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Failed Ukrainian Special Operation: New Details On Armed Clash On Ukrainian-Russian Border

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Failed Ukrainian Special Operation: New Details On Armed Clash On Ukrainian-Russian Border


On December 4, the Russian Federal Security Service (FSB) reported that Russian border guards prevented an attempt of 3 armed men to cross the Russian border from Ukraine. Gunmen resisted to the detention and opened fire at Russian personnel. As a result of the armed clash, one of gunmen was eliminated, while two others fled back to Ukraine.

“In the area of the Border Directorate of the FSB of Russia for the Belgorod and Voronezh regions, on December 4, a frontier detachment suppressed an attempt to violate the border from Ukraine to the Russian Federation by three armed unknown persons. The violators showed armed resistance during the arrest attempt,” the FSB reported.

Failed Ukrainian Special Operation: New Details On Armed Clash On Ukrainian-Russian Border

The Ukrainian gunman that was eliminated by Russian border guards

The FSB has not yet provided other details of the incident. However, the intercepted group was likely a subversive reconnaissance unit affiliated with Ukrainian (and thus Western) intelligence services. The neutralized group was well equipped and, according to reports, received a fire support from the territory of Ukraine during the incident. Over the past years, Ukraine with help from its ‘’democratic partners” has repeatedly tried to stage terrorist attacks in Russia and there are no indications that these efforts were halted by the Zelensky administration.

Recently, in Russian media appeared some details of the incident indicating that the Security Service of Ukraine (SBU) and the Ukrainian Special Operations Forces continue active planning and conducting active operations (even if they are not very successful) on the territory of Russia.

In particular, according to the version shared by Russian media, the armed clash erupted during an attempt of the Ukrainian unit to kidnap a Russian citizen from the territory of Russia. The report claims that the Kiev regime tried to kidnap a former member of self-defense forces of the region of Donbass – Denis Kharitonov.

The kidnapping attempt reportedly appeared to be a continuation of the SBU provocation that led to a temporary detention of Russia-linked private military contractors (some of them were previously members of forces of the Donetsk and Lugansk People’s Republics) in Belarus. MORE HERE Then, the SBU staged a provocation luring this group of people on the territory of Belarus, as a supposed transport point under the fake security contract to protect Rosneft facilities in Venezuela. At the same time, the Kiev government informed the Belarusian authorities that this group of Russia-linked PMCs are preparing to stage an armed coup in Belarus and after their detention, requested their extradition. The operation failed, when the entire SBU plot was revealed due to multiple contradictions in the version of events provided by the Ukrainian special services.

For example, Ukrainian media released a recording of phone calls between an SBU agent (posing as a fake recruiter for the security agency) and ther persons that the Ukrainian side described as three former members of self-defense forces of the region of Donbass – Denis Kharitonov, Sergey Sherbakov and Alexander Sidorov. On the tape, the SBU agent requests them to describe their combat experience and skills under the pretext that this information is needed for signing of the security contract.

The man named Denis Kharitonov says that since 2014 he fought on the side of self-defense forces of Donbass in the Steppe battalion. He allegedly shot down a helicopter and two military Su-25 attack aircraft via MANPADs. Then, the SBU agent talks with another man, allegedly Sergey Shcherbakov, that confirms the data on the downed helicopter and warplanes. Another person allegedly recorded by the SBU is Alexander Sidorov. This man said that he fought in 2014 and 2015 in the Lugansk People’s Republic and in 2016 in the area of ​​the village of Peski, Donetsk region.

Just in August 2020, the FSB already prevented an SBU plot to kidnap one of the leaders of the Eastern Ukraine’s people’s militia in Russia and taking him to Ukraine. The name of the victim was not disclosed. Seven defendants in the criminal case – Russian citizens – have been arrested.

