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Fake news alert: CNN says Venezuelan opposition leader Juan Guaido ‘won election in January’

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RT reports (source):

CNN took the concept of “fake news” to a whole new level with a recent report on Venezuela, in which it claimed that citizens “chose” coup leader Juan Guaido over current president Nicolas Maduro in January “elections.”

In a report on Sunday’s deadly Venezuelan military helicopter crash, CNN wrote that “pressure is mounting” on Maduro to step down “following elections in January in which voters chose opposition leader Juan Guaido over him for president.”

Slight problem there, CNN.

Venezuela did not hold elections in January — and Guaido definitely did not win them. He did, however, try to seize power from Maduro by force in January with US backing — and then again in April. Both coup attempts failed and Maduro remains president with the support of millions of Venezuelans who still back him. But US officials have declared the Washington-friendly Guaido the country’s “legitimate” leader, so evidently this has been a confusing time for CNN’s intrepid reporters.

The report was finally corrected on Monday after being published on Sunday afternoon and remaining unfixed overnight. It now reflects the fact that Guaido was not elected, but “declared himself interim president” in January.

A correction added to the bottom of the piece explains that the earlier version had “incorrectly described” the situation. Elections? Military coups? Really, who can keep up these days!?

Amazingly, the botched report which initially referenced these mysterious imaginary elections, was the product of work by no less than six journalists — two whose names appear on the main byline and four more listed as contributors at the bottom. Normal practice would see the piece run past a couple of editors too, before being published. That’s potentially eight pairs of eyes — and none of them managed to catch the glaring error.

A number of journalists and Twitter users called CNN out for the “blatant” lie and “shameful” and “terrible” reporting.

It wasn’t the first Venezuela-related embarrassment for CNN. Reporter Jake Tapper was called out on social media last week after he tweeted a link with a picture of opposition army defectors wielding guns to claim Maduro’s government “mows down citizens in streets.”

CNN likes to be known for its so-called adversarial journalism when it comes to the Trump administration, but so far, it seems fully on board with its regime change policies in Venezuela — although, even the White House hasn’t gone so far as to pretend fake elections took place in January.

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He was elected by the CIA perhaps (but those elections were rigged conform company regulations..!)

Jens Holm

You dont know that at all.


When people finally see through what CNN has been doing, they will understand that their thinking has been poisoned and is based on myths and fables. This is going to be a painful awakening for many people.

CNN will be going down. Serious damage was done to them and many other channels over their coverage of the Mueller report. They were caught in a HUGE lie. They will not survive it.

Jens Holm

CNN is one of the most reliable organs in the world and it is not news, that the Venezuelan election might be rigged as well. But there was no proof.

Basu Deb

Please see the Carter Foundation’s report on Venezuelan elections. Guaido was not a candidate in the Presidential election.


The Carter Foundation hasn’t monitored Venezuelan elections in years, and specifically said they were concerned about government interference in the latest election.


It’s not news, no . . . in the sense that the news should be about true things, and the notion of the Venezuelan elections being rigged goes beyond baseless speculation into deeply counterfactual.

In the United States, in many states you could say the elections might be rigged but there’s no proof (either way), because they’re not transparent. In Venezuela, the process is pretty damn bulletproof and very transparent–there isn’t any doubt, you can tell they’re not rigged. That’s why every observers always, including this last time, conclude Venezuelan elections are free, fair and transparent. The Americans knew they would, too, which is why they carefully refused to send any and leaned on the UN not to send any either. But those who did go all agreed.

Now the Honduran election was rigged, and when they found the rigging wasn’t enough to stop the people they halted announcement of the results and then hours later just announced a fake result. For the Brazilian election, they jailed the most popular man in the country on trumped up charges so he couldn’t run. And in Colombia, last year government-run paramilitaries assassinated literally dozens of opposition political figures–so democratic. But apparently none of that is a problem; Honduras, Brazil and Colombia are all key members of the Lima group helping the Americans bring “democracy” to Venezuela.

Jacob "Wraith" Wohl

very true! Guaido is the legitimate leader and soon the US will start smashing venezuela’s military and overthrow it in less than 1 week :-)


Guaido is a nobody and US moves are increasingly predictable and what is new increasingly stupid! The same old script over and over again. I am almost sure this coup will fail even with allmighty US military power. Long range easy wars are over. What are you going to do then? Nuke Maduro?


