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Facebook’s Neutral “Fact Checkers” Exposed As Ex-CNN Staffers And Democratic Donors

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Originally appeared at ZeroHedge

Today in news about the radical left-wing censorship machines our social media companies have become, it was exposed this week that Facebook’s fact-checker, Lead Stories, is an outfit that is stocked to the brim with ex-CNN staffers.

The organization presents itself as neutral yet “most of its employees” have donated to the Democratic party, according to RT.

The National Pulse reached out to Facebook’s fact checkers this week after a story they published about Black Lives Matter was flagged as “partly false” by the platform. This led TNP to “do some digging” on who was behind the smear.

What they found was stunning: an organization “staffed almost entirely by Democratic donors, half of whom had worked for CNN in the past.”

25% of the organization’s employees were recurring Democratic donors and Lead Stories’ founder, Perry Sanders, has donated over $10,000 to Democratic political campaigns – including Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama’s Presidential runs.

TNP also exposed that “several other writers” had Democratic contributions on their records. For example, one writer named Gita Smith, was listed in “99 separate small-dollar donations” to various Democratic candidates – in addition to contributions to ActBlue.

The org’s editor, Alan Duke, spent nearly three decades with CNN as a reporter and editor and the org’s senior editor, Monte Plott, spent over 10 years with CNN. Five other names at the organization were also found to have worked at CNN as some point.

Writer Jessica Ravitz spent 10 years with CNN and also spent “nearly four years with the Anti-Defamation League, a self-styled anti-‘hate’ watchdog that spends most of its considerable resources demonizing political voices that deviate from the neoliberal centrist mainstream-media line.”

Facebook's Neutral "Fact Checkers" Exposed As Ex-CNN Staffers And Democratic Donors

TNP’s investigation followed Lead Stories taking exception with their article titled:  “Black Lives Matter Website, ‘Defund the Police’ Donations Go to ‘Act Blue’, the ‘Biden for President’ Campaign’s Top Source of Donations”.

Facebook posted the story in the “Hoax Alert” section of its website as a result of Lead Stories’ flagging. The fact checked pointed out that “BLM’s donations go through, not to ActBlue, which is a payment processor for Democratic campaigns and not the ultimate source of the Biden campaign’s cash.”

TNP corrected the word “to” to “through” but claimed Lead Stories still would not lift the “partly false” flag on its story.

And so it appears to us what we have yet again is a social media platform clearly acting as a publisher yet not having to incur the legal liabilities that come with it. This slippery slope is going to continue – and only get worse, we predict – until at some point it gets even more blindingly obvious than it is now that these Silicon Valley firms are using their power to nudge the country toward the political ideologies they support, rather than providing unbiased “fact-checked” outlets for public discussion.

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If something is ‘fact checked’ as “false”, I usually just assume it’s probably true. Given how bias and unreliable they are. Social media needs to be held accountable for acting like a publisher whilst pretending to be a platform. Trump won’t do shit though, as usual.

You can call me Al

But surely ex-CNN employees are not left wing, democratic scum !!. The World today needs a huge civil war, especially in the US and Europe.

good american

Very few of us will be unscathed if your wish comes true, which may well come to pass.

Jan Lavicka

or just create more independent groups out of the system without money… many of them already exist and they have true freedom and no wars…. problems solved :)

You can call me Al

Mate, that will not exist; independents like alternative news sites are banned.


Me too, but the problem is these bastards feel themselves so powerful that they don’t give a shit on public oponions. They will say the ocean is orange, despite the rest say it’s blue, and somehow they will win.

good american

What good is power if you can’t tell the less powerful or the powerless to go ‘f themselves? We’re Americans, dammit! It’s what we do!


Go back to your cave, Ruskie troll

good american

Ha, you know I’m right, and, again, you are wrong.


Ok you are right, now go back under that rock

Concrete Mike

Of course, its these people’s job to manufacture consent.

How many of these creeps reported above supported the iraqi invasion of 2003?

Its all the same clowns!

Jan Lavicka

exactly, I take it as a confirmation it’s definitely true :-D

cechas vodobenikov

amerikans despise the truth—they prefer lies or “public opinion”. —popular opinion: the most perverted of trollops”. Balzac

Jens Holm

Few seemes to understand that almost everything in USA is organized as private organisations. and this example it not strange and not unik.

And the influence – well probatly as descriebed. It would be very strange if people from Fox news was helping each other uniting with the democrates.

People in the United States are the best organizers and has to be, because they dont trust the state but themselves. Thats the reason for their succes.

Its easy to see where people are bad organizers just looking at the GDPs pr capita.

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