“As a result of a special operation, the FSB of the Russian Federation uncovered and suppressed an illegal action by the special services of Ukraine on the abduction on the territory of Russia and the forcible transfer to Ukraine of a citizen of the Russian Federation, one of the leaders of the Donbass people’s militia, who took an active part in hostilities against the Ukrainian Armed Forces,” the FSB press service reported.

The development reportedly took place near Moscow. The organizers and coordinators of the action were the citizens of Ukraine Andriy Baidala and Igor Mishchenko.

Additionally with multiple other reports about the increase of SBU attempts to conduct aggressive actions on the territory of Russia, these developments demonstrate the new trend. Special services of Ukraine with support from their NATO partners are not even hiding their active planning and employing of sabotage and other activities against Russia. This activity has slowly but steadily becoming a permanent factor of life in the Russian border regions. So far, SBU-sponsored plots have been successfully repelled by Russian special services. However, in the long run, this threat will continue to grow.


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Kenny Jones ™



How can we cross the border? Let’s dress military! This reminds me of the comedies with german soldiers in ww2 when they were always incredibly stupid. https://media1.giphy.com/media/mcVEZG10gaBTG/giphy.gif


You should have ur eyes checked – its not military uniform..


Indeed it’s a Russian grooming costume.


Whatever strengthen ur hurted ego sunshine :)


The ego of a little green is ever green.

Dick Von Dast'Ard

Anymore of this nonsense coming from the SBU and Russia should conduct surgical strikes inside of Ukraine against targets of military intelligence significance, no more messing about.

High time a unambiguous message was sent.



Band Itkoitko

Ukraine is only a liability (both for Russia and the West). There’s currently no value associated with it to justify such things as precision strikes with all the planning, cost, political challenges, etc. Strikes would be justified if there’s a sufficient perceived threat or a special goal to be achieved. I don’t see what threat Ukraine can be, they are more of a threat to themselves. Eventually, Russia may escalate her involvement if they present existential threat to the separatist republics, which can only happen if there’s considerable direct Western involvement. Then, many US and European soldiers being involved will lose their lives. Of course, loss of life is always an unfortunate thing.

Dick Von Dast'Ard

Well it is clear that Ukraine is either wanting to clandestinely create economic and/or loss of life upon Russian soil. This can not be tolerated.

Lone Ranger

Hear hear.


SBU/Gestapo HQ in Kiev should have been taken off the map a long time ago,the CIA are in charge.


By who?


Lets not pretend Russia does not have the means to destroy any terorists or nazi HQ.


They have ppl inside SBU


Ok, let’s pretend they do. Now what?

John Brown

Russia won’t take action until Nord stream 2 is complete.


By the Donbass resistance or Russia,have a problem with that?

Raptar Driver

Isn’t it awesome how they get us whites to kill each other off?


Such fun when you gotta get through the day with a gun,how about soros/dominion voting machines instead,kill!

Tim Jon

Russians are not white


Definate soros supporters,you know of it’s fake eu-epp buerocrapic democracy,either way they will miss out on vital rail links of one belt future,if they don’t pull their finger out,welcome to the circus. https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/7397838a39adcb2028e218ed681e0397745bcaedcfd59d75434d12ebea342b0e.jpg

Lone Ranger

Condolences to the fallen ukropnazi operator. May he rest in pieces…


Putin could end this with just strong statement and retaliation threats against this terrorist activities and kidnapping of russia citizens in Russia! by ukraine Agents… I dont understand why he kept mum… If any Russian.. Cannot feel safe in his country as a result of subversive and terrorist activities of a neigbouring country.. I dont know any national security issue as important as this!


What “strong statement “, what is left to say? US-NATO want proxy war in Ukraine, nothing left to talk about with puppets from Kiev Which Russian cannot feel safe in his country? You are exaggerating.


No prisoners next time…kill them all !


Russia has it´s reasons for holding back and in the long run, the offenders pay a very high price. Examples…. Recently the FON runs by the US Navy ran into a brick wall. With all the huff about they can go wherever they wish, a US destroyer was almost rammed right out of Russian teritory it had willfully crossed into … that´s a six egg omlette in the face fellas.