Your Pinocchio routine is getting a little old.

Jens Holm

yours too


Disprove what I’ve written. You can’t so you won’t even try. Because you’re a habitual liar and moron.

Astrid Watanabe

“……habitual liar and moron” Really, nothing THAT serious. Just very funny!


Finding lies and moronic behavior from an idiot funny says a lot about your world view.

Jens Holm

Hard to see any of that.

Basu Deb

A couple of months ago a poll suggested that most of the people of Venezuela had not heard his name. What do you mean by ‘legitimate’?


Congratulation to Trump, Bolton, Pompeo and Netanyahu and to all Jews on failed coup in Venezuela. LOL https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/665cbdd72c2454a0517e6de9088a6fc14f707ce5d50b4af39f46476844c1c009.jpg https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/44decb00a55a6e9aaa178587db818373ae39e0cdcfe02c4899c9ac0319278b4e.jpg https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/7597ad845ec103269db16bfc384f2451974dded91f55810c7d4887c88811e698.jpg https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/f9ba501ac54d0c4649168ba4180df7c2298dc046d56dd2e350ca59d780509bcb.jpg https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/eb53b1817321acd538a5d96bc8a35501e55dee19dceac46e614e57d7043194d9.jpg https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/fb6cacce67a816081577ff4dfdcb8a9f59144bdba8d8ae2e826ce9940d7fdde0.jpg

Jens Holm

Maybee, but that does not change the de route apart from being faster.


However he was elected President of The Assembleia nacional by the people. Maduro was elected in May 2018 in an election where only 46% voted and of these 46% only 68% in him. In these elections the CNE controleed by Maduro men disqualified most of the important oposition parties as Primeiro Justiça and MUD. Others like Vontade Popular e Puente refused to go throught this process of revalidation to see if they could present to the elections. Leaders like Henrique Capriles and Leopold Lopez, Ledezma, Guevara and many others were forbidden or disqualified due to legal and administrative issues, the elections were to be in December and suddenly they changed twice and almost no time to campaign, etc, etc. Even before the elections, The Lima Group with all the countries that it repesented declared that it would not recoignaise the results, The UN representative Zeid Ra’ad al-Hussein declared there were no conditions for free elections,etc,etc, So, is it not enought (with much more things that are here not said) to call for new and free elections? If Maduro has the support of the people he will win. So,?


Was any of this activity by the government in violation of the law or the constitution? Probably not.

Has Venezuela been under a continuous Jew world order attack for years to seize it’s oil? Absolutely. https://foreignpolicymag.files.wordpress.com/2017/02/56582173.jpg

Jens Holm

Far out again.

Its very easy to understand. Maduro didnt get enough votes. By that Gaido as PM has to give someone else the possibility. But there was none alternative majority.

And by that, it went back to Maduros as the onlt choise even blocked by some many PMs.

Because of that blocking Maduro has made his own alternative institution.

Jens Holm

Very good to see one, which at least know something about it. THANK YOU VERY MUCH.

I have heard almost the same in our P1 radio programme in Denmark from some journalists actually being there.

Basu Deb

Others did not participate because order came from the US to that effect. What we are observing now was planned many months ago. The US State department’s tweet yesterday (deleted but available on the net) will tell you everything.

Saso Mange

relevant institutions said that elections in which Maduro won majority were legitimate. Where did you find that they were not? At least try to lie in a more creative way. What you are saying is whitewash of warmongers by tricking us that you know about the issue. Those names you write down are no leaders in any way, Lopez especially.


