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Fake News King Brian Williams Launches Campaign against ‘Fake News’

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The dishonored ex-journalist of the NBC TV-network, Brian Williams, who was fired for his mendacious report about the Iraq war, has launched a campaign against ‘fake news’.

Fake News King Brian Williams Launches Campaign against ‘Fake News’

Ex-journalist of the NBC TV-network, Brian Williams (Photo: thepoliticalinsider.com)

Brian Williams, the dishonored ex-journalist of the NBC TV-network, who was literally fired after his fake report, according to which he was in a helicopter during the Iraq war that came under combatant fire, has launched a campaign against ‘fake news’.

Last night, during his MSNBC show, Williams decided to accuse US President-elect Donald Trump and retired General Michael Flynn of spreading ‘fake news’ via their twitter accounts.

“The retired Army 3-star general has passed on some gems himself.  Here are a few… Flynn retweeted accusations that Clinton is involved with child sex trafficking and has “secretly waged war” on the Catholic Church, as well as charges that Obama is a “jihadi” who “laundered” money for Muslim terrorists.

As we talked about here last night, fake news played a role in this election and continues to find a wide audience. A BuzzFeed news study of Donald Trump’s own tweets, where they followed back news stories to their root source, found more of them came from Breitbart originally than any other single source,” Williams said.

So, apparently, now we should just turn a blind eye to the Williams’ lie about his dangerous trip by combat helicopter, as, according to the journalist himself, he just “mis-remembered” being in a helicopter under the combatant fire, while actually he was completely safe in a convoy about an hour away from.

“I don’t know what screwed up in my mind that caused me to conflate one aircraft with another,” Williams said commented his falsehood at that time.

And, of course, another breaking news from MSNBC, the pioneer of impartiality, purveyor of “real news,” and, pluralistically, Williams’ current employer.

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So, instead of apologizing AND changing his lying ways, he’s decided to double-down. What a surprise. NOT. F’ing pathetic.

Gee, I wonder which tribe owns and runs the western media… Oh wait, we all know the answer to that. Jewish-surpremisist do.

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