More: Russia lost a jet to Turkey, looked like a big embarrassment ….. down the line Turley had an SF battalion blown into infinity in Iblib, courtesy of Russian assistance….

Two examples of a list that goes on and on and on, most of which we have no idea about the actual exchanges. Russia generally does not react. they pick their shots and it hurts like hell when they do. This incident, is a misquito on an aircraft carrier. I think a lot is going to change with Biden coming in and not because they are nice. It´s because all of this little bullshit doesn´t work very well anymore. My take all. I wish well to all.

AM Hants

Reminds me of events back in 2014 and is it just a coincidence that they are getting a tad too cocky and confident, with all the assistance Kiev is getting from NATO Member Nations? How many NATO Member Nations, without their citizens knowing are sending Forces to Ukraine a non-NATO Member?

So glad that Russia is able to keep on top of everything and wish them well.

AM Hants

Talking of Ukraine, I am going to go on a ramble, after seeing a paper from the US Senate Committee on Homeland Security and Government Affairs, relating to Grandpa Joe’s little boy, Hunter. Now how does all this fit in with the man who believes he will be in the White House come 21st January 2021?

Hunter Biden, Burisma, and Corruption: The Impact on U.S. Government Policy and Related Concerns

U.S. Senate Committee on Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs U.S. Senate Committee on Finance Majority Staff Report ………….

A few sections from the report:

• “…Former Assistant Secretary of State for European and Eurasian Affairs Victoria Nuland testified that confronting oligarchs would send an anticorruption message in Ukraine. Kent told the Committees that Zlochevsky was an “odious oligarch.” However, in December 2015, instead of following U.S. objectives of confronting oligarchs, Vice President Biden’s staff advised him to avoid commenting on Zlochevsky and recommended he say, “I’m not going to get into naming names or accusing individuals…”

(Remember Nuland and handing out the cookies with McCain, before having the ‘FU EU’ phone call with US Ambassador to Ukraine Geoffrey Pryatt – who then moved onto Greece)

• …The awkwardness for Obama administration officials continued well past his presidency. Former Secretary of State John Kerry had knowledge of Hunter Biden’s role on Burisma’s board, but when asked about it at a town hall event in Nashua, N.H. on Dec. 8, 2019, Kerry falsely said, “I had no knowledge about any of that. None. No.” Evidence to the contrary is detailed in Section V.

(Remember John Kerry, Secretary of State, who had no knowledge of Burisma Holdings, despite the fact his step-son Christopher Heinz and Financial Mentor, during his 2008 Presidential Campaign, also joined little Hunter, working for Burisma.)

• …Hunter Biden was a U.S. Secret Service protectee from Jan. 29, 2009 to July 8, 2014. A day before his last trip as a protectee, Time published an article describing Burisma’s ramped up lobbying efforts to U.S. officials and Hunter’s involvement in Burisma’s board. Before ending his protective detail, Hunter Biden received Secret Service protection on trips to multiple foreign locations, including Moscow, Beijing, Doha, Paris, Seoul, Manila, Tokyo, Mexico City, Milan, Florence, Shanghai, Geneva, London, Dublin, Munich, Berlin, Bogota, Abu Dhabi, Nairobi, Hong Kong, Taipei, Buenos Aires, Copenhagen, Johannesburg, Brussels, Madrid, Mumbai and Lake Como…

(How much has Hunter made out of those nations he happily visited, with State funded protection?)

• Archer received $142,300 from Kenges Rakishev of Kazakhstan, purportedly for a car, the same day Vice President Joe Biden appeared with Ukrainian Prime Minister Arsemy Yasenyuk and addressed Ukrainian legislators in Kyiv regarding Russia’s actions in Crimea…”

https://www.finance.senate.gov/imo/media/doc/HSGAC%20-%20Finance%20Joint%20Report%202020.09.23.pdf ………………………….




