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Failed farce of Milo’s henchman Krivokapic and his pals from the opposition

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Failed farce of Milo's henchman Krivokapic and his pals from the opposition

This article originally appeared at IN4S translated by Stevo Marjanović exclusively for SouthFront.

New Serbian Democracy party said that the so-called negotiations in the Montenegrin Parliament failed, which was obvious from the beginning.

Jovan Vucurovic, spokesman for the New Serbian Democracy party said that “the so-called working group failed to reach an agreement with the Democratic Party of Socialists of Montenegro about the transitional government, and their representative of has confirmed that there will be no talks in the future.”
“Now it is even clearer that the sole intention of forming a working group was an attempt to defuse protests and depreciate energy. Thus it helped the regime, and in particular to raise the reputation of the creator of the working groups, Djukanovic’s henchman Ranko Krivokapic. The working group, or to be more precise, open collaboration of one part of the opposition with the regime, took place in the presence of chief of UDBA, because Djukanovic, of course, did not show up”, he stressed.
As he added, sending Dusko Markovic to this meeting obviously wasn’t an accident. “Nobody spoke out against Markovic’s presence, which can suggest a lot”, Vucurovic pointed out.
“Only after the government is changed we will know was he here officially because of Krivokapic or because of some other famous negotiator. Krivokapic and his pals from the opposition continue this charade, at the same time praising themselves by saying that they had achieved some progress. For example, they said that capital should “establish local community” and then suggested that local businesses should form a body that would have members of the opposition. Shameful, cheap attempt to allow DPS to continue stealing elections. The people certainly did not come out on the streets because of local communities. Someone from the working group misunderstood the people’s revolt, it refers to the dismissal of the government, not the leaderships of local communities. Revolt is to write off debts for electricity, water and utilities to the impoverished nation, and not to have party officials enter governing boards of these companies”, Vucurovic said.

He considers the new deadline for negotiations (31st January) to be another farce.
“DPS, and their satellites from opposition probably think that they can stop the protests with their working groups and endless negotiations. We must disappoint them. We will continue, as long as it is necessary. Freedom is looking for people” Vucurovic concluded.

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