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SouthFront’s Website, Videos Are Fully Censored On Facebook

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Facebook is censoring SouthFront’s website and videos.

  • All posts with links to southfront.org have been removed;
  • All SouthFront videos released in 2018 have been removed;
  • No more links to southfront.org can be posted on Facebook;

The formal reason is that southfront.org doesn’t meet Facebook’s Community Standards.

SouthFront's Website, Videos Are Fully Censored On Facebook

Here you can find people sharing examples how Facebook is censoring SouthFront’s articles:

This goes as part of Facebook’s expanding censorship campaign announced by Mark Zuckerberg during a joint hearing of Senate Judiciary Committee and Commerce Committee on April 10.

In this situation, we kindly recommend you to follow SouthFront’s news directily on southfront.org or via our accounts in Telegram https://t.me/southfronteng and Twitter https://twitter.com/southfronteng

Furthermore, since the start of the week, southfront.org has been repeatedly attacked. Our team is now working to repel these attacks.

The censorship on Facebook, attacks on southfront.org as well as resumed attempts to discredit SouthFront are a part of the new wave of aggressive actions against the world’s alternative media.

It’s likely that this campaign is military preparations ahead of a big conflict in the Middle East.

If you like SouthFront’s content,




SouthFront's Website, Videos Are Fully Censored On Facebook


Account: southfront@list.ru

SouthFront's Website, Videos Are Fully Censored On Facebook

SouthFront's Website, Videos Are Fully Censored On Facebook

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SouthFront's Website, Videos Are Fully Censored On Facebook

SouthFront's Website, Videos Are Fully Censored On Facebook SouthFront's Website, Videos Are Fully Censored On Facebook SouthFront's Website, Videos Are Fully Censored On Facebook SouthFront's Website, Videos Are Fully Censored On Facebook SouthFront's Website, Videos Are Fully Censored On Facebook


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SouthFront's Website, Videos Are Fully Censored On Facebook SouthFront's Website, Videos Are Fully Censored On FacebookSouthFront's Website, Videos Are Fully Censored On Facebook SouthFront's Website, Videos Are Fully Censored On Facebook

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SouthFront's Website, Videos Are Fully Censored On Facebook SouthFront's Website, Videos Are Fully Censored On Facebook

SouthFront's Website, Videos Are Fully Censored On Facebook

SouthFront's Website, Videos Are Fully Censored On Facebook

SouthFront's Website, Videos Are Fully Censored On Facebook

SouthFront's Website, Videos Are Fully Censored On Facebook

SouthFront's Website, Videos Are Fully Censored On Facebook

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Maurizio Pucci

Facebook is applying censorship also against veteranstoday.com. A post on my timeline and a couple of pages was removed because “looks like spam”


why they HATING is it because of the TRUTH


the great campaign of war propaganda against the verity!!

Michael Smith

Facebook, Twitter, Google etc. I keep getting banned from Facebook. Why? Because I post British govt stats on crimes by homosexuals, scientific research from Ivy league unis, the WHO, Greenpeace etc. All show that homosexuality is caused by pollution ie endocrine disruptors, trauma and brainwashing. All entirely curable with treatment.

I keep getting banned from Twitter. Why? Maybe because I defend Russia. They say its because I criticised Islamic terrorists and say they shouldn’t be allowed into Britain.

Even those 2 black women who support Trump got banned from Youtube. Solely because they support Trump.

I think the tactic is to use “burn accounts” ie pepper the warmongers media with accounts that link to Southfront etc. Turn the Facebook etc accounts into a movement rather than a single site that will quickly get banned.

It proves “democracy” and “free speech” in the West are a sham. It proves they’ve lost the argument. Their main tool is “shadow bans” where u don’t get shown up in search results becvause they dont like the truth. Utterly scummy companies.

You can call me Al

Same here mate. Even the MSM in the UK are banning you if you criticise by providing facts, the disproportionate crime caused by the invasion lot with the peaceful religion.