Before Google Clean Up, there was an article, which mentioned that Leonard Kuchma, the President of Ukraine, back in 2004 was one of the founders of Burisma. His son-in-law is Victor Punchuk, who gave the Clinton Foundation at least $25 million, but, for what? His wife also gave the Clinton Foundation a few $US million, from her AIDS Foundation. So many AIDS Foundations, including Elton John’s, who happily hand over $US millions, to keep the Clinton Foundation and family sweet. Anyway, Burisma ends up in the Privatt Group, which just happens to be controlled by the oligarch Igor Kolomoisky. Now what has he done, to upset Punchuk’s good friend $oro$ and the Polish elite?

Is it anything to do with the childhood friends, having a hissy fit in the London Law Courts?

“…Viktor Pinchuk, Igor Kolomoisky, and Gennadiy Bogolyubov are Ukrainian billionaires who made much of their money during the chaotic privatization of state property that followed the collapse of the Soviet Union.

All three hail from Dnipro, an industrial city where their interests have clashed multiple times – as they did over the Kryvorizkyi Iron Ore Factory, which was privatized in 2004 under disputed circumstances…”. https://www.occrp.org/en/paradisepapers/ukrainian-billionaires-exchanged-luxury-london-real-estate-in-secret-settlement

Interesting, that Punchuk is so giving, when dealing with fellow oligarchs. Curious as to why he would heavily donate to the Bill Gates, ‘Giving Pledge’ Foundation, just before Monsanto set up base in Ukraine and just before those US bio-weapon laboratories, with full diplomatic immunity also set up base in Ukraine. Bearing in mind how Gates has heavily invested in both Monsanto-Bayer and also the bio-weapons and vaccination industries. Why do so many oligarchs, who decide to hand over 50% of their wealth, for philanthropy purposes, hand it over to each other’s Foundations, tax exempt, of course? Foundations where 96% goes back to the oligarch and 4% to charity (remember the oligarch Foundations are run as charities).

Neo Onh

End this farce by liberating Novorossiya and all lands east of the Dniepr!

AM Hants

Talking of Ukraine, how did it all start and who were the biggest cheerleaders?

Facebook Partner, Atlantic Council https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KvaesI5nuEI&feature=emb_logo

DC’s Atlantic Council raked in funding from Hunter Biden’s corruption-stained employer while courting his VP father… MAX BLUMENTHAL·JOE BIDENUKRAINE·OCTOBER 13, 2019…

“…Pay-for-play collaborations have helped grow the Atlantic Council’s annual revenue grow from $2 million to over $20 million in the past decade. In almost every case, the think tank has churned out policy prescriptions that seem suited to its donors’ interests.

Government contributors to the Atlantic Council include Gulf monarchies, the US State Department, and various Turkish interests…

In mainstream media reports about the Bidens, scarcely any attention is given to the critical role that Joe Biden and other Obama administration officials played in the 2013-2014 Maidan revolt that replaced a fairly elected, Russian-oriented government with a Western vassal. In a relatively sympathetic New Yorker profile of Hunter Biden, for example, the regime change operation was described by reporter Adam Entous as merely “public protests.”

During the height of the so-called “Revolution of Dignity” that played out in Kiev’s Maidan Square, then-Assistant Secretary of State Victoria Nuland boasted that the US had “invested $5 billion” since 1991 into Ukrainian civil society. On a December 2013 tour of the Maidan, Nuland personally handed out cookies to protesters alongside then-US ambassador to Ukraine Geoffrey Pyatt…

… Addressing the parliament in Kiev, Biden declared that “corruption can have no place in the new Ukraine,” stating that the “United States has also been a driving force behind the IMF, working to provide a multi-billion package to help Ukraine..”

That same month, Hunter Biden was appointed to the board of Burisma.”


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