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Failures Of French Missiles During Syria Strikes: Details

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The is post is based on the text released by Imperia-MIR blog

Technical failures and “missed interval” disrupted two-thirds of еру French cruise missiles launches during the April 14 US-led coalition operation in Syria.

Following the April 14 missile strike on Syria, some French media outlets and military blogs claimed that two of three French Navy vessels deployed for the strike had failed to launch Missile de Croisière Naval (MdCN) cruise missiles.

MdCN is a longer-range sea-launched variant of the Storm Shadow/SCALP EG air-launched cruise missile developed for the French Navy.

On April 18, spokesman for the French Joint Chief of Staff, Army Colonel Patrick Steiger told Defense News on April 18 that “The first salvo did not fire.”

The French media outlet Lettre A was first to reported a “technical failure” during the French missile attack on Syria within the US-led coalition. The April 14 incident was first combat launch of MdCN missiles.

The failures during the April 14 strikes explain why France refused to reveal what vessel fired missiles on Syria and why France deployed FREMM multi-purpose frigates along with an anti-aircraft warfare frigate, antisubmarine warfare frigate and a submarine.

La Lettre reported that “unexplained technical failures” prevented the frigate Aquitaine from launching missiles on Syria. Then the same problem occured with Auvergne. Finally, the reserved vessel, Languedoc, conducted a successful missile launch. This frigate hit the targets (not confirmed yet), according to French Defense Minister Florence Parly.

The French Navy and MBDA, the missile manufacturer, rejected commenting on the incident.

SCALP issue

Each of the five Rafale fighter jets on the April 14 mission carried two SCALP air-launched cruise missiles. The country’s defense minister stated that nine SCALPs were fired.

However, the video published at Twitter later that day, showed that none of Rafales did carry missiles when they returned to the base. It isn’t clear what happened to the 10th SCALP.

The UK Royal Air Force (RAF) didn’t reveal any incidents during their Storm Shadow (SCALP version) launch by four Tornado GR4 warplanes.

Disastrous debut of MdCN 

The French Navy deployed three FREMM multi-purpose frigates – Aquitaine, Auvergne, Languedoc – in the East Mediterranean Sea, allegedly near Israeli coast. These vessels were equipped with MdCNs missiles. Each of the frigates has Sylver A70 vertical launching system.

On April 17, French newspaper L’Opinion citing military sources claimed that the French Navy had been planning to launch naval cruise missiles from two of the three frigates. However, only Languedoc fired three missiles during the established interval, after the Aquitaine had failed.

ImperiaMIR’s comment

These reports confirm the failures of the French Navy during their first combat usage of its only non-nuclear naval cruise missiles – MdCNs.

It should be noted the story with the SCALP story is even less clear. According to Imperia-MIR’s sources:

  • 7 of the 10 SCALP missiles crashed into the sea because of technical failures;
  • 2 SCALPs crashed because of engine failures a few minutes after their launch;
  • 1 SCALP was not launched because of a technical problem and then was dropped because of security concerns;

These reports explain why the Russian Defense Ministry said that it had observed no participation of the French Air Force in the April 14 attack as well as why the French military revealed only one target in Homs that had been allegedly hit by 2 SCALPs. At the same time, the French military said that 7 SCALPs had hit some “bunker” without providing its location.

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Plus de mensonges des communistes! Notre armée est le plus bottom up de la terre. -Emanuel “Franglais” Macron.

Tim Müller

I can not help laughing, though it’s a pretty serious matter


Love it


A genuine miracle that nobody got killed in the attack – on the “coalition” side. I mean those hi tech cruise missile are deadly for the end user but quite harmless for the intended target…Those guys at the design office got things wrong – again…


Missiles Probably built in a Renault factory. Piece of Sh!t


Oh la la…… missiles – le Crap m1 :D



Simon Ndiritu

This is the best reply this hour!


The vertical launcher designers, went to the pink panther school of absurdity. This is the efficiency of the French navy? Good riddance for the Mistrals.

VeeNarian (Yerevan)

Vertical? VERTICAL??? So, if they fail, they will come straight back down? Yikes!!!


Apparently the missiles never left the launcher.

Nuno Cardoso da Silva

Macron is a joke, the French armed forces are a joke… No wonder they need US protection…

paul ( original )

Protection from what, their own incompetence?

Naija Lolade

Those SCALPs probably fell into the water and have killed many beautiful fishes. Terror french missiles, even the ones that went through were shot down, thanks to Russian tech.


SOP dropping a hung fire missile before landing. Risk of it becoming unhinged (the missile not Macron again) is to high.

Tiresia Branding

russian EW….

Leon Auguste



The Russians sabotaged them?. Or maybe Putin hinself . . .

VeeNarian (Yerevan)

It’s called getting HACKED!


Lol, the useless French army proves to the world its power.

You can call me Al

Oh please, they proved themselves to be mighty white flag carriers in WWII – leave them alone and pat them on the head.

Tom Tom

France should never get involved in Syria.

VeeNarian (Yerevan)

Imperial habits die hard. Another old hag trying to re-capture old glory on the backs of US power, just like that other old imperial hag, the UK. FUKUS rocks!


FUKUS = the axis of evil.


They SHOULD, it will be a fitting Karmic event to see the French, original colonial masters of Lebanon-Syria to have their arses kicked by the SAA.An official exit from the region.

VeeNarian (Yerevan)

“7 of the 10 SCALP missiles crashed into the sea because of technical failures”. WHATTTT!!! Those poor dolphins in the Med have been attacked by the mighty French! First they murder the poor Syrian camels in the Syrian desert, while pretending to hit IS, and now they murder the cute Syrian dolphins in the Med, while aiming for the Syrian forces fighting IS. Vive la France! Then there is the UK government murdering that cute Skripal cat and the two guinea pigs in Salisbury to incinerate the evidence. These two US poodles, France and UK in the FUKUS alliance, are really more dangerous and evil than I thought!

Feudalism Victory

Trump hard at work preserving world peace. Maybe the failures were intentional. Let their masters see some action but not much damage done. Im guessing its theater for whom I could only Guess.


All done on the strength of the White helmets video creation, that is the terrifying thing. F.UK.US all knew it was a lie and launched anyway. Insane.


Western weapons nowadays are produced not for the best performance to their military , but to maximize the weapons manufacturer’s profit.

thats why theres so many overhyped overexpensive weapons that do not work as advertized. Systems like Patriot and Irondome and F35 are prime example of hyped weapons that perform lacklustery in real world


Sheesh , even French missiles are surrender monkeys.

This was spotted deploying from a French cruise missile shortly after launch :



the france and army french is dead !!! laugh!!


I propose a collection of a few euro cents to buy a gram of glory to give to the French, or they will die in search.

Panthera Pardus

Hallo Frogs! Remember who you are and forever remember Berlin, 9 July 2006 ?


So French missiles are not so “new and smart and nice”?

The French have started most wars. They invaded the indigenous Germanic tribes under Napoleon. And conquered and enslaved the Germanic tribes at will. The French invaded Germany again in the late 1800’s trying to conquer the indigenous tribal peoples home lands and their copper mines. This is what lead to the French striking first again in the First World War. And France invaded Germany first again in the 2nd World War, it was called the Saar offensive. 40 divisions, 400 french tanks and 1,180 heavy guns invaded the indigenous tribal peoples again. Because the globalist always side with France and the evil-UK, we are all in trouble. France should have been punished by the whole world for what they did to the Germanic tribes in the 1800’s alone.


French technology sucks. Only good for ripping off French taxpayers.

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