Daily mail stated that they would actually contact my boss at work if I ever commented again.

Amazing really – how low and quickly we have fallen.


From you Al : “Daily mail stated that they would actually contact my boss at work if I ever commented again.”…….which is WHY you should NEVER provide anyone on the internet with ANY Identifying info about yourself

When I joined “Facecrook”, in spite of my instinctive concerns about it, approximately 10 years ago and realized what they were up to I removed all my information , in spite of the fact nothing truly identified me, only 1 year after subscribing.

I have NEVER subscribed to Twitter or ANY other Social Network, since and i get along quite fine,without them.

None of my several email accounts have my true identity or any info which can lead to me and I intend to keep it that way.

My PRIVACY, which means my LIBERTY, comes first and so should yours !

You can call me Al

I agree with you exactly, but when you say “which is WHY you should NEVER provide anyone on the internet with ANY Identifying info about yourself”, I never did and I had a log on with no personal info through google, but they still knew. They track your IP address and work backwards – even with VPN.

Get off Google, that is all I can say.


I don’t use Google, Al and can’t remember if I ever did, at least NOT deliberately with intent to use it


Wow, they’re going to your boss! The Stazi have arrived. All confirmed when Ober Furerin Merkel got fb to do her bidding re the refugees.

You can call me Al

I am trying to find the email, it is unbelievable.

“fb” – mmm, I hope that is not how I interpret it, otherwise I reckon I would have a heart attack laughing.

norman e. nabatar

Of course, we do that because we have kin in the services.

leonardo zarate

So, you say that homosexuality is a diseace and greenpeace prove it in research? Greenpeace? Really? enjoy that ban useless piece of shit.

Real Anti-Racist Action

How is he getting the ban? The democratic majority thumbed up his enlightening post. While your post is filled with ignorance, intolerance and a rejection of facts. Do you also believe the earth is flat? And that MI6 are good guys?

Sharon Lewis

Salut! )) Are you lonely? Beautiful girls are waiting for you on http://shorl.com/prujimofrodobu



An off topic GAY-BASHING post intended to make Southfront look like the meeting place of the worst people imaginable gets a massive upvote- why am I not suprised.

Facebook BANS Southfront, then a co-ordinated series of comments hit the site that the mainstream press can QUOTE as proof Southfront is ‘bad’- this is how the game is played.

The zionist troll regulars here represent GCHQ and the NSA essentially keeping an eye on this outlet, keeping their options open.

OUR side is not allowed to become effective. If there is a danger of this, DISRUPTORS are sent in- some vile obvious baiting trolls, and others who PRETEND to be on our side while actually ensuring the narrative is controlled.

YOU MUST HERO WORSHIP PUTIN is the no.1 message promoted by GCHQ- for this implies our side must always be BRAINLESS- unable to identify its mistakes and improve our methods. Uncritical ‘thinking’ is what the ‘one line’ regular trolls here want from you.

norman e. nabatar

How do you implement your work around? FB has also recently asked me to secure my account. The darn thing is a prelude to losing one’s acct coz that is a myth. Only accts with paypal get hacked. I am sure there is a problem when one’s affinity is not fixed and perceived to be personal rather than what FB toes.






me neither…:)

Real Anti-Racist Action

Same here, never had one never will. I knew it was connected to the CIA’s factbook and Israel. Always was meant as an intelligence gathering tool to be used against all humans groups (except Israel).

Hisham Saber

Google, YouTube, Facebook, Oracle, et al all owned and operated by you guessed it. Khazarian Jews.

All westrn media is too. Finance is too. They even run the Pentagon and White House. The infestation is deep. Too deep by now to do anything about it. The host has been sucked dry by the parasites, these roaming Jews.

Along with Islam, Arabs, these said Jews have declared war on Russia too. And Iran. But these are the forces that will bring down their global Jewish plan for world subjugation and domination.

You can call me Al

Google search engine is worse.