No, I’m sorry, the Opposition parties were not disqualified. They boycotted the election–the US even threatened Henri Falcon when he wouldn’t stay in line and insisted on running for president. You do not get to boycott an election and then say the results are suspect because of low turnout. Furthermore, when it comes to election timing–first, Maduro had no responsibility to hold elections when the opposition wanted. Where does that happen? Second, despite that he did in fact give them exactly what they wanted–twice. First they demanded early elections, so he agreed to early elections. Then they insisted that they didn’t have enough time and demanded later elections, so he agreed to later elections. Then they said there shouldn’t be elections at all! And if he’d agreed to that one, you’d be calling him a dictator for not holding elections. The Lima Group is an ad hoc group formed for the specific purpose of overthrowing the Venezuelan government, which of course consists only of those countries willing to to the US’ bidding on this matter; it has no legitimacy. As to disqualified leaders–yeah, Venezuela has a law that if you’re caught doing corruption you’re not eligible to run for a few years; a fair number of government supporting politicians have been caught with their hands in the cookie jar, too. Of course Lopez is at a whole other level–in most countries, certainly the US, that guy would have been in a supermax prison for life, not in namby pamby house arrest. Can you imagine a US politician calling for riots and insurrection, with snipers killing National Guardsmen, and getting away with it?! Of course not. You just have different standards for the Venezuelan opposition because you’ve pre-defined everything they do as right.

And whatever some Jordanian diplomat might have to say (and let’s not forget Jordan is very closely aligned with the US and not a democracy), election observers all agreed the elections were free, fair and transparent, which is more than most of the US allies in the Lima Group can say. So yeah, he already had the elections you want, he had the support of the people, he won, he doesn’t have to re-run them until you get the result you want. If the opposition is unhappy, they can try for a recall in three years, which is more than they could do in the United States or most other democracies in the world. If they really have support it shouldn’t be that hard, because all they need is more votes to get rid of him than the number that elected him, and as you point out turnout was low.

S Melanson

Well written and argued. I note you are Canadian, as I am. I reside in Toronto. Where in Canada are you?


Thanks. I’m from the Wet Coast, a Vancouverite. Condemned to listen to rat bastards like Jason Kenney yack about what “The West” wants as if there weren’t a bunch of people west of him who hate everything he stands for.

Jens Holm

Thats not new news at all but old. As too often it was said alreadyat that time, that Maduros cheated. They might.

But its not news where I am – Well most people here hardly care at all for the country as such.


Dude. There was no election in January. It was in May. And Guaido didn’t run. Henri Falcon did. And he didn’t challenge the results.

Jens Holm

I didnt write anything around that at all.

Maduro most likely cheated some and could not make a majority. By that its normal the Parlament try to find someone else to find a majority and by that the Leader there is temporary President.

Next was, that no one but Maduro had a possibility for making a majority, so Maduro by that should have the Governess re-newed and try harder.

If not, the Parlament could make a new election.

By that Guaido would be temporary President until the new elections hopefuly found a majority for active and passive support at more then 50%.

Guaido never could be permanent President.

Thats what I wrote about and meant.

Several from EU as a kind of compromis has asked for Maduro as Leader – legal or not – by common sense, should arrange a new election, but for unity they followed the EU majority and by that agreed with EU apart from the methods.

That has been in our radio in the informative part and explained well.


Utter nonsense. The Venezuelan election process has been, repeatedly and consistently with this one no exception, checked off by observers as free, fair and transparent. So no, Maduro didn’t cheat in the election. Lots of people have claimed this, but nobody has put forward any evidence of it; hardly anyone has even bothered to make up any lies, it’s just lazy allegations.

The Opposition, most of them, boycotted the election even though they knew perfectly well it would be free and fair. When you do that, you lose. Duh. Turnout was low because they boycotted; now turning around and complaining about turnout being low is a fraud artist trick, not a real argument.

There are reasons for new elections for parliament, but not for president. They just had a presidential election, Maduro won, he’s the president. That’s how it works in a democracy.


This Goo-uh-ee-doo reminds me of a joke. Let’s see if this brings a little smile to you too:

A man wished to win the lottery and becomes rich, so he prayed, but he didn’t win. Then prayed to a saint (Emamzadeh in Persian version), still didn’t win. Lit a lot of candles, gave small donations and finally tied himself to the saint’s grave and said he won’t go away until the saint makes him win. One evening after hours of prayers and so much begging and crying he fell asleep. In his dream, he saw the saint that was very upset. The saint told him angrily “you didn’t let me rest a second for the last month, at least you could buy a lottery ticket first!”.

Maybe G-do needs some saint to remind him in order to become a president, he should first enter the presidential elections?

PS: With JHK gone, Jensy is in overdrive today!


Apparently we now live in a ‘post-truth’ western corporate media environment – reportage and inconvenient facts are out, whereas controlling the prescribed and dominant political narrative is in – full time.


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