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Summing Up Facts And Claims Over SBU-faked Killing Of Russian Opposition Journalist In Ukraine

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Summing Up Facts And Claims Over SBU-faked Killing Of Russian Opposition Journalist In Ukraine

Arkadiy Babchenko

1. On May 29, Ukrainian media reported that Arkadiy Babchenko, a Russian citizen and journalist living in Ukraine, had been killed in the Ukrainian capital of Kiev.

The Ukrainain government and the Ukrainian Security Service (SBU) immediately accused Russia of being behind the attack. The mainstream media and international organizations joined the coverage of the incident blaming Russia for the killing.

2. On May 30, Babchenko appeared to be alive and showed up at a press conference along with SBU Chief Sergey Gritsak and Prosecutor General Yury Lutsenko. Gritsak claimed that the death of Babchenko had been staged in order to trace an organizer of the crime.

The SBU once again accused Russia of being behind the alleged attempt to kill Babcheno.

According to the initial SBU version.

  • The organizer [identified as “G”] is detained;
  • The hitman [identified as “C”] hired by the organier contacted the SBU to reval the crime;
  • Russian intelligence recruited “G” in order to carry out a series of killing in Ukraine: 30 people including Babchenko. The organizer received 40,000 USD from Russian intelligence in order to empoy this plan.

3. On May 31, it appeared that the detained “organizer” is Boris German. The SBU claims German was supposedly working on behalf of Russian intelligence. He is an executive chief of the Ukrainian-German weaponry company “Schmeisser” and is also known as a strong supporter of Kiev’s military operation in eastern Ukraine.

Summing Up Facts And Claims Over SBU-faked Killing Of Russian Opposition Journalist In Ukraine

Boris German. Photo: strana.ua

German and his advocate say that German was working on behalf of the SBU in the famework of some counter-intelligence operation.

A Ukrainain conflict veteran, a member of the Right Sector radical group, Alexey Tsymbalyuk was “hired” as the hitman to kill Babchenko. Tsymbalyuk also claims that he was working on behalf of the SBU. The SBU initially denied, but then confirmed this.

Summing Up Facts And Claims Over SBU-faked Killing Of Russian Opposition Journalist In Ukraine

Alexey Tsymbalyuk (R)

Summing Up Facts And Claims Over SBU-faked Killing Of Russian Opposition Journalist In Ukraine

A SBU spokesperson denies that Tsymbalyuk was involved.

Summing Up Facts And Claims Over SBU-faked Killing Of Russian Opposition Journalist In Ukraine

A SBU spokesperson confirms that Tsymbalyuk was involved.

According to initial claims by German:

  • German was contacted by a representative of the SBU to participate in some counter-intelligence operation. He received money for organizing the fake killing of Babchenko from the SBU and game them to Tsymbalyuk. Then he was detained.

Later German updated his version:

  • According to this variant of the story, he started cooperating with the SBU after he was approached by an “old acquaintance” living in Moscow who “works at a Putin foundation, organizing unrest in Ukraine.” German was allegedly told to learn more about the flow of Russian money into Ukraine funding certain politicians and “terrorist groups.”
  • According to Ukrainian media, German says his “old acquaintance” is named either Vyacheslav Pivovarkin or Vyacheslav Pivovarnik. However, it remains unclear if German accuses him of ordering Babchenko’s murder. However, this Pivovarkin (Pivovarnik) is also a citizen of Ukraine.

Citing sources in law-enforcement agencies, Strana.ua said that the SBU has no clear evidence confirming the SBU’s claims the “organizer” of the event, German, was contacting with Russian intelligence. According to Strana.ua, papers of the case include no info about “Russian intelligence” inolved in the incident.

Strana.ua’s report appears to be credible because earlier (prior to the official revelation of the organizer’s identity), the news website revealed that the suspect is a businessman working in field of weapons deliveries to the Ukrainian Armed Forces. German is clearly such a businessman.

4. Late on May 31, a Kiev district court German under arrest for allegedly organizing the attempted murder of Babchenko.

5. The international and local media as well as international organizations are in rage over the faked death of Babchenko. The mainstream media attempted to justify actions of the SBU, but this hardly helps.

6. At the first stage of the story, the methods used by the SBU looked similar to those used by UK special services in the Skripals case. However, after the appearence of Babchenko at the press conference and first statements by the “organizer” and the “hitman” inolved the SBU’s claims about some “Russian intelligence” involved look unreliable.

  • All the persons involved, including German’s “contact in Moscow” are Ukrainian citizens;
  • The “killed” journalist, the “organizer” and the “hitman” were working or claiming to work on behalf of the SBU;
  • The SBU has no decisive evidence to confirm the alleged Russian involvement.

However, all these facts do not mean that the Ukrainian government and its supporters will abandon their attempts to accuse Russia of the attempt to kill Babchenko.

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Russia obviously has a secret weapon that scrambles the cognitive abilities of her opponents to that of a fish.

A dead one.


It did work on George Bush perfectly.

“I know the human being and fish can coexist peacefully.” –George W.Bush -Saginaw, Michigan, September 29, 2000


“There’s an old saying in Tennessee — I know it’s in Texas, probably in Tennessee — that says, fool me once, shame on — shame on you. Fool me — you can’t get fooled again.” –George W.Bush-Nashville, Tenn., September 17, 2002


This stategy can be called a variation of the Erdogan tactic. Make a false assassination to prevent a real one. The difference is that here, Russia has no intention of killing this unknown jurnalist.

So, what is the goal ? The first goal is once more, denigrading Russia. The second goal is to make advertising to this man who will be used as a tool against Russia.

But, I will not be so happy if I were Babchenko. USA can easily kill him and use this death as a scapegoat to eneter a war against Russia when things will go wrong with Russia.


Facts- ah if only SF used such these days. Here are the actual facts.

The West’s neo-nazi puppets in Kiev were keen to stage their own anti-russian ‘novichok’ style false-flag on the eve of the World Cup. However, unlike MI6 handled operatives in most nations, the neo-nazis of Ukraine are a bunch of muppets. So the plan went wrong immediately when Russia had insiders provide them with the evidence of the false flag.

1) Kiev neo-nazis stage false flag.
2) Russian authorities have absolute proof of the real details, and plan to keep silent to allow the jew media of the West to go crazy bashing Russia, so they can then debunk the fake news machine.
3) The West has agents embedded in Putin’s Russia, and they informed MI6 that the false flag was busted.

4) Kiev arranges the “suprise, he was alive all the time” press conference, and the jew media spins the event as a “clever ruse”.

Note that the jew media ensured minimal impact on the awareness of the ordinary sheeple. Yeah, WE know the story, but we were already aware of their use of false-flags. So the end result is a big NOTHING. Only when the truth gets out to a wider audience will a difference be made.


It can’t be because the west doesn’t care if Russia has proofs or not. They just need to say “it’s false”. The west never need to proof anything.

The globalists are using USA to bash Russia and Russia to bash USA but they own both USA and Russia. USA and Europe are making sure that Europe and the middle east stay both weak.


The real goal is to make advertising for this jurnalist to weaken russian strategy in Ukraine. This jurnalist will continue the propaganda that Russia is against “freedom of speech” like they did with ISIS.

I think that this jurnalist will be killed in due time by the west like every puppet.


Arkadiy Babchenko went to Ukraine from Israel, he used to work for a media outlet in Crimea, that was funded by the US Government.


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