GOOGLE IS EVEN WORSE!!! I thought; stick to the subject…


Time to use Duckduckgo

You can call me Al

Yes, I did start but I found a few things lacking so I went half way to Yandex (but that is now linked with Bing – bah).

Real Anti-Racist Action

Duckduckgo is very good. You might want to check out the Browser that has it built in. Brave. It works smoother and better then Google ever did, with security and privacy at the front before anything else. https://brave.com/


Yes, its harder to find real historical facts now on Google. .


I can not go to fort russ. The system was checking my server first and then I got a bold “forbidden”. Is is only with me or your access has been banned too?

Java Ape Timelord

https://www.fort-russ.com/ “403: Forbidden” ? Me too.


Right. Thank you for the reply. Well, is it not clear who is behind it? Losers!


I am able to connect to Fort Russ now (https://www.fort-russ.com) but it has been unavailable recently.

The US propaganda machine is in full censorship mode now as their lies are being exposed.


Thank you.


I have not been able to reach en/FarsNews.com for two weeks now, google just times the search out.


I had the same issue with other sites using Google , plus a high PC memory usage as well if I was connected. Other browsers do not have the same problem.

You can call me Al

Yes exactly; they seem to be censoring history or putting it in page 15 of the search results.


I have already done so Merlin :)

Java Ape Timelord

I stopped using Facebook, LinkedIn, etc in 2012. If my friends want to know what I am doing then we can talk.

In addition on the advice of security groups (personal friends), I changed my mobile and did not put any security details on that phone, e.g. bank details, passwords etc.

All I lose if the phone is stolen or cloned is contact names and numbers.

Jonathan Louis Trapman

Yep, just seen my link to you has been hit – so the workaround is mention Southfront and then suggest they place the dot org after and navigate accordingly. Works as the bots cannot determine it is a link which it is to the knowledgeable but not directly! Sod the censorship the Word War is up and running at pace!!!


The constitution of my country says “censorship is prohibited”. Facebook does censorship. Why is Facebook not turned of in my country? Because global oligarchy is above any laws and constitutions?

neil barron

I responded to you earlier today in regards to this being a bad source I responded to you that the MSM is worse in the U.S. Soooo here we are a company band this page of course it did I’m a billionaire and I can do anything I want it’s my company. So I think i’ll go to Ruptly or RT for my info. Still find more info and truth there.Bye Bye.


All the thinking people have left fakebook anyway…..


Why do you yet use FB/G+/Youtube web api on SF then? Just remove all. PERIOD. I did never use these stupid social control network

al quaida

To communicate. That’s why THEY are removing US. Don’t you see?


The deep state is getting nervous or they are planning a major war, thus censorship against their views must commence…


WE all know who is behind this -The Zionist Ashkenazi Jews of Israel, who also control MOST Western Governments and . led by the House of Rothschild.

I have told you and many others, in many comments on many sites, including Southfront, WHAT the REAL SOLUTION is and you choose to ignore my suggestions out of COWARDICE and/or lack of INTEGRITY, so….

Now you are paying the price which will get worse because those Psychopaths KNOW you will not act with ANY kind of Justice

As an Irishman from and IRISH REBEL FAMILY, knowing the slaughter of 5 million of our Irish Brothers and Sisters,I know of what I speak. We ONLY WON when and after we took action .

Prepare for SLAVERY and your SUBMISSION to Tyanny, UNLESS you ACT.


Damn Zuckerberg went to work immediately after congress hearing, he saw that they will fuc* him up and make him pay few billions in damage, so they said to him you will fight the MSM facebook war against all pro-russian and pro-syrian or just pro-free thinkers and you will shit all of this on your Facebook. By this decision we can see that this Kid Zuckerberg is so afraid, stupid kid.


Why people still use those sites is beyond me. I’ve never used, nor do I visit, facebook, twitter or any other crappy social mass-media web site.

al quaida

To communicate

Neo Onh

Fukk nazi-Face/cook/book. stop using it, use VK in stead!


Simple solution, just #DeleteFacebook

al quaida

FB is a line of communication.


