel had designed Syrian chemical attack, in which the Syrian government lost chemical weapons.


I’m changing the thread here, but have you seen this? https://www.fort-russ.com/2018/09/full-analysis-russian-disinfo-campaign-blames-israel-for-il-20-plane-downing-yet-exonerates-france/ With all the crap happening these days, this would not surprise me at all. In fact, it would answer certain questions. Quite interesting really.


The Israelis would not take the blame for France.


That would be the whole point, wouldn’t it? Put the ball in Israels corner and let them prove who is guilty.


I had not seen that analysis Zman and thank you for it. It makes perfect sense as I posted on that forum. ‘srael has always used the Divide and Rule strategy as jews have done for millennia.

France is just a zionist colony really and the French Jew who was the vanguard for the disgraceful and dishonest destruction of Libya is a good example of this.

The US/UK are desperate to stop any EU detente with Russia,both to please their Zionist masters and to indulge in their fantasy of controlling the vast mineral wealth of the largest country on Earth today as this stolen wealth is allthat can forestall the bankruptcy of the US and by extension, the UK.

Due to BREXIT the UK will have no influence on EU policies and France and Germany will be the driving force of those policies. So to rip France away from the wishes of the French people who by a large majority wish to have better ties with Russia and instead create a French flag waving mob baying for war with Russia is I suggest the wish of the UK and again by extension ,Israel.’


Glad to give it to you. Whether or not the scenario is correct, I certainly don’t know. If correct, it puts the onus on Isreal, the irony of which would be quite rich. For me, it’s the thing with the IFF. Another poster elsewhere has said that exported Russian missiles do not have IFF Russian codes. I do not know about this, but it sure seems to me that would be someones mistake to not have Russian IFF codes in Syrian missiles. He also mentioned that they were old S-200…to which I replied, were all updated. But, at any rate, that put a question in my mind about this event. The fact still remains that Israel is up to their eyeballs in this, regardless. Then there is the French…they deny all involvement, which contradicts the Russians and even the Israelis. Your thoughts on US/UK re: Russian resources/economic collapse is right on…my thoughts exactly. After reading Russians online and their reactions, I’d say that any capital that Israel had with the public in Russia is GONE. Seems the majority of blogs want blood. The west may yet get their war. F’ing rat bastards.

Durnik Aljosa

How Britains Biggest Racists and Financiers Created Zionist Cult https://drive.google.com/file/d/1Hm6nuA-HlyBfYuR4n_xu86eCyWZg1Wtn/view


Thanks for that. I was not aware of Ord Wingates part in modern Zionism.

Gary Sellars

“Israelis” and “truth” in the same sentence?….


Very true Gary, like oil and water. :)


Like Devil and holy water.

Promitheas Apollonious

well considering Kilroy was there and its the usual suspect, all else come secondary as to who did it.

Promitheas Apollonious

In the mean time and in real life it seems the demilitarization zone turks and russians thinking, has no effect or recognition from the SAA, as they continue shelling with artillery hamas and idlip.


The demilitarization zone turks and russians thinking, has no effect from Israel D. F. as they continue shelling with missiles Latakia and Idlib.

Promitheas Apollonious

A good housekeeper first clean his own back yard and then check his list as to which ones of his neighbors, need to put in their place once and for all, more likely starting with the golan area.


I’ve been thinking about the dinosaurs recently. They were big and strong, and they were plenty. And then…. they were gone, gone for good. Only some lizards remained to remind us, humans of their existence. I do not miss the dinosaurs.

Feudalism Victory

Birds are dinosaur relatives. They were never lizards which are a different type of animal.


Those birds are also gone, for good.


Americanus Rex?

jabirujoe .

Brontosaurus bone-headious.



Empire's Frontiers

An apt metaphor.

The widespread and catastrophic destruction that accompanied their demise ought not be overlooked.


The housekeeper in this case has a master with his house that is evidently mortgaged by the Rothshild Freemasons and can not decide anything.

Promitheas Apollonious

according to you. I know different.

Empire's Frontiers

Abandon those labels.

They’re meaningless terms that cloud your thinking.

Bill Wilson

LOL! The Russians probably put them on buses to take them back to the classroom for a refresher course on AA systems.


Yes, South Front, by what you say you have found a discrepancy. But judging solely by this you cannot say that Hammurabi is lying because you don’t know who their unnamed source is. I tried to find this news source but found a Facebook/Twitter page with the suspect post and sifting through it briefly I think that because of the things they’re saying about al-Tanf they’re a pro-Rebel source although some of their readers are pro-Assad.

AM Hants

Has anybody seen what the next part of the propaganda script involves? Fits into the above. Turn the Forces against Russia. No wonder Israel was more then happy to cause problems for the Russian Forces, serving in Syria. Did wonder why there were so many newbies, spinning the same soundbites, who suddenly turned up on the sites.

Team “Siloviki Telegram’


“Siloviki” Telegram channel

1) “Russia is the aggressor”.

“The demonstration of a purposeful aggressive policy of the leadership of the Russian Federation and the facts of the direct participation of the Armed Forces and the Russian special services in the zone of conducting the ATO,” it states in the document.

2) “Spiders in jar”. This supposes:

“Discrediting the political and military leaders of the LDPR; kindling mutual distrust and an armed standoff between the military personnel of the republics, units of the Russian Armed Forces, and Russian mercenaries”.

3) “chronicle of occupation”,

the Center for Information-Psychological Operations must distribute information about a catastrophic economic-social situation on the territory of the republics, which has allegedly developed because of their leaders.

4) “National lustration”.

“Compromising pro-Russian leaders of the local political elite across all the territory of Ukraine; demonstrating illegal and destructive activity, with an emphasis on a corruption component,” describes the document.


Fits into Russia in Syria, just as well.

John Whitehot

look at the crawlers try to put discord.

you are all gonna die.


Hiya John, you might want to cast a critical eye over the article from VT, https://www.veteranstoday.com/2018/09/18/hacked-censored-israels-fatal-attack-part-of-coverup-of-their-role-in-idlib-gas-attack-child-abductions/

Would be interested on your take. Kind regards.


Exactly, really all they are doing is showing their desperation. We can’t beat you in a fight, so we’ll call you names. Shows the IQ of the average Homer Simpson.


I have just been trawling, and netted this rather good article from one of my fave sources;- Veterans today, so take a gander folks and make your own mind up.



Ruskies do not arrest. They simply shoot them.


In your case definitely.

J Roderet

Yes, we are not going to be fooled by that Zionist “FSA” propaganda.


On a positive note: two whole days Israeli-bombardment-free Syria.

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