Find other lines. :))


For Fools and Zionists

al quaida

How does that solve anything?


Hehe. You know, the problem with the Suckers is that they are in fact irrelevant, as an platform for shearing, yup, linking, yup, but thats it, I am more conserned about Goolag, than Suckerboys dungeon, witch since I am an family man is good to have, when your child is in another country, etc, etc, etc. I see that, but I never use them, and I dont care about them what so ever, and this site SF is on my seach engine not on Suckerbergs site, and I cant remember the wise words, probably the only time that creep have ever been honest, when He called you all, for Dumb f….., says all I need to know.

Goolag is much, more dangerous, on another level since they are the one pretending to serve me the results of an seach, witch I know have been f…. with for decades, stacked, cencured or simply not even there, I can seach on issues there is no hits on, yeah, not everything is on the net either, dont forget that.

The second, SF, is mentioned above, is whom reads SF, probably not the jerks, but the ones making the moves, the reast is for me irrelevant, since I know we and you are under total survailance, 24/7, thinking anything else is ignorance. And the invasion of Hasbaratnjiks, is another clue, since they have and use good web bots, running scans 24/7 about ISISrael, and sprinkled with Facebook fake acounts, witch is videly used by the MSM them self to “help” their own articles, or stear it to an side show of total irrrelevanc, their main target, piss down the well.

But again, its the level of impackt that I find remarkable, it is an problem for the scumbags, hehe, gives them some head ace, huh, I looove that.

The only thing is that people should suport sites, its an pitty we love in an world run by few, we all will loose on that. And if they call me an Russian Troll, I dont care what so ever, I am not, but thats not the issue, its about the MoFo truth, and so far, I have nothing to ad when it comes to the Russians, where I know more but that is domestic and not confined to Putin, and like Trump, inherited an f…. mess, and an den of wipers. Blessed be the peace makers.


Real Anti-Racist Action

Now I am curious here. Is Zuckerberg Irish? Somalian? Or Jewish? Who is the enemy here that keeps pushing for war? Which group pushed for both World Wars? https://kodesubstanz.files.wordpress.com/2016/03/mark-zuckerberg-wearing-a-kippah-nuestro-anfitric3b3n-en-whatsapp-es-decir-quc3a9-mierda-es-esa-app.jpg?w=529 https://pbs.twimg.com/media/Bt6u56rCEAASDdq.jpg http://i.imgur.com/VWd086S.jpg https://monthlybrands.com.pk/wp-content/uploads/2017/01/Mark-Zuckerberg.jpg


Does anybody in USA still do not believe that they are totally controlled by jews ?


Change your Facebook profile picture to support South Front.



You must be either a fool or a Zionist

Cathryn Mataga

Woah, this is no fake news here. Absolutely true, SouthFront posts get blocked immediately.

Hewal Neutralizer

SF : JEWS CENSORS US OH MY GAWD! Now give us your money. Mother Russia stronk! Gib mir dein geld!

Goran Grubić HardyVeles

Just to confirm – Serbian FB user, my closed & secret group had pinned post with list of alt-media links with southfront.org among 25+ others (where actually I made some pseudo-critical remarks on SouthFront like “Russian Propaganda outlet” ) the post is banned for “being spam, against Community Guidelines”.

Goran Grubić HardyVeles

Now, to be honest, after I filed complain to Facebook, opting that it is my content, I placed on wall of my group … they returned the post, now it is visible again. Maybe someone played with the knob yesterday.


South Front doesn’t meet (((Community))) standards.

Captain Jeffo

The FB filter on Southfront.org has been removed

Captain Jeffo

the FB filter on veteranstoday.com is still active

Rüdiger Preiss

Yep, 2 of my FB posts which contained a link to SF were removed. Attached screen shot. Outrageous and I herewith will no longer use FB privately. https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/75ab2b81d5f038f217e4c0d48d3ac6e73d14cf3acfe2b0ea5e8896c2e33596a4.png

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